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Drain Cleaning Kalamazoo, MI

Drain cleaning Kalamazoo, we unclog sewers & drains like a toilet, urinal, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, grease tarp, septic tanks, drain fields, dry-well drains, floor drains, washer drains, sump pump drain, pop machine drains, boiler drains, storm drain, utility sink, garbage disposal drain, lift station drain, bathtub, shower drains, steam table drain, trench drain, then we can service your drain today. Drain Monkeys offers cheap rates in the evening & weekends, they have a policy of upfront pricing & no hidden fees guaranteed. Drain Monkeys has been cleaning drains since 1996, with very happy customers through their years of cleaning drains. We really care about our customers because our priority #1 is customers service & the highest of quality workmanship for your drains. We service all residential & commercial drains, Call for a plumber to service your drains today at (269) 366-8087.

Drain Monkeys is taking all the necessary precautions to help stop the spread of covid-19, it is mandatory that our technician wear rubber gloves, masks & shoe covers. Our technicians will also spray disinfectant in the area they were working to service your drain & they will spry anything they touch such as door knobs & fixtures. We can get through this together by taking all the necessary precautions to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Drain Monkeys wants their customers to have the greatest experience when you use their drain services. It is important to us that your experience from the time we take your phone call till the time our plumber leaves your home is one of the best experiences you can have with a drain cleaning company. Drain Monkeys will always be on time for your appointment because we know your time is valuable.

Drain Monkeys technicians have many years of experience & highly qualified to work on your drains. Our drain technicians do not cut corners because they take pride in their work because we trained them the right way instilling good work ethics to ensure your drains are being serviced the right way. When Drain Monkeys drain technicians cleans your clogged drains they will always clean the entire drain pipe not leaving any of the drain pipe or pipes being serviced uncleaned because Drain Monkeys takes great pride in their workmanship leaving your drains flowing like new for a very long time.

We Unclog drains for $160.00 cable rodding in Kalamazoo for the first hour of drain cleaning, its a flat rate for the first hour. After the first hour it is broken down to every 15 minutes. Example if we are their for 1.25 hours it will be $200.00 call us for our overtime rates, evening & weekend rates.

Check Drain Monkeys home page to learn more about their services, you can also use the booking form to book an appointment. If you need us to unclog your sewer & drains give us a call today.

drain cleaning kalamazoo mi service upfront pricing and no hidden fees

Cleaning a clogged sewer in Kalamazoo, we will unclog your sewer pipe removing roots, grease, scale & foreign material out of your sewer pipe. Drain Monkeys has some of the best drain cleaning machines to unclog your sewer drain pipe efficiently & professionally. Drain Monkeys takes great pride in quality workmanship when they service your sewer main to ensure a long-lasting sewer pipe because no one likes it when their sewage backs up through a drain like your bathtub, floor drain or even your utility sink sometimes because the plumbing for theses drains all drain into the sewer pipe. We will also take the time to make sure your sewer pipe drains like new again. It is possible that some sewer pipes could have low spots, offset joints, &  it could affect the way it drains if this is the case just cleaning your sewer pipe will be only a temporary fix. If your sewer pipe has these issues our service technician will always do his best to get your sewer main to flow as good as possible. When you call for a sewer cleaning you will get a well-trained drain technician so you can rest easy & know that the job will be done correctly the first time.Drain Monkeys is always very thorough when they are servicing a sewer pipe so you know the job will be done the correct way the first time.

Kalamazoo Drain Cleaning Drain Cleaning Kalamazoo 1 Drain Cleaning Kalamazoo

Drain cleaning your clogged kitchen sink, Drain Monkeys will always rod it to where ever it ties into usually it will tie into your sewage pipe (sewer main) or a septic tank. Things that usually plug up your sink are grease, scale, food, hair, low spots in the drain pipe that have a long run. Our plumber will use his ridgid K-3800 plumbers snake to unclog your kitchen sink drain pipe. They can go as far as 75 feet which is more than enough to unclog a kitchen sink because usually most drain pipes will only run no further than 50 to 60 feet. We can easily fix your clogged kitchen sink & have it draining in no time at all.

Sometimes when your kitchen sink clogs up it will back up through a floor drain & if it you go a few days before going into your basement you could have a big mess from the water backing up through the floor drain every time you use your kitchen sink. We have personally seen flooded out basements from just a kitchen sink clogging up & backing up through a floor drain because people are unaware of their drain backing up because some people might only go down their basement once a week. Your kitchen sink, floor drain & washer machine can also share the same drain pipe before it ties into the sewer pipe. If this is the case the service technician will clean the drain pipe for the kitchen sink under the sink at the wall or at the bottom of the cabinet where the drain pipe goes through the floor depending on what trap you have. P-traps will go through the wall & a S-trap will go through the floor. The service technician will clean it from here first until he reaches the floor drain. Once its cleaned to the floor drain it will be cleaned from the floor drain to the sewer pipe to insure that we have unclogged the kitchen sink drain pipe.

Common causes of  clogged kitchen sink drains in Kalamazoo is grease, hair, food, scale lint & garbage disposals. All these things will be deposited into the drain pipe through out the years of washing dishes, using the garbage disposal & doing laundry if the washer machine & kitchen sink share the same drain pipe before tying into the sewer main. After many years of these things being deposited inside the pipe it will eventually clog up.

drain cleaning kalamazoo service for clogged kitchen sinks

Drain cleaning your washer machine drain pipe. Most washer drain pipes will run about 5 feet to 50 feet tying into a septic tank, dry well or sewer main. We can usually fix your clogged washer drain in under an hour, Drain Monkeys will clean the washer drain all the way so there isn’t any of the drain pipe that isn’t cleaned. Our drain snake machine that we will use is unclog your washer machine drain pipe is the Ridgid K-3800 that will reach up to 75 feet or the General Super Vee with 25 feet for the short run. These drain cleaning machines are plenty long enough to reach any obstruction. Most causes that will clog up your drain are lint, scale, low spots in the washer line. Washer machine drains can run on its own drain line not tying into any drains in your house & just run directly into a septic tank or dry well which is not uncommon in much older homes. If this is the case we will clean the washer machine drain to the septic tank or drain field which ever it ties into. Usually the washer machine discharge hose will drain into a stand pipe, utility sink, floor drain. A washer machine drain pipe & a floor drain can share the same drain pipe then it will tie into the sewer pipe that will drain into a septic tank, city main sewer pipe in the middle of the street.

drain cleaning kalamazoo service for a clogged washer machine drain

Drain cleaning your bathroom sink, we will use our trigger machine (General super vee) or the Ridgid K-3800 drain cleaning machine to unclog your bathroom sink drain pipe. Generally the drain pipe will tie into a roof-vent or sewer drain. the line will run about 2 feet to 15 feet in most cases. most causes for a plug are hair, grease & scale build-up in the drain line, trap & pop-up assembly.

Drain cleaning your clogged (commode) toilet. Our plumber will unclog your toilet by draining the water out of the tank & bowl. The service technician will pull the stool from the toilet flange & then he will use a toilet auger to unclog the toilet. They will also use their shop vac to help unclog the commode as well in certain situations. The service technician will also inspect any working parts inside the tank of your toilet to make sure they are working properly for a maximum flush to push out the waste & toilet paper. When the service technician is done cleaning the toilet he will test his work by flushing the stool several times with toilet paper to make sure the obstruction is completely gone. The drain technician can usually fix a clogged toilet in less than an hour.

drain cleaning kalamazoo service for cleaning a clogged toilet with a stool auger service for cleaning a clogged toilet

Drain Monkeys gives their customers a 30 day guarantee on workmanship (ask for details) after servicing your clogged drain if there are no offset joints, broken or damaged drain pipes, pipes running uphill, bellies in the pipe & foreign material.

drain cleaning kalamazoo service 30 dya guarantee

Why use Drain Monkeys drain cleaning services:

  • High quality workmanship on your drains.
  • No hidden fees & upfront pricing guaranteed.
  • Uniformed Technicians.
  • A phone call when we are in route to your home or business.
  • A phone call if we a running behind schedule.
  • Professional drain cleaning service.
  • Very long lasting drains.
  • Great customer service.
  • No extra fees for showing up at your door.
  • Plumber that has been unclogging drains since 1996.
  • Fast & courteous service.
  • 30 day guarantee on workmanship, ask about details.
  • Maintenance programs for your drains.
  • call for rates evening & weekends.
  • Get discount from coupons page.

Drain Monkeys can locate & find sewer & drain pipes in Kalamazoo, MI. When our drain technicians trace & locate your pipes or drains that are underground they will mark out the pipe with green spray paint or green flags so you will know right where you pipe is located. Locating pipes underground works great for not having your hole yard dug up as we can mark out the section of pipe that needs to be dug up. We can also locate septic tanks.

Kalamazoo Drain Cleaning Drain Cleaning Kalamazoo 2 Drain Cleaning Kalamazoo

Drain Monkeys inspects sewer & drain pipes with a TV video camera, if you need you pipes inspected we can use our TV camera to inspect your pipes & record it to a SD card or a thumb drive for your safe keeping. Sometime if your insurance company covers your sewer main & their are paying the bill they will want a copy of your sewer or pipe inspection. Drain Pipes inspections are also great for someone that is going to sell a home & wants to show the new home owner that your plumbing is in good shape. If you have been having issues with your sewer or drains pipe we can inspect the pipe to see what is causing your drainage issues.

drain cleaning kalamazoo mi service for inspecting sewers and drains with a tv camera

Darin Monkeys hydro jet service for clearing clogs in sewer & drain pipes, Drain Monkeys high pressure water jet (hydro jet) has 4,000 PSI cleaning action to rid your sewer or drains of roots, grease, scale, sand & dirt. Our jet is 100% portable. We offer affordable hydro jetting 24/7.

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Drain Monkeys can thaw out frozen sewer & drains pipes, we can thaw out your frozen pipes & sewer drains using high pressure water (hydro jet) at 4,000 PSI. The hydro jet with thaw out the ice in your pipes because it will incinerate the ice at about 1 foot every 10 or 15 minutes in most cases. The hydro jet will not harm your pipes as long as your pipe is in good condition & not rotting out or split due to the ice expansion.

Remember to keep your exposed water pipes, exposed drain pipes & plumbing wrapped with insulation & heat tape in Kalamazoo, MI. If they are exposed to the elements they will freeze & clog the pipe up with ice. In most cases if this happens, then the ice will expand inside the pipe causing the pipe to crack. Mobile homes are usually the most common for frozen sewer pipes (main drain) & water lines because they are not wrapped with heat tape & insulation. If you have frozen drains or water lines it can get costly to thaw your sewer, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, washer, toilet & drain lines as well as your water pipes. If you haven’t had them serviced you should always get this done before winter arrives. When it’s freezing cold outside taking the time to service the pipes can take longer because the tape that is needed does not want to adhere in the cold weather. It is just a much faster process all together to have this done before October & will usually cost a little less.

There is 3 methods of thawing out ice from frozen drains, frozen water lines, frozen plumbing & pipes in Kalamazoo, MI. The 1st one is by using a steam machine that will blow steam into the pipe with a special hose that is attached to the steam machine that will thaw out the ice causing the obstruction. The 2nd one is high pressure water jet that will clear the ice out of the pipe. This process will not damage your pipe unless the drain pipe is already damaged like if your plumbing of your drains are rotted or from the expansion of the ice causing the drain pipe or water lines to split. The 3rd method of thawing ice out of your drains & plumbing of your water pipes is electric machine that you attach a 2 cables from the machine on the pipe before the ice in the pipe & the other cable past the frozen clog this will send an electric current through the pipe slowly thawing the ice out of the pipes & plumbing.

drain cleaning kalamazoo service for frozen sewers and drain pipes

Check us out on YouTube we have new updates about covid-19 & the precautions we are taking to help prevent the spread of covid-19 in Kalamazoo.