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Drain cleaning Portage, we are on standby to service your clogged sewer & drain pipes, our main goal is to provide our customers with the best service for all your drain care needs. We clean clogged drains like grease traps, prep sinks, kitchen sink, toilet, pop machine, urinal, sump pump drains, dry-wells, drain-fields, sewer, septic tank, washer machine drain, bathroom sink, bathtub, Utility sink, storm drain, floor drains & stand-pipes then we can help you. Drain Monkeys will always put their customers first because customer care & quality drain cleaning for your backed up drains is what Drain Monkeys are all about. The owner of Drain Monkeys started servicing clogged drains in 1996 & he has also cleaned drains in Portage, MI throughout his years of dedicated service. Drain Monkeys are on standby to unclog drains when you need them, there will always be someone on standby for your drain emergencies. Put there over 26 plus years of experience to work for you & when you need an experienced drain cleaning company that is honest with their pricing then Drain Monkeys is who you should call to service your clogged drains today. Nobody likes sewage & drain back ups so we are here for you when you need us. We can help fix your commercial & residential drain issues today. Give us a call at (269) 366-8087.

Drain Monkeys also can use a video camera to scope out your sewer pipe after we clean your sewer main to see what caused the clog. Our technician can also locate the problem and mark it on the ground with either spray paint or green flags so you will know right where to dug it up to minimize your yard being dug up.

We also have a mini jet that does 4,000 PSI at 4 gallons a minute with 300 feet of jet hose. This is great for 4 inch or smaller drain pipes. this works great on grease, scale and sludge. Our trailer jet does 3,200 PSI at 11 gallons a minute. this one is good for 3 inch to 6 inch drain line pipes, with 400 feet of jetting hose.

Our drain cleaning rates for Portage, is $160.00 (cable rodding) for the first hour of service from the hours of 8:00 am-4: 30 pm Monday-Friday. If Drain Monkeys happens to run over the first hour then it will be broken down to every 15 minutes after the first hour. This is an example if Drain Monkeys is their for 1.25 hours then you are only charged for the 1.25 hours, .25 hours =$40. 1.25 hours is $200. Our time doesn’t start until we knock on your door. We have no hidden fees. Visit our rates page

Please call us for after hour rates, we know that drains can back up at anytime. Drain Monkeys highest priority is customer service & workmanship, we train our drain technicians to service drains the right way so we assure you that they will not cut corners when servicing your drains. Drain Monkeys technicians will always take the time to do it the correct way to insure a long lasting drain & a happy customer.

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How we service backed up sewers. Our service technician will clean your sewer main all the way to the street not leaving an inch uncleaned. Their are a couple of ways to service your sewer main. One way is from a clean-out in your basement or outside clean out. Drain Monkeys will clean your sewer from either of these clean outs to the street with there sewer machine the ridgid K-750 witch will handle any sewer in Portage, Michigan. Cleaning the sewer main with roots that have grown into the pipe. Drain Monkeys will start by using their small cutter to start out with because if they use their big one to start out with it can get stuck in the sewer pipe with a heavy root ball at the end of the cutter. When they use the small cutter it will remove most of the roots that have grown into the main line from usually a hair line crack in the pipe. After they have ran it to the city sewer main they will bring the drain snake cable back & clean off the roots. Drain Monkeys will finish cleaning the sewer pipe with their bigger cutter to remove any roots left in the sewer drain to insure the obstruction is totally cleared.     

When we clean your sewer (main drain) we will run a lot of water to wash out any of the roots they are left in the bottom of the pipe that the cutter cut out of the pipe. This also helps clean the line much better as the machine is cleaning the pipe.  

We have found that the most common causes of a clogged sewer in Portage, MI is roots, grease build-up, low spots in the pipe, sewer drains that run uphill. Roots will grow through hairline cracks in the pipe that have developed over the years, more common in clay tile pipes & cast iron pipes. Offset joints can be found in cast iron plumbing, PVC, Clay tile, pipes that have settled with the ground over many years of the ground settling. All these can be cleaned & may need different size cutters on the end of the drain snake to service them properly to unclog the drain. Grease build-up is caused by things getting flushed down the toilet & things that get washed down your bathtub, washer drain, Kitchen sink, bathroom sink all these drains tie into your sewer pipe. When you wash food, shaving cream, soap scum, makeup down the sink or bathtub it will become grease over time building up grease in the sewer main.  pipes that have settled with the ground over many years of the ground settling. All these can be cleaned & may need different size cutters on the end of the drain snake to service them properly. Bellies in the line are more common in PVC & clay tile pipes they will develop a belly from one end of the pipe joint is higher than the other which will when this happens to PVC it probably wasn’t back-filled under the sewer main properly causing one end to settle more than the other.

drain cleaning portage service cleaning a clogged sewer pipe with roots growing into the sewer drain pipe

Our technician can also view your sewer pipe with a camera to check for imperfections such as broken pipes, offset joints & back pitches in your sewer main with a camera. We can than locate your sewer pipe with our locator that will pin point where the imperfections are above ground if you have any.

drain cleaning portage service for locating pipes with cracks and broken joints

Cleaning a clogged toilet, Drain Monkeys will start by checking your water level in the tank to ensure that you have the proper amount of water to get the maximum flush out of your stool. The fill valve of the toilet can get a calcium deposit on it which can effect the performance of the fill valve. If this the case then they will clean the build up off from the fill-valve to ensure that the water level fills to the proper level in the tank. After they are done inspecting the parts in the tank they will run their snake auger through the trap to release the obstruction that was clogging the toilet. If they cant seem to get it just by using the stool auger they proceed by pulling the stool up from the flange on the floor. After the toilet is removed they will use their shop vac and try to suck out the clog if they can’t unclog it with the shop vac. then they will use the commode auger again trying it from the bottom of the toilet forcing it back through the trap to the top of the toilet this should unclog the toilet. Once Drain Monkeys has removed the obstruction they will reset the toilet back on to the flange using a new wax ring so you wont have any leaks at the base of the stool.   

After the toilet is reset Drain Monkeys will flush the toilet several times with toilet paper to ensure a good flush & this will also ensure there is no obstructions left in trap of the stool. they will also check for other clogged drains in your house because if there was foreign material flushed down the toilet they can affect the other drains as well.

The most common causes of a clogged toilet is foreign material such female products (tampons & applicators) wet wipes, solids & calcium build up & toys in the trap of the toilet. Packages for wet wipes & tampons that say flushable really aren’t suitable for toilets, sewer pipes & septic tanks. they will swell & cause an obstruction that will have to be cleaned out of the toilet by a professional such as Drain Monkeys. Drain Monkeys highly recommends not flushing these products down the toilet.

drain cleaning portage service unclogging a toilet

As in the picture above sometimes we have to pull the toilet to be able to remove the clog. As in the picture we sometimes have to go through the bottom of the toilet. This allows us to push the obstruction back up through the top of the toilet.

drain cleaning portage servicing a clogged toilet

How we service clogged kitchen sinks. Drain Monkeys service technician will clean your kitchen sink to the tie in at the sewer or septic tank which ever it ties into. Usually a kitchen sink drain line will run 10 feet to 60 feet. He will use his drain snake machine the ridgid 3800 to unclog the kitchen sink drain pipe. This drain snake machine  has 75 feet of drain snake cable long enough to reach any clog in the drain. They can even change to different cutters depending on the size of the drain pipe. Sometime the kitchen sink will tie into the floor drain line & if that is the case then they will clean the sink to the floor drain & then from the floor drain the the sewer pipe where it ties into. They will do this if the water backs up through the floor drain while running water from the kitchen sink. Drain Monkeys will start at the kitchen sink after taking the trap apart under the sink. they will inspect the trap & clean it if necessary.

Our technician will clean your kitchen sink drain pipe from under the sink where it goes through the wall if there is a P-trap if there is a S-trap they will rod it from the floor of the cabinet. They will rod the kitchen sink drain running water if its possible this will help wash out the grease build up in the drain because the drain snake will break up the grease & scale & food left behind from the garbage disposal. If you have a garbage disposal it is best when you are using it to run lots of water. When you are done using the garbage disposal you should always fill the sink with hot water to push out any food left behind this is good practice to help prevent your kitchen sink drain from being serviced. If you also don’t want other clogged drains such as your floor drain & utility sink to back up always run tons of water. The floor drain & utility sink can share the same line as the kitchen sink drain with the garbage disposal.

All the years of cleaning out kitchen sinks, our drain technicians have found that the most common causes of a clogged kitchen sink in Portage, MI. is food, grease & scale. Grease & food will build up in layers over the years & causing to clog up in the sink drain pipe, so it is best to make sure that you clean your dishes off with food & grease before washing them in the kitchen sink. There isn’t a lot you can do your about the scale in the pipe as this is do to the pipe rooting out from the inside & eventually you will need to replace it with PVC plumbing. The only way to get rid of the scale is by calling Drain Monkeys to clean the kitchen sink drain line.

drain cleaning portage service common causes of a clogged kitchen sink

Servicing a clogged washer machine drain, Drain Monkeys will send you a qualified drain technician. He will use the Ridgid K-3800 or the General Super Vee drain snake machine to clear the obstruction out of the washer drain pipe. This machine carries either 20 feet for the short runs & 75 feet for the long runs to unclog your washer drain pipe. Drain Monkeys will always clean your washer line all the way to the roof vent, main sewer & septic tank which ever it ties into. Some time your washer machine drain will go into a stand pipe or a sink (utility sink) usually theses pipes will have a run of 5 feet to 40 feet. If the washer drain ties directly in to the floor drain the it will be cleaned from the trap & the clean out in the floor drain & usually the drain line will run 10 feet to 35 feet.

When our service technician cleans out your washer machine drain, he will discharge the water several times from the washer machine to help wash out the obstruction (lint) in the pipe while he is using the drain snake machine to unclog your washer drain. The running water with the spinning action of the cable clean these lines like new again. If yo have a stand pipe with the old style galvanized or cast iron traps you may have to get the traps replaced because some of these traps will have some scale in them & the opening on the old style traps may only have about a 1 inch opening for the water to drain through. these older style traps are flat at the bottom & usually galvanized if this is the case you should think about replacing the plumbing to a PVC stand pipe with a trap. Our drain cleaning service will clean your washer drain thoroughly regardless the type of drain pipe your washer is hooked up to.  

Clearing out a clogged septic tank drain pipe, our service technician will clean the inlet pipe (sewer main) causing the sewage back up to the septic tank, if it is clogged sometime you can get roots in the inlet pipe that drains into the septic tank. Roots will enter through a sewer pipe if there is a crack in it or if it is PVC pipe and the joints were not glued together properly. you cam also get roots that will dangle down from the septic tank in front of the main drain (sewer pipe) collecting waste & toilet paper eventually causing a clogged up sewer main. When this happens you will usually get sewage backing up into your home or business. Sometimes the outlet pipe on the back side of the septic tank can get clogged as well. The outlet pipe will drain into a leach field (drain Field), dray-well. This will only be grey water & not solids (sewage) that drain into the dry well or drain field. If the outlet pipe clogs because you waited to long to get your tank pumped then we can clean the outlet pipe. It may be necessary to use our hydro jet to unclog the outlet pipe depending on how much sludge is in the drain pipe. Our hydro jet will go up to 3,100 PSI cleaning your pipe like new again. If you get roots in the outlet pipe we can rod it with our rooter machine that will cut out the roots in the drain pipe going over the dry well or drain field which ever you have.          

How septic tanks work, the main drain (sewer pipe) from your house will drain into the septic tank carrying the solids & toilet paper & dumping into the septic tank. After the solids & toilet paper are dumped into your septic tank it will float on top of the grey water & after time bacteria will will start to eat up the solids turning it into a thick scum layer on top of the grey water. In your septic tank you will have cement partitions keeping the scum & solids towards the front of the tank. At the back end of the septic tank is the outlet pipe where it is mostly grey water that sits in the back of the tank. The outlet pipe will have a 90 degree elbow with a straight piece of pipe going down about 3 feet into the tank as this will keep below any scum, sludge that may be floating on top of the gray water. As you are running water the tank level will rise filling the outlet pipe (drain pipe) with just grey water. It is gravity fed (the grey water) over to your drain field or dry well where it will drain into the ground dispersing the grey water over a large area.           

drain cleaning portage common causes of a clogged septic tank
drain cleaning portage how a septic tank works with a leach field

When we clean out a clogged grease trap at your business in Portage, MI. Some grease trap like a small one that is located by the kitchen sink our drain technician will use the Ridgid K-3800 to clean out the inlet pipe coming from the kitchen sink. Our drain cleaning machine has 75 feet of drain snake cable long enough to unclog any inlet pipe to the grease trap. The technician will usually clean it inlet & the outlet drain pipe the hole distance to the sink & going out to your sewer drain pipe. Most grease traps will have a baffle in them & some can be removed if this is the case we will clean the baffles as well.         

after we clean the small grease trap in your kitchen the technician will will run plenty of hot water to test his work. Once the drain lines are flowing good he will put the lid back on the grease trap & fill the sinks with water then he will pull the plug to make sure the drain lines can handle maximum water flow.       

If you have a big grease trap out side that is 1,200 gallon or bigger we will use our Ridgid K-750 drain cleaning machine or our hydro jet to clean out the grease in the drain pipes. Our hydro jet has 3,100 PSI of water that will clean the grease out of your inlet drain pipe & the outlet drain pipe going over to the sewer main. Usually the grease trap is just outside of the building within 10 feet to 40 feet. We will always clean the entire drain pies to the building & to the sewer main.

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Drain Monkeys is taking all the necessary precautions to help stop the spread of covid-19. It is mandatory that our technicians wear rubber gloves, shoe covers & masks before entering your home or business. When our technicians are done cleaning your drains he will sanitize the area he service your drains with a sanitizer. Our technician will also sanitize any door knobs or fixtures that he touched. From out family to your family we thank you very much.

Commercial & Residential Drains

Residential Drain Cleaning
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We are on standby for your drain care needs 24/7 from sewers to kitchen sinks. We service all clogged drains for residential drains.

Commmercial Drain Cleaning
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We service all commercial clogged drains. Call today for a service call & let the professionals clean your clogged drain the right way.

Televised Video Inspections
TV camera video inspection for your sewer and drains

Video inspection for your drain pipes, we can inspect drain pipes from 3 inches to 6 inches. 24/7 availability, call for pricing today.

Cabble Rodding
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Cable rodding for your clogged drains, we service drain pipes from 1/2 inch to 6 inch pipes. Cast iron, PVC, clay tile, orangeburg pipes.

Hydro Jet
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Hydro jetting for your clogged drain pipes & frozen drains. 4,000 PSI to blast scale, ice, grease, roots, sludge. Call for pricing today.

We use the best drain cleaning machines when servicing your clogged drains when your plumbing is backed up & you need a drain cleaning company highly experienced then you should call Drain Monkeys to take care of all your drain cleaning needs because they will get the job done the way it should be affordable, fast & courteous service with a smile.

Call for our overtime drain cleaning rates in Portage.

If your in need of Plumber for drain cleaning & you want a company that is very experienced at unclogging drains in Portage, MI then call Drain Monkeys & put their experience to work for you today. (269) 366-8087

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