Emergency Drain Cleaning

Emergency Drain Cleaning Service In Michigan

If you need our emergency drain cleaning service in Grand Rapids, Portage, Kalamazoo, Plainwell, Richland, Otsego, Mattawan, Battle Creek, Pennfield, Bedford, Emmett charter Township, Augusta, Galesburg, Climax, Schoolcraft, Vicksburg, Centreville, Plainwell, Richland, Delton, Hasting, Scotts, Fulton, Athens, Union City, Burlingtin, Tekonsha, Homer, Albion, MI. Our emergency service covers clogged drains like a sewer, pop machine, toilet, floor drain, grease trap, urinal, septic tank drain pipes, washer machine drain, pipes, plumbing, bathtub, shower, bathroom sink, storm drain, trench drain, cooler drain, prep sink, water softener drain, boiler drain. 

Drain Monkeys is vary thorough when they clean drains, Their plumber will always clean the entire drain for your plumbing, not leaving any of it uncleaned. All drain pipes will be cleaned all the way to the tie in at the sewer main. If you you are on a septic tank then your main drain will be cleaned all the way to the septic tank. If you are hooked up to the city sewer then your sewer main will be cleaned all the way to the middle of the street where your sewer pipe tie into the city sewer main. We use some of the best Ridgid drain cleaning machines to unclog your drains. We have used these drain snake machines for years & they get the job done efficiently & professionally making your drains last a very long time.

Most sewer mains will run 100 feet or less when you are hooked up to the city sewer. If you are on a septic tank most sewer mains will have a run of 50 feet or less. Medium size drains like washer drains & kitchen sink drains will have a run of 50 feet or less. The most common cause of a sewer clog is roots. Roots will grow into your sewer pipe through cracks in the pipe or through bad joints. Over the years of the pipe deteriorating the pipe will start to rot our if you have older plumbing like cast iron, clay tile pipes.

You can call (269) 366-8087 for service & Drain Monkeys will respond fast to unclog your drains. Drain Monkeys is all about happy customers & to unclog your drains when you need us because that is what we are all about. Drain Monkeys is available 24/7 because you shouldn’t have to wait until the next day to get your drain serviced. Call for an experienced drain service technician to work on your drain today.   

We know that having a clogged drain can be stressful & that is why we are ready to respond to your drain emergency. We have 24 years of unclogging drains in Michigan. If you need a experienced drain cleaning company that is very knowledgeable on how to service drains the correct way then look no further than Drain Monkeys for your drain emergencies.

Our rates for drain cleaning are very cheap because we want our customers to know how much we appropriate them. Even our after hour service calls are cheaper than most of our major competitors. We know when you have an emergency that you need a drain company that you can depend on & Drain Monkeys is very dependable a company that prides its self on workmanship & customer service. 

Drain Monkeys looks forward to servicing your clogged drains & if its an emergency we will respond as fast as we can to clear your clog so you can be stress free for the rest of the day or night.    

We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit us today, don’t monkey around and call Drain Monkeys for a experienced service technician today. If you want more information about Drain Monkeys services please visit their home page.