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Our drain cleaning Albion service, Drain Monkeys is on standby 24/7 for your clogged drains like a kitchen sink, washer machine drain, toilet, sewer, bathroom sink, bathtub, utility tub, septic tank, storm drain, floor drain, pipes & plumbing. The owner of drain Monkeys has cleaned hundreds of drains in Albion, Michigan since he first started cleaning drains in 1996 out of Battle Creek, MI so you may recognize him if he has cleared your drain before. Drain Monkeys offer cheap rates for drain cleaning & giving you the best of service for your backed up drains & provide excellent customer service. Put Drain Monkeys experience of 24 years servicing drains to work for you today.

Our Drain Cleaning Albion Service For Your Clogged Drains

When Drain Monkeys cleans your clogged sewer pipe in Albion, MI our service technician will clean the entire sewer to the city tap at the center of the street. Most sewer drains will run approximately 60 feet to 90 feet at the center of the street. The owner of Drain Monkeys has cleaned hundreds of sewer pipe in Albion, MI through out his 24 years of service & has encountered many clay tile sewer pipes. When we are cleaning a clay tile sewer pipe we usually encounter roots that will penetrate the pipe whee it develops cracks. After many years the clay tile will get brittle & this where the roots will enter through the pipe & get there water source to stay alive. Once the roots have invaded the pipe its only a matter of time until it clogs up.

Don’t worry because we can clean the roots out of the main drain (sewer pipe), don’t stress about having the main drain dug up either because the small cracks will not affect the flow of sewage in the pipe after the roots have been cleaned out. The only time we recommend you have your sewer pipe replaced is if we cant get our biggest cutter on our drain snake through the main drain all the way to the street. Roots in a sewer will usually come back within a year to 8 years & if it doesn’t last that long & you can afford to have your main drain updated then it would be wise for you to get it replaced. To unclog drain or drains like a sewer we use the Ridgid K-750 sewer machine.

Common causes of a clogged sewer in Albion, MI is roots, offset joints, bellies that hold water, grease, scale, sewer pipes that run uphill, foreign material such as wet wipes,. When you flush foreign material such as tampons, wet wipes they will snag on the bottom of the sewer pipe causing toilet paper & solids to get trap behind them & after time it will build up a thick heavy sludge that will plug up the sewer pipe. If the package for wet wipes & tampons say you can flush these products down the toilet it is highly recommended that you don’t unless you want to pay to have us come out & service your sewer. Foreign material is not good for your septic tank either even if the package says that its OK for septic tanks it is not! 

Offset joints will eventually cause a clog of your sewer pipe, we find this more common in clay tile sewer pipes than in cast iron & PVC pips. Over the years of the ground settling the joints will settle with the ground causing offset joints in the drain pipe. This will also through off the grade of the pipe making it run uphill & devolving bellies. Some times driving over the sewer pipe that not under concrete can also cause damage tp your main drain as well.

Drain cleaning of your clogged kitchen sink drain in Albion, Drain Monkeys will clean the sink from where ever the trap ties into either at the wall (P-trap) or through the opening at the bottom of the cabinet (S-trap) Most kitchen sink will run about 10 feet to 55 feet. If the kitchen sink drain pipes tie into the floor drain in the basement then we will clean it from the trap to the floor drain & then from the floor drain to the main sewer pipe. You will know if your sink is tied into the floor drain when you run water from the sink & it backs up through the floor drain. To unclog your kitchen sink we will use our Ridgid K-3800 drain cleaning machine, this machine has 75 feet of cable that will reach any clog inside your drain pipe for your kitchen sink.

Common causes of a clogged kitchen sink is grease, food, scale, bellies in the drain pipe. If you use a garbage disposal this will leave a heavy build up in the sink drain & when the food breaks down it turns into grease causing a clog. If you use a garbage disposal it is always best to run hot water while grinding the food. When you are done be sure to fill the sink at 3/4 full of the hottest water your hands can stand the pull the stopper out & drain the kitchen sink to force out any food that didn’t get washed out of the drain. When you do this you will get less of a build up of grease & it will last a lot longer before you have to call us for drain cleaning your kitchen sink.

Drain cleaning your clogged toilet in Albion, MI Drain Monkeys service technician will start by using a Ridgid drain snake auger at the opening of the trap in the commode. Usually this will pull the obstruction out of the trap & if it doesn’t he will also use his shop vac to suck out the clog. If this doesn’t work then the toilet will have to be pulled & use the same process but going through the bottom the stool. After the drain technician has cleared the clog he will reset the stool back on to the toilet flange with a new wax ring to make sure the commode is sealed good so you wont get any leaks when you flush the toilet. 

The technician will also check the fill valve to make sure the water level is set to the factory line for maximum flush. He will also check your flush valve (flapper) to ensure it is working properly. If the flush valve or fill valve are not working properly it will affect the performance of the toilet causing it to plug up.

Common causes of a clogged toilet in Albion, MI is calcium build in the jets of the toilet bowl, foreign material, defective fill valve, flapper, the fill valve not working properly, when this happens its usually because of a build up of calcium & rust on the working parts causing it to shut off the water to soon. These external parts can be cleaned & with good luck it will work like new again. If the fill valve get a lot of iron internally it will make you toilet fill slow or not fill at all at which time it is best to replace the fill valve. Flush valves will get wore out over the years because they are made of rubber. If it starts leaking water into the bowl & the fill valve has to keep turning on you risk high water bills & if the water level isn’t at the line in the tank you risk the toilet getting plugged up as it wont have enough water to force out the waste & toilet paper. 

If you have hard water & calcium build up in the toilet it will start to clog the jet holes in the bowl to help push out the waste in your toilet. Once the holes start to plug up the it is time for you to use a toilet cleaner & dump it in the tank as this will run through the jet holes when you flush the commode. 

If you have hard water & calcium build up in the toilet it will start to clog the jet holes in the bowl to help push out the waste in your toilet. Once the holes start to plug up the it is time for you to use a toilet cleaner & dump it in the tank as this will run through the jet holes when you flush the commode. 

Drain cleaning your clogged bathtub in Albion, MI When we send you a plumber he will clean it from the overflow as this is a straight shot into the trap of the bathtub. Their drain snake will clean the trap & drain line tying into the sewer pipe free of hair grease & scale. They will also clean the stopper removing hair & soap scum. Usually a bathtub drain pipe will run about 5 feet to 20 feet.

Common causes of a clogged bathtub in Albion, MI is hair, grease, soap scum, scale, shaver guards. When you take a bath your shower your body sheds off hair every time making it down into the tarp & drain pipe & over time this will build up causing it to plug up. Also when taking showers & baths your body gives of natural oils along with the products you use will form a grease clog in the bathtub drain & this will happen over many of the oils building up in the drain. Scale build up is from cat iron, galvanized drain pipes that will snag hair, grease causing a back up in the drain. The scale will build up over many years of use because the pipe is rooting out from the inside out. 

Drain cleaning cleaning a clogged washer machine drain in Albion, MI When the service technician arrives at your home he will clean the washer from the stand pipe, utility sink or floor drain which ever it ties into. Usually the washer drain will tie into the sewer pipe which will have a run of 10 feet to 50 feet. Sometimes the washer drain will tie into a dry well. The drain technician will clean the drain pipe for the washer all the way to where ever it ties into to make sure your drain is cleaned completely. 

Common causes of a washer machine drain clog is lint, grease & scale. When you wash your clothes the washer machine will deposit lint because the lint trap built in the washer machine will not catch all the lint so when the washer is on the spin cycle it does deposit lint each time it discharges the water on the spin cycle. If you have older plumbing like cast iron or galvanized drain pipes the lint will snag on the scale & eventually causing it to plug up with lint. If you have a utility sink it is wise to put a lint trap (mesh screen) over the discharge hose of the washer machine because this will catch most of the lint the washer didn’t.

Drain cleaning your clogged septic tank, If the outlet pipes is clogged going to your drain field or dry well we will need to clean the outlet pipe on the back side of your septic tank. When we clean the outlet drain pipe we will clean it all the way to the tie in at the dry well or leach field. If the sewer main is clogged coming into the septic tank from your house then we can clean it from a clean out in your home usually in the basement. 

Common causes of a septic tank clog. If you let your septic tank get to full of solids (sewage) it can back up into the outlet pipe going to the dry well or leach field. If the sewage makes it to the dry well it can plug the holes in the piping  so it wont drain well enough to disperse the water evenly through out the ground. Some time the drain pipe can clog with solids before even making it to your dry well. Roots are another common cause of a septic tank to clog the main line coming from your house dumping into the septic tank can get roots inside the main drain (sewer pipe) anywhere there is a crack or bad joint that meets the plumbing (drain pipe) together.

If you are in need of our drain cleaning in Albion, MI call us at (269) 366-8087. We are here for you 24/7 because we care for our customers. We have some of the cheapest rates you will find for drain cleaning at your location in Albion. Upfront pricing & no hidden fees guaranteed!

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