Clogged Bathroom Sink In Kalamazoo

Cleaning Your Clogged Bathroom Sink In Kalamazoo, MI

When Drain Monkeys services your clogged bathroom sink in Kalamazoo you can be assured it will be cleaned the right way the first time because when it comes to drain cleaning of your bathroom sink they have several years experience unclogging bathroom sinks. Drain Monkeys will take your trap apart and clean the trap of the sink & check the pop-up assembly for obstructions. After inspecting those they will rod the drain line for the bathroom sink to the sewer pipe. The drain line will usually run about 5 feet to 20 feet tying into the sewer pipe. The bathroom sink will usually get a build up of hair, grease, scale which they will use our ridgid super v drain snake to clean your pipe with. This machine will remove all the grease, hair & scale from the pipe. 

After cleaning the bathroom sink drain line we will run lots of hot water to wash out the grease that was loosened up in the pipe. This will dissolve & wash out the pipe cleaning it out completely after our drain snake has done its job. 

Drain Monkeys is all for their customers offering fast & friendly service that you can count on day or night. Drain Monkeys has serviced bathroom sinks for the past 23 years & servicing Kalamazoo for many of those years.

Our service rates for clogged bathroom sinks are some of the cheapest you will find in Kalamazoo, MI offering some of the best customer care & drain care for your clogs a drain cleaning company can offer.

Service rates for clogged bathroom sinks are $90.00 (flat rate) for first hour. 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.

Drain Monkeys looks forward to servicing your bathroom sink call them at (269) 366-8087. Put their professional service to work for you toady!

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