Clogged Toilet In Portage

Do You Have A Clogged Toilet In Portage?

If you have a a clogged toilet in Portage, Michigan we are here to help you day or night because we know that toilets can clog up at any time. Drain Monkeys has 23 years of experience servicing toilets. They will usually start by pulling the toilet from the stool flange & set the toilet on a tarp. They will use their shop vac first because if they use the stool auger while the commode is on the flange it can push the obstruction down the sewer. It is safer to just pull the stool & vacuum out the trap of the stool first. Then Drain Monkeys will use a toilet auger to dislodge the obstruction & sometimes it may require to be snake from the bottom to push the clog back up through the top of the toilet. There was a time Drain Monkeys was unclogging a toilet in portage, MI & there were 6 hot wheels cars stuck in the trap of the stool & after the second time of resetting the toilet back on the flange they finally had to take it outside and set the stool on bricks after getting more of the hot wheels cars out of the trap. This prevented Drain Monkeys from having to reset the toilet several times.

When Drain Monkeys has to set a stool on bricks & fill the toilet with water to check their work it is a rare occasion. Some times the stool auger will go past the obstruction & not pull it out this is why Drain Monkeys always uses a lot of toilet paper to check their work. The paper will get snagged on any thing that is left behind in the trap of the toilet causing it to back up. 

Once the toilet is unclogged then Drain Monkeys will always replace your wax ring because if you reuse the old one it will leak cause water damage to the floor. It may be necessary to also replace the stool bolts that slide in the flange because sometimes the threads on the stool bolts can be stripped out.    

When the wax ring & stool bolts are replaced you are sure to get a good seal on your bathroom toilet, their is usually a separate charge for these parts $10.00 it is always best to play it safe because having a good flushing toilet is great but having a leak at the base of the stool can cause damage. 

Drain Monkeys will also check the water level in the tank of your commode to make sure that your are getting the correct water volume for your flush. If the water level is low it can cause your toilet to clog up as well. They will adjust the water level to the proper level when necessary.

The water level can in the tank can decrease over the years because the parts on the fill valve can get a build-up on them from hard water deposits. Drain Monkeys will clean the build up off the fill valve & if necessary recommend you replace it if cleaning off the scale doesn’t work.  

If you are in the market for a new bathroom toilet then drain Monkeys recommends mansfield toilets. This is only there (opinion) they are a good flushing stool. If your not interested in a mansfield then you should always get one that has the largest opening going into the trap to help prevent clogs. 

Drain Monkeys is all about taking the best care for your clogged toilet to ensure maximum flush & performance of your stool.

Common causes of a clogged toilet is foriegn material, low water level in the tank of your toilet, to much toilet paper, jet holes clogged in the bowl of your toilet. When you flush foreign material down the toilet such as wet wipes they don’t break up like toilet paper & they can snag up in the trap of your toilet.stool.

If the water level is not set to the correct height it can cause a poor flush causing even toilet paper to clog up your toilet. Setting the water level from the fill valve will correct the issue. Your tank will usually have a line where the water should be seat at for maximum flushes.

If your jets get clogged up from hard water it also can cause your toilet to clog up. The jets are under the rim of the bowl that are holes that will help clean the bowl when its flushed. If these do clog it is an easy fix & they should be fied as it does help your toilet to get a good flush as well & not just clean the bowl it actually has two purposes.

To fix the jet holes simply dump some toilet bowl cleaned down the overflow tube & let it set for an hour the chemical will eat the build up from your hard water deposited into the holes causing the to clog. You may need to repeat this process a couple of times. You may need to also use a sewing needle to clean out the jet holes as well.

You will get a a 30 day guarantee on workmanship for your toilet some restriction do apply ask for details.

Drain Monkeys is available day or night, call for service because we have some of the cheapest rates for drain cleaning in Portage. You will find that we are cheaper than most of our major competitors day or night. Call us at (269) 366-8087

Drain Monkeys promises their customers that they will always be upfront with pricing & no hidden fees for your clogged toilet guaranteed. For more information on our drain services please visit Drain Monkeys drain cleaning portage service page

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