Sewer Company Portage

Sewer Company Portage

Sewer company Portage, MI service, Drain Monkeys has over 25 years cleaning clogged sewer lines, our drain technicians will always clean your sewer pipe all the way to the street to insure that your main line is cleaned thoroughly. Drain Monkeys main goal is to insure the highest quality workmanship for your sewer pipe & the greatest customer service a company can offer. You will be in good hands from the time we take your call because our technicians don’t cut corners when they come to service your clogged sewer main.

Drain Monkeys technicians will always clean your sewer to the street or to your septic tank which ever you have. We train the technicians to be vary thorough to make sure all roots & grease are cleaned out of your sewer pipe.

In some cases if your sewer pipe in your house is a 4 inch & then in the yard somewhere it switches into a 6 inch pipe then it will be almost impossible to clean the 6 inch pipe out properly as our technicians will need a 6 inch clean-out to clean the 6 inch pipe properly. Our technicians encounter this in much older homes.

Older homes will probably have clay-tile pipe outside the home close to the side walk or curb area. 

Most clean-outs in a home are going to be 3 inch – 4 inch clean out. If you ask what a clean-out is, it is an access point to clean your sewer pipe usually in your basement if you have one most sewer pipes will have a clean-out.

The image below shows a transition from a 4 inch to a 6 inch. You can see from the instillation how it can be a daunting task to try and get the 6 inch section clean as our cutters can only fit the size clean-out you have in your basement. Like I said previously most clean-outs are 3 inch to 4 inch. The most common in the Portage area is a 3 1/2 inch clean-out. 

sewer company portage mi service cleaning a transition from a four inch pipe to a six inch transition in a sewer pipe

This is a PVC sewer 4-6 inch (image above) transition which is a much better transition than a clay tile to cast-iron transition. They would usually just cement the joint together.  

Our Technicians can still clean out the part where it turns into a 6 inch & still get it cleaned out well you will probably still have some roots or grease in it though unless you have a 6 inch clean-out then we can get all the roots out as we have a 6 inch cutter to be able to clean it thoroughly.

Drain Monkeys will always do there best to clean out your sewer pipe if it does go into a 6 inch pipe. However having said that it is not written in stone that if you have an older home that you will have a clay tile 6 inch pipe.

If your sewer pipe is 4 inch all the way to the street or to your septic tank then our technicians will be able to clean it vary thoroughly removing all roots, scale & grease. I can say with over 25 years of cleaning out sewer pipes I don’t remember when I seen a 6 inch sewer main going into a septic tank.

It is always a good idea to call as soon has you here a gurgling noises as this is a good sign that your sewer pipe is about to clog. If you wait until your sewer clogs you risk water damage to your home or business. Drain Monkeys is on standby to take your call because we know sewer clogs are an emergency. 

Sewers can clog from roots, scale, grease & foreign material that will hang up your main line, once you have a clog and your sewer pipe fills all the way up with water then air is pushed back up through the trap of your bathtub or bathroom sink causing it to gurgle.

Drain Monkeys can service clogged sewer mains up to 200 feet with their cable machines up to a 6 inch sewer pipe. Our technician have self-contained sewer machines & sectional cable for the really long runs. Most main line are cleaned with the self-contained machine as most sewer pipe will have a run of about 120 feet or less to the city main tie-in. If your on a septic tank than most sewer will tie-in the septic tank 50 feet or less.

sewer company portage sewer machine that can clean out a sewer up to 150 feet

Drain Monkeys also has a mini hydro jet that does 4,000 PSI at 4 gallons a minute, this works great for grease, sludge, scale & storm drains. The mini jet has 300 feet of jetting hose. Our trailer jet does 3,200 PSI at 11 gallons a minute this also works good for storm drains, grease, scale, sludge. Our trailer jet has 400 feet of jet hose.

the water jet has a jet head that will shoot one street of water forward & 3 to 4 holes behind the jet head. the one in the front is to blast open the clog in your sewer pipe and the holes behind the head will do the cleaning blasting away grease and scale inside your sewer main. This is the same for the mini jet & the trailer jet.

sewer company portage service high prussure water jet at 4,000 psi and 4 gallons a minute

Our technicians can also scope out your sewer pipe with a camera to see the condition of your sewer pipe, after they clean it out with a cable rodding machine or hydro jet. It is always best to clean the sewer first before scoping out the sewer pipe because the pipe will probably have roots & heavy grease that will distort the camera viewing.

Kalamazoo Drain Cleaning Sewer Company Portage 1 Sewer Company Portage

Drain Monkeys technicians can also do pipe inspections & trace out your sewer mains above ground to mark out any issues that they may find by using tracking technology. This will eliminate the ground that will have to be dug up if the technicians finds a broken pipe & offset joints.

The drain technician can send you still shots of the video to your mobile phone & he can also send you a copy of the video via email. This is great for Commercial & residential sewer pipes. Realtors, existing home owners & new home buyers it is always a good idea to know the condition a the sewer pipe because we may find that the sewer main needs to be cleaned or find that the condition of the pipe is in vary poor condition.  

The picture below shows how roots from a tree that invade a sewer pipe causing it to clog up. If you have roots in your sewer the roots will eventual grow back into your sewer pipe. The only way to prevent them from growing into your sewer main again is to have the pipe dug up & replace the section where the roots were growing into your pipe.

sewer company portage service cleaning out roots from a sewer pipe

Drain Monkeys would like to thank their new & previous customers, we hope you have a great day & thank you again for using Drain Monkeys for you go to sewer company.

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Give drain Monkeys a call today to get your sewer main cleaned before you have a clog, if you wait until its clog then you risk getting water damage to your home or business. Call Drain Monkeys at (269) 366 (8087