Locate A Pipe

We Can Locate A Pipe Underground

Drain Monkeys can locate a pipe for sewers, septic tanks, drain pipe & storm drain lines in Kalamazoo, Portage, Battle Creek, Allegan, Delton, Oshtamo, Mattawan, Plainwell, Richland, Galesburg, Agusta, Emmett Charter Township, Scotts, Fulton, Centreville, Three Rivers, Marcellus, MI. We offer affordable rates to locate & trace out our your sewer & drain pipes. Drain Monkeys can mark out your sewer & drains on the ground with flags or green spray paint as the technician traces our your pipe. 

When Drain Monkeys service technician locates sewer & pipes he can mark the spot of your sewer or pipe that you may need to have dug up. The technician can paint an x at the spot that needs to be dug up eliminating to have your hole yard, basement floor, concrete floor, sidewalk from being dug up. Drain Monkeys can pin point the section of sewer or drain pipe within a foot. Drain Monkeys has been locating pipes underground since 1996 & our service technician has been locating pipes just as long so you can have faith that he really does know what he is doing & how to fine tune the machine to locate your pipe.

Why use our pipe locating service:

  1. We have been tracing out & locating pipes since 1996.
  2. Only dig up bad section of pipe where we mark an x.
  3. Our time doesn’t start until we knock on your door.
  4. trace out the whole pipe using spray paint or flags.
  5. locating Accuracy of 1-3 foot of the pipe.
  6. We locate sewer & drain pipes 24/7
  7. Upfront pricing & no hidden fees.
  8. Fast & courteous service.
  9. Affordable rates.

Locating Commercial & Residential Sewer & Drains

Locating Residential Sewer & Drains
we locate a pipe like sewer and drains

We are on standby 24/7 for your emergencies to locate where your drain pipes or sewer pipes are underground.

Locating Commercial Sewer & Drains
we can locate a pipe underground for sewer & drain pipes up to 8 inches

We locate commercial sewer & drain pipes. Call today for a service call & let the professionals trace out & locate your pipe the right way.

Drain Monkeys can also use their TV video camera to trace out & locate your sewer & drain pipes their is an extra fee to use the camera while tracing & locating your pipe. While using the two services together we offer a contractor discount call for a discount today at (269) 366-8087. Drain monkeys service technician can record the condition of your pipe and send it directly to your phone or put it on an SD card, great for insurance purposes if your insurance company is going to cover the cost of your pipe to be repaired.

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