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Drain cleaning Calhoun County, MI service, we can unclog your drains like a Bathroom sink, bathtub, toilet, septic tank, washer machine drain, kitchen sink, sewer, floor drain, plumbing, storm drain, utility sinks, pipes, standpipes. We clean unclog drains in Battle Creek, Bedford, Emmett Charter Township, Pennfield, Marshall, Tekonsha, Homer, Albion, MI. unclogging drains is what Drain Monkeys is all about & offering cheap rates for your clogged drains & the best of customer service. Drain Monkeys will always clean your drains to the tie ins at the sewer pipe for all your smaller drains & when they are drain cleaning a backed up sewer pipe it will be cleaned to the city tie in or septic tank which ever the sewer ties into. Drain Monkeys wants to ensure you get the best drain cleaning service for all your drains & not leaving any of your clogged pipes uncleaned when they are removing the obstruction out of your drains. Your pipes will get thoroughly cleaned when Drain Monkeys services them.

Drain Monkeys will always clean your drains to the tie ins at the sewer pipe for all your smaller drains & when the drain technician is cleaning your clogged sewer pipe it will be cleaned to the city sewer tie in or septic tank which ever your sewer ties into. Drain Monkeys wants to ensure you get the best drain cleaning service for all your drains & not leaving any of your clogged pipes uncleaned when they are removing the obstruction out of your drain pipes. Your plumbing (pipes) will get thoroughly cleaned when Drain Monkeys services them.

Drain Cleaning In Marshall, MI

Drain Cleaning in Marshall, MI. When we are Unclog your sewer pipe we find that the most common causes of a clog in a sewer pipe is foriegn material such as wet-wipes, offset joints, bellies in the sewer drain pipe & roots. When your sewer pipe backs up it can be because  you flushed tampons down the toilet & once they go into the the sewer drain they can snag up in the pipe & sell up catching toilet paper & solids after this happens then its just a chain reaction causing a major clog that will make the sewage back up through your floor drain in your home. The floor drain is tied into the sewer pipe so the sewage will take the least resistance at the lowest point in your home which is usually the floor drain. You should never flush tampons or applicators down the toilet even if the package says they are flush-able.

Even though it is good for our drain cleaning business when you have a clog because of foreign material (tampons, wet wipes) Drain Monkeys recommends that you don’t flush these products down the drain if you don’t want a plugged up sewer. Tampons are not good for your septic tank as well as they can cause a septic system backed up as well. Wet wipes are another product that can back up a sewer as well & the same goes for wet wipes they should never ever be flushed down the commode even if the package says that you can. Wet wipes will also get hung up in the sewer pipe causing a major clog in your sewer system to your septic tank & sewer drain pipe. Wet wipes do don’t break up when flushed through the toilet, they will remain in hole form & when they snag up in the main line they will catch toilet paper & solids. Once the blockage has occurred then it will start to build up with sludge & it will become thick as oatmeal & when we have to clean the sewer it could take longer to get the sludge to flow out to the city sewer main. When cleaning your sewer Drain Monkeys will always clean your mainline thoroughly to ensure a long lasting drain. We use some of the best drain cleaning machines like a Ridgid K-750.    

Offset joints in your main sewer line is caused from the pipe settling over the years as the ground settles. When this happens it will leave the pipe with bellies that will hold water, toilet paper, solids witch will break down causing a heavy sludge build up in the sewer pipe. When this is happening you may not even know it at first because some water will get past the obstruction of sludge. When you start to hear your drains gurgling you need to call Drain Monkeys to service your drain pipe. If you decide not to have drain cleaning done to your sewer you may find sewage in your basement leaving a very big mess so as soon as you start to hear the gurgling it is best to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Servicing your clogged kitchen sink, Drain Monkeys will clean your kitchen sink so it drains like new again removing the clog such as grease, scale & lint if the washer drain ties into the sink drain pipe. Their machine has 75 feet long enough for any kitchen sink drain. The service technician will clean the sink line to the tie in at the floor drain if your kitchen sink ties into a floor drain. You will know this because it will probably back up through the floor drains when you run water from the kitchen sink. If this is the case the service technician will rod it from the floor drain as well to the sewer pipe to clean the whole kitchen sink line starting at the sink working his way to the floor drain & then into the sewer pipe. Common causes of a clogged kitchen sink are food, scale & grease. If you have a garbage disposal it will leave a heavy food deposit in the drain pipe of your kitchen sink.

After the food has broken down from the bacteria it turn into a thick black grease that will eventually clog up your sink. When you are using your garbage disposal it is always best to run hot water as you are putting food down the disposal or incinerator. after you are done putting food down the drain you need to fill the sink with hot water at least half way then pull the plug to wash out all the food that didn’t make it to the main drain (sewer pipe). If you do this this will help keep the grease build up to a minimum. The big surge of hot water will help push the tiny food particles out the kitchen sink drain pipe.  

Scale build up in your drain pipe is found in cast iron pipes & galvanized drain pipes which were commonly used years ago. Small food partials will deposit on the scale (rust) which will eventually clog up the drain. The build-up of scale happens over many years which is short for your pipe is rotting out on the inside of the pipe. It is best to have your plumbing updated to PVC & then you wont have to worry about the scale anymore. When cleaning your kitchen sink we will run it to whet ever drain it ties into like either the sewer or septic tank to ensure the drain pipe is cleaned all the so we are not leaving any of the kitchen drain line uncleaned.

Common causes of a clogged bathroom sink drains that we have serviced in Calhoun County, MI is grease, hair, soap scum. A bathroom sink gets used for a lot of thing such as brushing your teeth, shaving, washing your face & hands, removing makeup, sometimes washing your hair. When you do all these things & the wash down the drain things like hair, makeup, shaving cream, natural oils from your body will break down into grease cause the bathroom sink drain pipe to clog up. Hair will also cause a back up because the hair can rap around the pop-up & entangle around in the trap of the sink causing it to clog up. Drain Monkeys can unclog your bathroom sink drain with their ridgid Super Vee drain snake it will clean out all the grease, hair & scale making it flow like new again. Drain cleaning for your bathroom sink will always be cleaned to the roof vent or sewer main which ever the bathroom sink line ties into. Drain Monkeys is all about doing a good through job to your bathroom drain will last a very long time.

servicing a clogged floor drain in Calhoun County, MI. The most common causes of a clogged floor drain are scale grease & lint. The floor drain can be used for the washer drain that will collect lint & grease from the washer machine. The kitchen sink will tie into this into the floor drain line sometime as well leaving a grease buildup as well. The older floor drains will be cast iron which will get a scale buildup in the drain line if the floor drain. The floor drain in your home is mainly for if you have a flood in your home from a water pipe bursting & causing a flood the floor drain will drain the water so your basement flood out. Drain cleaning your floor drain they will use the Ridgid super Vee or the Ridgid K-3800 which has 75 feet of drain snake cable long enough for any floor drain tying into a sewer or septic tank.

Common causes of a clogged bathtub drain in Calhoun County, MI is hair, grease, soaps scum, scale & calcium deposits. When taking bathes & showers natural oils from your body will wash down the drain causing the build up of grease. When you wash your hair some of your hair that falls off will go down into the drain & get help up at the cross T where it will slow down the drain & some hair will lodge into the trap of the bathtub drain that will catch the soap scum & grease causing it to be backed up. When drain Monkeys drain cleaning your bathtub drain they will rod it from the overflow to clean the hair & build up out of the drain pipe. When we are cleaning a bathtub to the tie in at the sewer or septic tank. Drain Monkeys will always clean the tub drain pipe all the way to make sure the obstruction is cleared for a good flowing drain pipe.

Drain Cleaning In Burlington MI

Drain Cleaning in Burlington, MI. Drain Monkeys will send you a qualified drain technician to clean your clogged drains. If you are looking for an expert drain cleaning company that offers cheap rates to service your drains & stands behind their work then you should call drain monkeys they wont let you down. If you in need of immediate drain cleaning call for service now (269) 366-8087

The owner of Drain Monkeys has serviced drains for the past 24 years in Calhoun County, Michigan & is now in the business of servicing drains at an affordable rate with upfront pricing guaranteed.  It will be hard to find cheaper rates than Drain Monkeys with high quality standards for servicing drains & the quality customer care you will receive.

Drain Monkeys drain cleaning service will give you a 30 day guarantee on workmanship some exclusions do apply such as low spots, offset joints, bellies in the drain line, broken or damaged pipes & drains running uphill will not be guaranteed. At the time of service after the drain is cleaned it then will be determined if there will be a guarantee on the drain or drains.

We are all about our customers to ensure a happy customer & the best quality drain cleaning a company can offer to ensure a very long lasting drain. Drain Monkeys sets very high standards for drain cleaning to make sure that your drains are cleaned right the first time.  

Drain Monkeys cheap prices are so every one can afford to have there drain cleaned at a reasonable price. We assure you that will get the best quality drain service at a low price. Drain Monkeys has 23 years of dedication to back up there ability to service drains in Calhoun County, MI.

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Call Drain Monkeys today if your in Calhoun County & you need drain cleaning, we are here to help because we know that your clogged drains is very important & you shouldn’t have to wait when its an emergency. Call for pricing if you don’t see your location because we will always try to beat our major competitors prices.  

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