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Our Drain Cleaning Richland, MI Service

Our drain cleaning Richland service, offers 24 hour drain cleaning at affordable rates. Drain Monkeys unclogs drains like a grease trap, prep sink, kitchen sink, steam table drains, toilet, bathtub, washer, septic tank, floor, storm drains, utility sink, sewer pipe, hand sink, some roof vents, bathroom sink. We service all commercial & residential drains. Drain Monkeys offer very low rates to there customers because they are all about taking very good care of their customers. We started cleaning drains in 1996 so you can be assured you will be getting excellent service when the service technician shows up at your door.

Drain Monkeys is taking all the necessary precautions to help stop the spread of covid-19. It is mandatory that our technician wear rubber gloves, shoe covers & face mask before entering your home or business. When our drain technician are done servicing your drains they will spray a disinfectant in the area they were working in. They will also spray any door knobs & fixtures they touch. We can get through this together by taking the necessary precautions to help keep everyone safe & help stop the spread of the coronavirus. From our family to yours we thank you very much.

Drain Monkeys will unclog your drain or drains not leaving any of the your plumbing uncleaned. All your smaller drains like your bathtub, bathroom sink, toilet kitchen sink,washer machine drain, utility sink drain pipes will all tie into your sewer pipe. When we clean these smaller drains we will use our drain cleaning machine either the General Wire Super Vee or the Ridgid K-3800 that has 75 feet of drain snake cable. This drain snake machine will unclog theses drains making them drain like new again.

These smaller drain pipes will be 1 1/2 or 2 inch drain pipes. A clogged bathtub drain will have a short run usually like 20 feet or less before tying into your sewer main. Your clogged bathroom sink drain pipe will have a run of 15 feet or less usually & sometime this drain pipe may tie into your roof-vent or sewer pipe.

Your clogged kitchen sink drain pipe will have a run of 50 feet or less tying into your main drain (sewer). Your clogged washer machine drain will have a run of 45 feet or less & sometimes the washer can share the same plumbing as your floor drain & kitchen sink. If your washer is discharging and it backs up at the floor drain then its safe to say that your washer machine drain & floor drain share the same plumbing before tying into the sewer pipe.

Your clogged floor drain will have a run of 50 feet or less tying into your sewer (main drain). Floor drains will have water in the trap as like all traps but if you see water in the trap of the floor drain it is not clogged. The water in the bottom of the drain is normal. The water is to keep the sewer gases from entering into your home or business.

Clogged sewer pipes will be usually 3inch or 4 inch drain pipes sometimes 6 inch. When we clean clogged sewer pipes these will be cleaned all the way to the street where it will tie into the city main sewer pipe. We will use our Ridgid K-750 drain cleaning machine to service your clogged sewer main. Most sewer mains will have a run of 90 feet or less tying into the city sewer main.

Cleaning your clogged toilet we will use our drain snake auger to remove the clog from the trap of the toilet. It may be necessary to pull the toilet to unclog the trap of the stool. Once we have removed the obstruction from the toilet we will replace the wax ring if we need to pull the toilet. After we reset the toilet we will also check the internal parts to ensure they are working properly. If the internal parts need any adjustments we will make the proper adjustments to the fill valve & flush valve to ensure that your toilet has a good performing flush.

If you are a on a septic tank we will clean your clogged sewer to your septic tank. Most septic tanks will be within 50 feet of your home or business. We will clean your sewer from a clean out in the plumbing usually in your basement. If you don’t have a clean-out then we will need to pull the toilet & clean the sewer from the toilet flange.

Cleaning your clogged septic tank, if your outlet pipe is clogged we will clean the the drain pipe going over to your drain field or dry well. We will use our sewer machine or our hydro jet that uses 3,100 PSI of water to clean the drain pipe.

We give a 30 day guarantee on workmanship some exclusions do apply like broken pipes, offset joints, lines that run uphill, bellies in your pipe, foreign material. The service technician will make the determination at the time of service if there is a 30 day guarantee.

Our pledge to the our customers, we have upfront pricing & no hidden fees guaranteed for the services that we provide to you. We are a honest company that prides itself on the best customer service &  the best quality drain cleaning a company can offer.

Rates for our service in Richland, MI is $100.00 for the first hour which is a flat rate for the first hour of drain cleaning. If we run over the first hour it will be broken down to every 15 minutes. example 1.25 hrs is $125. We will always do our best to try & get your drain cleaned within the first hour of service. Every situation is different & sometimes we can run over the hour depending on the situation. 

We are here for you around the clock to take care of your clogged drains because clog shouldn’t have to wait until the next day to be service.

We do offer coupons for our service visit our coupons page to get a discount when we are done serving your drains because every little bit can help in this day & age.

Call Drain Monkeys 24/7, our customer care phone number to book an appointment in Richland, Michigan (269) 366-8087

To learn more about drain Monkeys drain cleaning services please visit their home page.

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