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Do you have a slow running drain that you need cleaned?  Call for drain cleaning.

24 Hour Drain Cleaning Service

Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service, Need A Plumber?

Drain Monkeys drain cleaning service cleans clogged drains like a grease traps, urinals, bathtub, toilet, bar sink, trench drain, prep sink, sewer, washer machine drain, kitchen sink, bathtub, pop machine drain, bathroom sink, janitors closet drain, utility sink, french drain, storm drains, septic tank, leach field, dry well, drinking fountain drain, roof vent, sump pump drain, lift station drains. Drain Monkeys offers affordable rates to service your drain pipes, you will find that Drain Monkeys rates will be cheaper than most of their major competitors rates. Drain Monkeys provides a large area of coverage in Michigan, if you need a plumber to service your clogged drains in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Portage, Grand Rapids, Vicksburg, Climax, Galesburg, Schoolcraft, Vicksburg, Three Rivers, Centreville, Scotts, Fulton, Marcellus, Plainwell, Allegan, Otsego, Oshtemo, Mattawan, Richland, Delton, Scotts, Fulton, Emmet Charter Township, Pennfield, Bedford, Augusta, Athens surrounding communities then we can get you scheduled for service today. Drain Monkeys will clear obstructions out of your drain pipes like roots, grease, scale, hair, roots & foreign material leaving your plumbing draining like new again. Put Drain Monkeys 26 years of experiences to work for you today because we know that clogged plumbing for your drains can’t wait. We offer 24 hour drain cleaning at affordable rates during the dray, evenings, nights & weekends.

Drain Monkeys is available to locate & find sewers, drains & pipes that are underground, inspect sewer & drain pipes with a video camera, hydro jet pipes at 4,000 PSI & cleaning drains. Call us for a service call today & we will send you a qualified technician that has been trained properly to operate all our drain cleaning equipment. Our technicians are very thorough & will not cut corners, your drain pipes will get cleaned thoroughly not leaving any of the your drain pipe being serviced uncleaned.

The owners of Drain Monkeys LLC Tom Coppock & Bobbi Coppock are all about providing the best drain care service a drain cleaning company can provide. Tom Started drain cleaning in 1996 out of Battle Creek, Michigan for a plumbing company & a drain cleaning service company. He decided to move to Portage, MI where he decided to start a drain cleaning company (Drain Monkeys) in Portage, MI. They are ready to service your clogged drains today. Tom has unclogged hundreds of drains in all of Southwest Michigan since 1996, he is now looking forward to offering the best customer care service & the best of quality workmanship drain cleaning a company can provide to their customers . Don’t wait until your plumbing clogs up, you risk having sewage backed up into your home or business, you even risk water damage to your home or business from other clogged drains. We are here 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all your sewer & drain cleaning needs.

Servicing Commercial & Residential Drains

Residential Drain Cleaning
hydro jet service in Kalamazoo of residential drains

We are on standby for your drain care needs from sewers to kitchen sinks. We service all clogged drains for residential drains.

Commercial Drain Cleaning
hydro jet service in Kalamazoo for commercial drains

We service all commercial clogged drains. Call today for a service call & let the professionals clean your clogged drain the right way.

Televised Video Inspections
TV camera video inspection for your sewer and drains

TV camera video inspection for your drain pipes, we can inspect drain pipes from 3 inches to 6 inches. availability, call for pricing today.

Cable Rodding
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Cable rodding for your clogged drains, we service drain pipes from 1/2 inch to 6 inch pipes. Cast iron, PVC, clay tile, orange-burg pipes.

Hydro Jet
drain monkeys drain cleaning service offering hydro jet service

High Pressure water jetting for your clogged drain pipes & frozen drains. 4,000 PSI to blast scale, ice, grease, roots, sludge. Call for pricing today.

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    Service technicians will make frequent deposits so please make sure to have the correct amount of money on hand if paying in cash. Thank you & sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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    HELPFUL TIPs by drainmonkeys

    You ask why are my drains gurgling?

    Check out our video and we will explain the cause of a gurgling drain. You will find it helpful to diagnose your drain problem.

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    Over 26 YEARS OF Sewer & DRAIN CLEANING experience

    Put our Sewer & Drain Cleaning experience to work for you!

    Over 26 years of Sewer & drain cleaning experience to work for you today, we offer cheap rates & the best of care to our customers 24/7. You will always get upfront pricing with no hidden cost & high guilty workmanship for your drains with our service. Drain Monkeys is here for you when you need us because we want to take care of all your Sewer & drain cleaning needs no matter what time it is.

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    General questions and answers about clogged drains

    General Questions

    What Causes A Clogged Sewer?

    Things That Can Cause A clogged Sewer

    Clogged sewer pipes that are clay tile are usually a 6-inch sewer pipe. When a 6-inch clay tile sewer pipe gets roots in it the roots can damage the sewer pipe.

    Kalamazoo, MI is not the only city or town with 6-inch clay sewer pipe. Clay tile sewer pipe was used before the 1950s & is still in a lot of older homes just outside of your home’s foundation.

    Usually, the sewer pipe over the years will develop cracks in the pipe which will allow roots to grow in your sewer main. When you develop cracks in your sewer main, roots will get into your sewer pipe from these cracks.

    The roots will then have a water source to keep them alive allowing the roots to get thick inside your sewer pipe. Once the roots are thick enough they will start to catch toilet paper causing your sewer pipe to clog up.

    Roots are usually the cause of most sewer backups. Heavy root intrusion of your sewer pipe can take up to an hour or more depending on how long your sewer pipe is & how many times it may need to be cleaned to get all the roots our of the pipe.

    Other causes of sewer backups can be from low spots in the sewer line. Low spots in the sewer can cause a heavy sludge build in the sewer pipe that will cause a complete sewer backup.

    Foreign material can also cause sewer clogs so it is never a good idea to flush wet wipes, female products, down the drain these can cause your sewer to be clogged up after time it will build up in a spot in the sewer pipe causing it to back up.

    Yes We Do Drain Cleaning In Battle Creek?

    Sewer & Drain Cleaning Battle Creek

    You will get a qualified professional that knows what he is doing with over 26 years of drain cleaning experience clearing clogged drains. If you’re looking for a drain cleaning company that offers affordable rates & stands behind their work then you should call Drain Monkeys to unclog your clogged drains in Battle Creek today..

    Rates For Drain Cleaning In Kalamazoo, MI

    Drain Cleaning Kalamazoo

    Drain Monkeys rates are very cheap for drain cleaning in Kalamazoo. All drain cleaning is a flat rate for the first hour of drain cleaning. $160.00 for the first hour & then if they go past the first hour then it is broken down quarterly.

    Drain Monkeys cleans drains in Kalamazoo & has over 26 years of experience. You’re not just getting a good price, you are also getting a well trained drain technician to clean your drain.

    Call Drain Monkeys for all of your Kalamazoo drain cleaning needs. You will be glad you did.

    Why Are My Drains Gurgling?

    When Your Drains Are Gurgling Check The Roof-Vent & Sewer

    When you get the dreadful sound of your drains gurgling. It can be your roof vent that may be clogged with sediment, possibly a rodent or a beehive.

    When your roof vent is clogged it will suck the water out of the trap from the kitchen sink or one of the bathroom traps this is why you will hear gurgling from the drain or drains.

    It is possible that the sewer pipe could also have a partial obstruction causing the gurgling noise as well.

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