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Our drain cleaning Otsego, MI service are available 24 hours to unclog drains like a sewer, toilet, grease trap, janitors closet drain, slop sink, prep sink, washer machine drain, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, floor drain, bathtub, utility sink, septic tank, plumbing, storm drains. Our service technician will have all the proper equipment to unclog all theses drains efficiently & properly. Drain Monkeys has serviced drains since 1996 so you know that you are in good hands when they come to service your clogged drains. It will be hard to find a honest company that provides excellent customer service & the highest quality drain cleaning at the rate that Drain Monkeys offer for there service. Drain Monkeys rates are cheaper than most of their major competitors rates day or night.  If your looking for an honest drain cleaning company that stands behind their work then look no further & call Drain Monkeys because we don’t monkey around (269) 366-8087. Check out our coupons page to get your discount when the service technician is done servicing your drains. Give us a call any time because we are a 24/7 service.

Drain Monkeys is taking all the necessary precautions to help stop the spread of covid-19.

Drain cleaning for your clogged sewer Otsego, MI, our service technician will service your main drain (sewer pipe) with a drain snake machine that will cut out roots, grease & scale out of the sewer pipe. Your sewer pipe will be cleaned all the way to the tie in at the septic tank or the city main sewer pipe at the middle of the road.

Drain cleaning for your clogged washer machine drain in Otsego, MI. when our service technician rod the washer drain pipe he will clean the entire drain to the tie in at the septic tank or sewer main which ever it ties into. In older homes the washer drain can tie directly into the septic tank, drain field (leach field) or dry well. The common causes of a clogged washer machine drain is lint, scale, grease & sometimes roots. 

Drain cleaning for your clogged bathtub, when we clean your bathtub it will be clean thoroughly we wont leave any of the drain pipe for bathtub uncleaned it will be cleaned all the way to where it dumps into your sewer drain. Most runs for bathtubs is 5 feet to 20 feet.

Drain cleaning for your your clogged kitchen sink. When we are drain cleaning your kitchen sink will will clean it past the S-trap or P-trap. We will inspect the traps for build-up & the waste end outs as well. Some kitchen sink will tie into  a floor drain so if your washing dishes & it backs up through the floor drain when you let the water out of the sink or even just running water the then the kitchen sink & floor drain will share the same line before tying into the sewer main. If this is the case then it will be cleaned from the floor drain as well to the sewer pipe. Common causes of a kitchen sink drain pipe is grease, lint, scale, food & sometime even roots.

use our drain cleaning Otsego, MI service for your clogged toilet. If your toilet is backing up we can help you. Our service technician will use his shop vac. first to suck the water out of the toilet & possibly getting the obstruction out of the trap. After this has been done he will use his toilet auger to unclog the trap of the commode. If this doesn’t work he will need to pull the stool. Once the toilet has been pulled he will snake it from the bottom of the stool. Sometime the obstruction wont release unless it is snake from the bottom of the toilet forcing it back up to the top side of the commode (toilet). The toilet will be reset with a new was ring to make sure you have a good seal. The technician will also check the internal parts of the toilet to make sure your parts are functioning properly for a maximum flush. The toilet will be flushed with toilet paper to make sure the is unclogged & free of any obstructions.

Drain cleaning your clogged floor drain in Otsego, MI. When we are cleaning your floor drain we will also check your washer drain if it ties into the floor drain. We will fill the washer machine & discharge the water while we are cleaning the floor drain. We will usually get a lot of lint & scale out of a floor drain because the washer will discharge water that has lint in it depositing the lint in the floor drain pipe causing an obstruction inside the pipe. The floor drain will be cleaned all the way to the tie in at the sewer main.

Drain cleaning your clogged septic tank in Otsego, MI. If your sewer pipe the ties into your septic tank is clogged them we will clean it to the septic tank clearing the obstruction out of the drain pipe. Roots are a common cause of a septic tank clog. Roots can grow inside the tank hanging down from the top of the tank. The roots can enter through a crack or a seam in the septic tank. Sometime the roots can dangle down in-front of the sewer pipe clogging the end of the sewer drain (pipe) & the roots will catch the toilet paper & solids causing a clog. The outlet of the septic tank can also plug up as well. If the outlet pipe (drain pipe) at the back of the tank. It is not uncommon to get roots into this drain pipe. We will need access to the back of the tank to get into the outlet pipe going over to the drain field (leach field) or dry well. We will rod the drain pipe (outlet) to cut the roots out of our plumbing (drain pipe) with our drain snake. If your have a lot of sludge (solids) in the pipe we will use our hydro jet (high pressure water) at 3,100 PSI to clean out the heavy sludge. Usually youe get a sludge clog when your tank gets to full from not getting it pumped as the solids will enter into the outlet pipe.

Our drain cleaning service rates for Otsego, MI is $180.00 (flat rate) for the first hour of service. If it goes past the first hour it will be broken down to every 15 minutes. example 1.25 hours will be $225. We will always do our best to get your drain unclogged within the first hour of drain cleaning, every situation is different so there can be a time it could run over the hour.

Drain Monkeys uses some of the best Ridgid drain cleaning machines to unclog your drains, so you can have confidence that your getting the best service for your drains. Drain Monkeys has over 24 years of servicing clogged drains in Otsego.

If your drains start to gurgle then its time to give us a call. It will only be a matter of time before your drain or drains clog up. It is always best to get them cleaned before it completely clogs because you risk water damage to your home or business. 

If you ask why is my drain gurgling then we have a good answer for you. Check us out on YouTube.

Call Drain Monkeys if your looking for an honest, upfront drain cleaning company that is all about their customers & providing the best drain service a company can provide that is what Drain Monkeys is all about. Call for drain cleanimng service in Ostsego, MI today.

If you want to learn more about Drain Monkeys drain cleaning service the please visit their home page.

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