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Drain cleaning Battle Creek, MI service, we clean sewers & clogged drains like grease traps, prep sink, bar sink, urinal, steam table drain, kitchen sink, toilet, sewer, janitors closet drain, cooler drain, pop machine drain, kitchen sink, floor drain, bathroom sink, bathtub, washer machine drain, storm drain, septic tank, drain pipes dry well, drain field, leach fields, pipes, drains. Drain Monkeys have some of the best drain snake machines to clear out the clogs in your drain pipes like roots, grease, scale, hair, soap scum, dirt & foreign materials. Drain Monkeys will provide high-quality workmanship & the best of customer care for all your drain care needs when it comes to unclogging your drains. Drain Monkeys upfront pricing & no hidden fee guarantee promise to their customers so you won’t be overpaying to get your drains cleaned. Drain Monkeys pride themselves on giving you the best drain care to fit your needs when you want a company to fulfill those needs drain Monkeys has you covered. Drain Monkeys has been servicing clogged drains in Battle Creek since 1996, put Drain Monkeys experience  to work for you today by calling (269) 366-8087. We have over 26 years experience cleaning backed up drains so you know you will be in good hands with Drain Monkeys. Check us out on YouTube.

Drain Monkeys is taking the necessary precaution to help stop the spread of cobiv-19. Our drain technicians are required to wear face masks, shoe covers & rubber gloves.Anything our technicians touch in their a work area they service your drain it will be sprayed with a disinfectant.

We offer cheap rates for our drain service, $170.00 & its a flat rate for the first hour to service your clogged drain between the hours of 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. If Drain Monkeys run over the first hour it will be broken down to every 15 minutes after the first hour. This is an example if it takes 1.25 hours then you will be charged for 1.25 hours which will be $212.50 You will only be charged for the time Drain Monkeys is there to clean your drain & their time doesn’t start until they knock on your door. Drain Monkeys has very affordable rates in the evening & weekends call for pricing.

After many years of cleaning drains in Battle Creek, MI we have found that the most common causes of clogged drains is:

  1. Poor venting for your plumbing.
  2. Drain pipes that run uphill.
  3. Poor grade to the pipe.
  4. Bellies in the pipe.
  5. Offset Joints.
  6. Grease.
  7. Roots.
  8. Scale.
  9. sludge.

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Advantages of using our drain cleaning services in Battle Creek:

  • Cheap rates around the clock & including weekends.
  • Superior workmanship on your drains.
  • High pressure water jet 4,000 PSI.
  • Cable rodding drain pipes up to 6 inches.
  • Televised sewer inspections.
  • Awesome customer service.
  • 30 day guarantee on workmanship, ask for details.
  • No hidden fees & upfront pricing Guaranteed!
  • The best drain care for your drains.
  • Our time doesn’t start until we knock on your door.
  • No fee for just showing up at your door step.
  • Professional drain cleaning service.
  • Uniformed Technicians.
  • A call when we are in route to your home or business.
  • A phone call if we are running behind your scheduled appointment.
  • Insured.

When you use our drain cleaning service for your sewer pipe, our plumber will rod your main drain all the way to the city sewer, usually, the city main will be 100 feet or less. The common causes of a sewer main to back up are roots, offset joint in the pipe, drain pipe running uphill, bellies in the sewer pipe. Drain Monkeys will use their drain cleaning machine to unclog your sewer pipe. Our drain snake machine that we use is the Ridgid K-750 to unclog your sewer pipe. We can snake up to 100 feet before we have to add more cable to our drain cleaning machine. Drain Monkeys can change out different cutter blades to service your sewer drain to ensure a good thorough job. Before Drain Monkeys Cleans your backed up sewer you should contact the water & sewer division to have them check the sewer main at the street before calling us for a sewer cleaning. That way you’re not paying us to clean your sewer pipe when it falls back onto the city of Battle creek when their main line is clogged. They are responsible only in the middle of the street not at the connection even where it meets into the city sewer pipe.

If the sewer department tells you that it is your sewer backing up then Drain Monkeys can certainly help you. They just don’t want you to have to pay for something if it’s not necessary, because Drain Monkeys cares for their customers.

Out of all the sewer mains that we have unclogged, we have found that the most common causes of a clogged sewers in Battle Creek, MI is roots & a poor slope in  sewer pipes that will not allow the toilet paper & waist to drain all the way out to the city sewer or your septic tank. If this is the case over time your sewer pipe will keep building up toilet paper & waist in layers & as some of the water drains off it will make the solids & toilet paper get hard & after many layers of this building up over time it will clog your sewer pipe up and then it is time to have a sewer cleaning & then possibly the sewer line replaced. Roots can get into your sewer system through cracks & offset joint that have separated allowing the roots to penetrate the sewer pipe. Once the roots have entered your sewer drain pipe they will keep multiplying until they get thick enough to clog up your sewer pipe. Roots can grow for many years in your sewer pipe before it clogs up, the roots can grow to be many feet long inside your sewer pipe as I personally have pulled roots out that were 10 feet long before the home owner called for a sewer cleaning.

drain cleaning battle creek service finds common causews of clogged sewers is toots

When we unclog your bathtub, Our plumber will use his drain snake machine the ridgid super vee to unclog your bathtub to the tie in connection at the sewer, this machine will unclog a bathtub drain with no problem. Some times getting through a drum trap if you have a drum trap & not a P-trap, it can be difficult to get through it with our cable and we may have to access the drum trap to be able to clean the bathtub drain line. Most runs on a bathtub to the connection at the sewer are only about 8 feet to 15 feet. The most common causes of a clogged bathtub drain is hair, soap scum, scale if its cast-iron or galvanized drain pipe. Drain Monkeys will go through the overflow tube on the bathtub to clean the tub drain. When we unclog the tub we will run tons of hot water to check our work to make sure it is flowing properly. If you have a drum trap on your bathtub drain then it can take longer to clean as these types of traps are not that common these days. Most drum traps will be on older plumbing such as galvanized or cast-iron pipes.

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If you have a clogged  kitchen sink our drain technician will clean your drain pipe so it will flow like a new again. He will unclog your kitchen sink all the way to the sewer main, which is usually 10 feet to 60 feet to the sewer main. The service technician will use a drain snake machine to service the kitchen sink drain pipe. The drain snake machine that we use is a Ridgid K-3800, Which has 75 feet of cable long enough drain snake cable to unclog any sink drain. Drain Monkeys will run a lot of hot water while snaking the line out. Most common cause of a back up are heavy grease build up in the drain line, bellies, lines that run uphill. Food that gets washed down the drain will turn into grease because of the bacteria in the pipe. We have cleaned 4 inch pipes that were completely clogged with grease. It is always a good idea to make sure you scrape your plates before washing dishes.

When we clean out your toilet our service technician will use a Ridgid K-3 closet toilet auger through your toilet to unclog the toilet. They may have to use their shop vac as well to pull out the foreign material that lodged itself in the trap of the toilet. There are some occasions they may have to pull the stool to get out whatever is plugging up the toilet. Drain Monkeys will always test their work before leaving your home, they will flush the stool several times with toilet paper to make sure that it flushes well. If there is anything still in the trap of the toilet it will back up as the toilet paper snags on the obstruction in the trap. This is why Drain Monkeys are very thorough when cleaning a toilet so we don’t have to reset the stool several times.

We have unclogged hundreds of toilets over the years & we found that the most common causes of clogged toilets in Battle Creek, MI is the flush valve is not performing as it should, if the flush valve is leaking water to the toilet bowl & not allowing the tank to fill all the way this can affect the performance of the flush & not allowing enough water to push out the solids causing it to clog. If your water jet holes located at the bottom of the rim in the toilet get clogged up it can affect the way your toilet flushes causing it clogging up. You can clean the jet holes with a small sewing needle & dumping some toilet bowl cleaner down the overflow tube located in the tank of your toilet. Foreign material such as female products & wet-wipes will snag up in the trap of the toilet or the sewer pipe causing it to back up. Defective fill valves that are not filling your tank up to the proper level inside the tank of your toilet this can cause your toilet to clog as it will not have the correct amount of water to push the waste & toilet paper all the way through the trap of your toilet. You may have to adjust the water level to the proper level to get the maximum flush. If your fill valve still isn’t filling to the proper level then you will need to replace the fill valve.

Drain cleaning clogged septic tank drain pipes, when you have a sewage back up it can be a big mess so to avoid having a sewer back up in to your home or business from your septic tank you should get it routinely pumped out every 3-4 years. If your main drain (sewer) clogs going out to the septic tank it is usually caused by roots, wet-wipes, grease, sludge, bellies in the drain pipe . Drain Monkeys will clean the sewer pipe to the septic tank from the clean out in your home or business usually in the basement. When we clean the main line (sewer) from the clean out we will clean it all the way to the tank to unclog your sewer main. In most cases the septic tank is about 20 feet to 40 feet from the house. If your getting a sewer back up into your home it also can be clogged the outlet (drain pipe) going over to the drain field or dry well. If the outlet is clogged located at the back of the septic tank we can clean the drain pipe with our Ridgid K-700 drain cleaning machine or our hydro jet that uses high pressure water at 3,100 PSI to unclog your sewer drain pipe going to your dry well or leach field. If you are getting roots in this line we will rod it with our drain snake machine. If it is clogged with sludge (solids) because your tank was full the we will use our hydro jet to unclog the obstruction of sludge out of outlet pipe.

drain cleaning a clogged septic tank in battle creek mi

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