Clogged Kitchen Sink In Portage

Do You Have A Clogged Kitchen Sink In Portage?

Drain cleaning a clogged kitchen sink in Portage, MI at affordable rates. Drain Monkeys has unclogged hundreds of kitchen sink drains in Portage throughout their 24 years of servicing kitchen sink drain clogs Put our drain cleaning experience to work for you today by calling (269) 366-8087. We are here for you night & day & our rates are cheaper than most of the competition day or night & weekends as well. Drain Monkeys has no hidden fees & upfront pricing guaranteed.

When you use our drain cleaning service for your clogged kitchen sink we will always be very thorough we we clean your kitchen sink drain pipe. Our technician will clean the entire drain pipe with a Ridgid K-3800 or the General Super vee depending on how far the drain pipe for your sink runs. Most kitchen sink drain pipes will have a run of 50 feet or less before the tie in.

Most drain pipes will tie into the sewer pipe then on out to the city sewer or septic tank. The first thing our drain technician will do is use his shop vac & suck out the water from your clogged sink & he will suck the water out of the trap. Kitchen sink will have a P-trap or a S-trap.

After the technician has removed the water he will take apart the trap under the sink. Some sink drain pipes can tie into a roof vent or it may even tie into a floor drain line as these two drains can share the same plumbing. 

Our drain technician will clean the kitchen sink drain pipe just past the trap at the wall or at the bottom of the cabinet under the sink. If you the water was backing up through the floor drain then its safe to say the the floor drain & kitchen sink share the same plumbing before tying into the sewer main.

If this is the case then the technician will clean your kitchen sink plumbing to the floor drain & then he will move to the floor drain cleaning the drain pipe from the trap first then from the clean out in the floor drain located at the side of the drain.

While our service drain technician is cleaning the drain pipe coming from the kitchen sink at the floor drain he will clean it all the way to the sewer main  all the while he will be running hot water as soon as he unclogs your kitchen sink as this will help clean the drain pipe much better.

Once your kitchen sink drain pipe is flowing good then we will fill your kitchen sink up with hot water after putting the trap back together. After the sink is full of water we will pull the plug to let  the water out of the sink to test the kitchen sink to ensure we have removed all the obstruction like grease, scale, lint.

After we have cleaned your entire kitchen sink drain pipe to the sewer main & your pipe is in good condition we will give you a 30 day guarantee on workmanship. Some exclusions do apply to the guarantee suck as things like overloading the garbage disposal with to much food that clogs up the drain pipe, poor condition of your kitchen sink drain pipe, foreign martial.

If you do have a garbage disposal it is best to always run a lot of hot water while grinding up food. After you are completely done grinding up the food you should always fill the sink all the way up & then pull the plug so the force of the water will help push out any of left over food deposited into the drain pipe from your garbage disposal.

Common cause of a clogged kitchen sink in Portage, MI is grease, scale, food & garbage disposals. When we talk about grease in your kitchen sink drain pipe we don’t always mean grease that you are dumping down the drain which is never a good idea anyway. Most grease build up that clogs up your kitchen sink comes from food that you have washed down the drain or from your garbage disposal or washing dishes.

After the food is deposited into the drain pipe from you kitchen sink & garbage disposal the food that has been deposited throughout the drain pipe will eventually break down & turn into grease because of the bacteria. Once the bacteria has broken down the food turning it into grease it will just keep building up in layers over the years until it clogs up. 

When you have an older home & you haven’t done any updates to your plumbing then your plumbing is probably going to be galvanized or cast-iron drain pipes.  Over many years of food & chemicals going through the drain pipe for your kitchen sink it will start to rot out from the inside out.

Once the pipe has started to rot you will get a scale(rust) build up inside your plumbing & the scale will snag the food causing the drain pipe to clog even quicker than PVC plumbing. Once we have to start coming back every year to clean your clogged kitchen sink then it may be wise yo get your plumbing updated to PVC plumbing.

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Restriction do apply to our guarantee ask for details.
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