Drain Cleaning In Burlington

Drain Cleaning In Burlington, MI

When Drain Monkeys is drain cleaning in Burlington, MI. They offer some of the cheapest rates for a drain service in your area. Drain Monkeys are experts when it comes to cleaning all your clogged drains such as your septic tank, grease trap, bar drain, urinals, trench drain, boiler drain, kitchen sink, toilet, bathroom sink, drain field, dry well drain pipe, bathtub, floor drains, utility sink drain pipe, washer machine drain, storm drain, clogged pipes. You are in good hands when you need a professional drain cleaning company for all your drain cleaning needs because Drain Monkeys owner has serviced Burlington, Michigan for the past 24 years. The owner (Tom Coppock} was also a resident of Burlington, MI between 2005-2009 at witch time he was working for a drain cleaning company out of Battle Creek, MI so he is very familiar with the area. Drain Monkeys is ready to service your clogged drains 24/7, even our night time rates will be cheaper than most of our major competitor’s rates. If you are looking for a drain service company that has 24 years of servicing clogged drains, really cares about their customers, high-quality workmanship for your drains & offers cheap rates 24/7 then Drain Monkeys should be your first choice for their drain cleaning service.

Drain Monkeys is taking all the necessary precautions to help stop the spread of covid-19.

Our rates for drain cleaning is $200.00 from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm for the first hour of service. If we happen to go over the first hour we break it down to every 15 minutes after the first hour. .25 = $50.00. If the service call is after 4:30 pm their will be a overtime rate applied. We will always try to beat our major competitors rates day or night for your clogged drains.

When Drain Monkeys cleans your clogged drains, pipes, plumbing, the service technician will always clean the entire drain pipe not leaving any pipe or plumbing uncleaned. Their main goal is to provide you with the best experience a drain service company can offer & a very long lasting drain after they unclog your drain. Drain Monkeys main goals are happy customers, long lasting drains, high quality workmanship on your drains.

When Drain Monkeys services your drains they will use some of the best drain cleaning equipment to unclog your drains. Drain Monkeys uses Ridgid drain snake machines because they get the job done professionally & efficiently. After all the years of servicing clogged drains it is our opinion that these are the best machines for us to use so our customers are happy with our service to insure your drains last a very long time.

Call Drain Monkeys today for a service call they are ready to respond to your drain cleaning emergency needs. If you need us to unclog your drain or drains we are here 24/7 call  (269) 366-8087

Check out Drain Monkeys Home Page to learn more about what they do.

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