Drain Cleaning Vicksburg

Drain Cleaning Vicksburg

Our drain cleaning Vicksburg, MI service, we unclog drains like a toilet, shower drain, bathtub drains, kitchen sinks, bathroom sink, sewer, washer machine drain, floor drain, storm drains, utility sinks. We have been Serving Vicksburg since 1996 for all kinds of clogged drains. Drain Monkeys is all about taking great care of their customers & providing high quality workmanship for your drains. If you want a drain cleaning company that has many years experience & has some of the cheapest rates in Vicksburg then you can count on Drain Monkeys to get the job done that wont break the bank.They will also give you a 30 day guarantee on workmanship (some exclusions do apply) ask for details.  Drain Monkeys promise to you, upfront pricing & no hidden fees guaranteed. Call for a service technician today (269) 366-8087

When Drain Monkeys is cleaning your clogged toilet in Vicksburg, MI they will use their drain snake auger to dislodge any obstructions in the trap of the stool, sometimes they may need to suck out the trap of the commode with a shop vac to clear the clog from the trap of the toilet. If this doesn’t work Drain Monkeys will pull the toilet & suck out the bottom of the toilet & the top of the toilet to unclog it free of foreign material or solids. They will also auger the trap from the bottom of the commode & from the to of the commode to ensure there is nothing left in the trap of the stool. When they are done cleaning the toilet they will reset the commode using a new wax ring the make sure your toilet has a good seal at the toilet flange. Drain Monkeys will also inspect the internal parts in the tank of the toilet to ensure the water level form the fill valve is set correctly & that the flapper is functioning correctly. If either one is not working properly it affect the performance of your toilet. Over the years you can get a build up on these working parts & when you do it can through off the water level affecting the flush not allowing enough water to push all the waste out. The same thing goes for the flush valve (flapper) if it shuts to soon you wont get a good flush cause the waste to clog up in the trap of the toilet.  

When Drain Monkeys Cleans your clogged sewer pipe they will rod it to the tie in at the city sewer or to the septic tank. Most sewer drains will tie into the city sewer pipe 90 feet or less. If your on a septic tank the tank will be located about 15 feet to 40 feet. Drain Monkeys will rod the main sewer with their drain snake to clear any roots, grease, foreign material (tampons, wet wipes) out of the sewer pipe. They can change the size of the cutter according to the size of the sewer pipe. Most sewer mains are 4 inches but there are some 6 inch main lines that are clay tile. Clay tile sewer pipe will usually be outside your home & 4 inch cast iron inside your home (in older homes only) the clay tile pipe will get cracks in it over the years. When you get these cracks roots will invade your sewer drain & cause a sewage back up. When we clean your sewer the drain snake machine we will use id the Ridgid K-750 this will unclog sewers making them drain like new again.    

The most common cause of a sewer clog is  roots, scale, offset joints, bellies from the sewer pipe settling in the ground over the years foriegn materiel such as wet wipes . Sewer pipes that clog up are made of cast iron, PVC, Clay Tile, Orangeburg pipe. Orangeburg pipe that was used back in the day and is a fiber pipe made of  layers of wood pulp & pitch compressed together. This type of pipe is rare & only used many years ago. In all the 23 years of drain cleaning sewers in Vicksburg we have only encountered orangeburg sewer pipe 2 times. It is highly recommend to have this updated to PVC pipe as our drain snake can damage this sewer pipe.      

Cleaning your clogged washer drain in Vicksburg, MI. Drain Monkeys will rod your washer machine drain pipe free of any lint, grease & scale. The service technician will clean your washer drain to the tie in at either the sewer pipe or your septic tank. In older homes it is not uncommon for the washer machine drain pipe to drain into a tank since its only grey water & not sewage from the sewer pipe. The service technician will discharge the water from the washer machine as he is cleaning the drain line for the washer. This will help wash out the grease & scale as he is cleaning the drain. The cable on the drain snake will catch the lint that has built up over the years in the pipe. We will usually use the Ridgid K-3800 drain cleaning machine to clean out your washer drain this drain snake will have 75 feet of drain snake cable.     

Common causes of a washer drain clog are lint, scale & grease. This will be a build up over the years that have been deposited form the washer machine into the drain pipe of the drain. The best way to catch the lint so it doesn’t get deposited into the drain is to put a mesh screen (lint trap) over the discharge hose. You can only do this if you have a utility sink that the washer drains into because if you use it on a stand-pipe there will be to much back pressure & it will spew water out of the stand pipe possibly causing water damage to your home. Putting a lint trap on your discharge hose is not recommend if you have a stand-pipe.      

If you’re in need of drain cleaning in Vicksburg, Michigan call Drain Monkeys & they will send you a highly qualified technician to service your clogged drains today. Drain Monkeys are here to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all your drain cleaning needs..         

To learn more about Drain Monkeys please visit there home page.     

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30 day guarantee on workmanship some exclusions do apply, ask for details.
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