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Our Drain Cleaning Barry County, MI Service

Drain cleaning Barry County, MI service, Call for our plumber to unclog your drains in Hastings, Delton, Dowling, Hickory Corners, Cloverdale, MI. Drain Monkeys is available to unclog your drains 24/7 for your convenience (269) 366-8087. We offer very low rates compared to our competitors for day time & night time calls. Drain Monkeys has serviced drains in the Barry County area since 1996 so you can have confidence that your backed up drains will be serviced with experience that will last you a very long time.

Use our drain cleaning service for your clogged drains like a Grease trap, storm drain, bar drain, urinal, shower, pipes, cooler drain, pop machine drain, trench drain, prep sink, sewer, septic tank, hand sink, bathroom sink, toilet, floor drain, janitors closet drain, plumbing, roof vents, washer machine drain, bathtub, steam table drains.

Drain Monkeys is all about customer care & offering the best of drain care for your needs, a happy customer & quality workmanship is what we live for. We care about our customers & their drain issues because we know that a drain emergency can make anybody’s day a bad day that is why we are here for you 24/7 so we can clear your clogged drain so you can get on with your day making it a better day.

Drain Monkeys has some of the best drain cleaning equipment on the market to unclog your drains efficiently & professional so you your drained is cleaned thoroughly & not leaving any of your drain pipe uncleaned that you requested to be cleaned. We use Ridgid drain cleaning machines because we find to be the best durable machines on the market in our opinion as we clean hundreds of clogged drains.

When we send your a plumber to clean out your clogged drains he will always be thorough to insure the whole line is cleaned not leaving any of your plumbing uncleaned the drains or drain that you called for. If your sewer pipe has a 90 foot run it will be cleaned 95 feet to insure the pipe is cleaned past the tie in.

When our plumber unclogs your smaller drains like a bathtub, washer drain, bar drain all smaller drains that tie into a sewer drain pipe will all be cleaned to your sewer pipe. Some drains will share the same plumbing as the floor drain does if this is the case your drain pipe will be cleaned to the floor drain & from the floor drain to the tie in at the sewer main.

If you have a septic tank you main drain will be cleaned all the way to the tank. Most septic tanks will be 60 feet from your home or business. Our plumber will clean your main sewer from the clean-out in the basement or he may have to pull your toilet if there is no clean-out available.

If you toilet needs to be pulled to access the sewer main then after we unclog the sewer we will reset the toilet with a new wax ring to insure the toilet has a good seal.

Drain Monkeys stand behind there work that is why they give a 30 day guarantee on workmanship some exclusion do apply such as foreign material, offset joints, belly in drain pipes, lines running uphill, broken pipes or just ask for details

We do have very low rates for our services, you can also get a coupon for drain cleaning. Drain Monkeys policy is honest pricing & no hidden fees guaranteed. Our overtime rates are cheaper than most of our competitors rates. Call for pricing.

If your looking for a company that has many years of servicing clogged drains, honest, upfront, high standards for drain cleaning, the best customer care than you should look no further than Drain Monkeys.

To find out more about Drain Monkeys services please visit their home page for more information.

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