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Drain Monkeys sewer & drain cleaning Plainwell service for all your clogged drains Like your toilet, sewer, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, washer drain, utility sink, bathtub, storm drain pipe. The owner of Drain Monkeys has serviced Plainwell since 1996 unclogging all types of clogged plumbing. We are available around the clock to service your drains because we care about our customers & having drain issue can be a big headache. If your looking for a company with many years experience that offers fast & very friendly service, great customer care & the best of professional quality drain cleaning then you should rely on Drain Monkeys for all of your drain issues. You will get a 30 day guarantee on workmanship some exclusions do apply ask for details. The service technician will decide if there will be a guarantee at the time of service. Put drain Monkeys experience to work for you today because servicing your backed up plumbing is what they live for.

Drain Monkeys will clean your sewer pipe from your clean out with their drain snake starting with a small cutter to clear any roots out of the sewer main & after using the small cutter they will use a bigger cutter to follow up with cleaning all the roots out of the pipe. When they clean your main drain they will go all the way to the city tap where your sewer dumps in the city of Plainwall sewer main. It is wise for the service technician to clean the pipe with the smaller cutter first because if a bunch of roots gets wrapped around the cutter it will be much easier to pull it out of the sewer main. If the service technician starts out with a big cutter & a big root ball raps up around it it can be very difficult to pull it out of the cleanout. Most sewer pipes will run about 60 feet to 90 feet from the clean out.

Servicing your sewer main from the toilet flange, Drain Monkeys will pull the commode & rod the sewer pipe from the stool flange out to the middle of the street. The average run from the toilet flange is usually 75 feet to 90 feet. The service technician will use the same principle when cleaning the sewer drain changing out the cutter blades as this will make easier to pull out he cable. While he is servicing the sewer he will run hot water from the bathtub because the bathtub will tie into the sewer fairly close to the toilet. Running the hot water will help clean out the clog as he using the plumbers snake. The service technician can also check his work this way to make sure our drain is free of any obstructions.   

Cleaning your kitchen sink, Drain Monkeys will clean it to the roof vent or the sewer which ever it ties into. Sometimes the sewer main can tie into the floor drain line. If it backs in the floor when your running just your kitchen sink then it ties into the floor drain & if this is  the case the service technician will clean the kitchen sink pipe to the floor drain once they have gone that far they will rod it from the floor drain to the sere pipe. This will unclog the kitchen sink & the floor drain at the same time. Once they have unclogged the drain they will run lots of hot water to wash out the grease that has built up in the kitchen drain pipe this will also ensure a long lasting flowing sink.     

Our drain cleaning Plainwell service for your bathroom sink. The service technician will start by removing the pop up assembly of your lavatory sink to inspect it for any obstructions. After the pop up assembly is inspected they will take the trap apart & check for a clog in the trap if they find any hair they will remove it. The service technician will rod the drain pipe for your lavatory sink from the wall or the bottom of the cabinet. If it is a P-trap the it will be cleaned where the drain pipe goes through the wall, If it goes the the bottom of the cabinet it is a S-Trap & Drain Monkeys will rod it from the drain pipe going through the bottom of the cabinet. Most bathroom sinks will run into the roof-vent or sewer main. To unclog a bathroom sink it should be cleaned all the way to where it ties into. Most drain lines for a bathroom sink will have a run of about 5 feet to 20 feet.      

Cleaning your washer machine drain, Drain Monkeys will rod you washer machine drain clearing any lint, grease, build, that has accumulated over the years. Most washer machine drain lines will run 5 feet to 60 feet. Some washer machine will discharge water into a stand pipe, utility sink & floor drain. Sometime a stand pipe will be plumbed upstairs running down to the basement that will tie in to a floor drain under the concrete so when the drain is backed up past the floor drain tie in it will back up through the floor drain. Drain Monkeys will always rod the washer drain to the sewer pipe regardless if it from a stand pipe, floor drain or just the washer drain pipe that only ties into the sewer main.        

When we are drain cleaning your bathtub drain, Drain Monkeys will start by taking off the overflow cap & lever above the bathtub drain. The service technician will rod the pipe from the overflow pushing their cable down into the trap of the bathtub clearing the hair causing it to be backed up. Drain Monkeys will clean it all the way to the tie in as well which is usually the sewer pipe. Almost all the drains in your home will tie into the sewer pipe. If your bathtub has the old style drum trap then Drain Monkeys will need access to the drum trap which is usually in a closet with an access panel to get to the drum trap. A drum trap will have to drain pipe one at the bottom which is the incoming from the tub & an outgoing drain pipe going to the sewer pipe in most cases. The service technician will have to remove the clean out cap to the drum trap & clean technician incoming & the outgoing drain pipes.          

Drain Monkeys drain cleaning Plainwell service on how to keep frozen drain pipes & water lines from freezing, make sure before winter hit you have your exposed drains & water lines wrapped with heat tape & insulation. The #1 cause of a frozen clogged drains & water pipes is because they are not sheltered the the extreme cold. When your drains freeze it can cause damage to the pipe. The most common drain is a frozen sewer pipe. Usually frozen sewer mains that freeze up are very shallow in the ground or the sewer runs directly under your driveway your car or truck will push the frost line deeper from the weight of the vehicle. When the frost line is pushed down deeper to your sewer pipe, the water & waste that didn’t get all the way washed out or a belly in the drain pipe will freeze causing a clog of ice that will freeze the sewage inside the drain pipe. If your kitchen sink has a P-trap & your walls are not insulated on extremely cold days it is possibly the kitchen drain pipe can freeze inside the wall it is wise to keep your cabinet doors open & place a fan in front of the cabinet forcing warm air into the cabinet to help keep the pipes from freezing up.      

If you live in a mobile home it is wise to wrap your water lines & sewer pipe with heat tape & insulation. When your water lines freeze the will expand from the ice freezing up on the of your water lines. Heat tape it really don’t cost that much, not as much as it would be to replace your water lines after they split because of a freeze up in the pipe. The ice expands enough to split your water lines cause a major head ache. You will also need to have the rest of your pipes thawed out. There are a few methods of thawing drains & water lines. Their is high pressure water jetting for drain this method will remove the ice with about 3,00 psi. The other method is a steam machine that can be used on drains & water lines with a different hose for drains & a different hose for water lines. the other method is with the old style electric deicing machine, this machine puts an electric charge in the pipe slowly heating the pipe up until it is deiced.

Drain Monkeys services are very cheap & some of the cheapest rates you will find in a drain cleaning company that services backed up plumbing, if you price check for your location drain Monkeys has most of their major competitors beat in prices for day time rates & after hour service calls.

When you use our drain cleaning service you will get an experienced technician with 24 years experience cleaning drains. The owner/drain technician will be sure to take good of your backed up drains day or night.

Drain Cleaning in Plainwell, MI is what Drains Monkeys is all about, they have cleaned hundreds of drains through out their years of service. If you need immediate drain care call (269) 366-8087, we will respond fast to take care of your drain emergency.

Drain Monkeys has excellent customer care, taking care of their customers is what Drain Monkeys is all about making you priority #1 so that you will have a good experience with our service. Our main goal is a happy customer & quality drain cleaning. They take pride in all the work they provide to you because their reputation is on the line & so taking the best care for all your drain care needs is why Drain Monkeys will always provide you with the best drain cleaning service for your drains. 

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