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Kalamazoo County Drain Cleaning Service

Kalamazoo County drain cleaning service for Kalamazoo, Comstock, Climax, Portage, Augusta, Scotts, Vicksburg, Schoolcraft, Fulton, Richland, MI. Our plumber is on standby 24/7 to unclog your drains at affordable rates day or night in Kalamzoo County, MI. We care about our customers & provide excellent customer service so you will have a great experience dealing with Drain Monkeys. You will also get the best drain service for your clogged drains because we have serviced drain since 1996. You can have confidence that you are in good hands with Drain Monkeys when you call them for drain cleaning to unclog your drains like a kitchen sink, urinal, septic tank, pool drains, bar sink, janitors closet drain, prep sink, pipes,  floor drain, toilet, sewer, bathtub, steam table drain, cooler drain, pop machine drain, garbage disposal drain, bathroom sink, septic tank, pipes, storm drain, plumbing, roof-vent, washer machine drain. Unclogging drains is what we are all about so put Drain Monkeys experience to work for you toady. 

When we unclog your drains in Kalamazoo County, MI you will get affordable rates, high quality workmanship & excellent customer service. From the time we take your phone call & until the drain technician leaves your home we want your experience to be the best that a drain cleaning company can offer. The owner of drain Monkeys Tom C. has been drain cleaning since he started his career “drain cleaning” in 1996. He has unclogged hundreds of drains Michigan.

We have 24 years of drain cleaning experience, When you need a drain cleaning company that has honest pricing & is very knowledgeable when it comes to clogged drains In Kalamazoo County, Michigan then you should call Drain Monkeys for service.

Drain Monkeys has all the drain cleaning equipment for cleaning residential drains for all your drain care needs. When it comes to drain cleaning your clogged sewer pipe we carry the rigid K-750 drain cleaning sewer machine to tackle heavy root intrusion of your sewer pipe.

The rigid K-750 drain cleaning machine is capable of cleaning a clogged sewer to the city sewer main in the street up to 100ft. When we clean your sewer pipe we are able to change size cutter blades. This drain cleaning machine works great to unclog your sewer main.

When your sewer is cleaned & there is no major issues with the sewer pipe you will get a guarantee on workmanship for 30 days. Some exclusions do apply to the guarantee.

This drain snake will clean drain lines up to 2 inches this is drain monkeys preferred machine for smaller clogged drain lines up to 2 inches.

Drain Monkeys services these clogged drains: Sewer, kitchen sink, toilet, bathtub, bathroom sink, washer machine drain, floor drain, utility sink, storm drain. When we are drain cleaning in Kalamazoo county, MI you will get very good service at affordable rates because we want to make your experience with our drain service the best a drain cleaning company can offer.

Reasons why our work may not be guaranteed:

We have unclogged several hundred drains in Kalamazoo county, MI through out the years of drain cleaning. If your looking for an experienced company that can think outside the box & provide the best customer service & drain care then look no further & call Drain Monkeys today.

Drain Monkeys is here for you 24/7 for all your drain care needs. Call for our fast & friendly drain care service today (269) 366-8087. Remember have some of the cheapest rates you will find in a drain cleaning company.

Drain Monkeys uses some of the drain cleaning machines to unclog your drains. Our machine will clean your clogged drains so they will drain like new again.

The Electric Eel RF auto-feed sewer machine for cleaning clogged sewer pipes. we can clean sewer pipes from a 3 inch sewer main to a 4 inch sewer pipe. We can also change the size of the cutter head to insure that we get all the roots out of your main drain as well as grease, scale, hair & foreign material.

We use the Ridgid super vee trigger machine for cleaning drain lines that are 2 inches or smaller. This will work great for clogged drains like a bathtub, washer machine drain, bathroom sink & drain pipes 2 inches or smaller.

Ridgid K-3800 medium machine for clogged drains that are 1 inch to 2 inch. This drain cleaning machine works great for cleaning clogged kitchen sinks, floor drains, washer drains, roof vents, trench drains, pool drains. We can unclog drains up to 75 feet with this drain snake.

Ridgid K-750 drain snake machine for cleaning sewer pipes 3 inches up to 4 inches. This drain cleaning machine also works great to unclog your sewer pipe free of roots.

Ridgid toilet auger for clearing obstruction out the the toilet. The toilet auger will grab what ever is lodged in the trap of your clogged toilet, The auger will go through the entire trap of the toilet to the bottom of your commode to insure that the obstruction is cleared.

All the Plumbers snake machines mentioned above will get the job done because they are designed just for your clogged drains that are difficult to get unclogged.

Our drain machines make it easy for us to unclog the toughest drains out there. When you have 24 years of drain cleaning experience & the best of equipment for cleaning clogged drains then you get the best of service for your drain care needs.

If you need more information on Drain Monkeys services please visit their home page.

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