Sewer Company Portage

Sewer Company Portage Sewer Company Portage Sewer company Portage, MI service, Drain Monkeys has over 25 years cleaning clogged sewer lines, our drain technicians will always clean your sewer pipe all the way to the street to insure that your main line is cleaned thoroughly. Drain Monkeys main goal is to insure the highest quality […]

Drain Cleaning In Paw Paw

drain cleaning in paw paw mi 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Drain Cleaning In Paw Paw Drain Cleaning In Paw Paw, MI If you need drain cleaning in Paw Paw then we can help you today, We clean out clogged drains like toilets, bathtubs, sewers, kitchen sinks, washer machine drain pipes, garbage disposal drains, storm drains, grease traps, septic tanks drain lines, drain field pipes, dry […]


we are taking covid-19 precautions to help keep you safe

Covid-19 Taking Covid-19 Precautions Covid-19 is on the rise again according to the CDC so Drain Monkeys drain cleaning service is taking all the necessary precautions to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Our drain technicians are required to wear a face masks, rubber gloves & shoe covers before entering your home or business. […]

Drain Cleaning Southwest MI

drain cleaning southwest mi 24/7 service

Drain Cleaning Southwest MI Drain Cleaning Southwest MI service Drain cleaning southwest MI service for your clogged drains such as a sewer, bathtub, toilet, urinals, pop machine drains, floor drains, storm drain, garbage disposal drain, boiler drain, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, septic tank, pipes, washer drain, 3 compartment sink, utility sink, hand sink, janitors closet […]

Plumber In Kalamazoo

plumber in kalamazoo that offers 24/7 service

Plumber In Kalamazoo Plumber In Kalamazoo, MI? Need a plumber in Kalamazoo to unclog your plumbing like a bar drain, grease trap, toilet, kitchen sink, cooler drain, urinal, prep sink, dishwasher drain, garbage disposal drain, bathtub, bathroom sink, washer machine drain, sewer, storm drain, wall hung toilets, floor drains, septic tank, dry wells, leach field […]


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Plumber Need A Plumber To Unclog Your Drain? If you you need an experienced plumber in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Portage, Delton, Mattawan, Plainwell, Three Rivers, Centreville, Paw Paw, Schoolcraft, climax, Vicksburg, Scotts, Fulton, Augusta, Galesburg, MI to unclog your drain then you have came to the right place. We unclog plumbing pipes for kitchen sinks, […]

Clogged Sewer In Albion

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Clogged Sewer In Albion Cleaning A Clogged Sewer In Albion When our service technician cleans your clogged sewer in Albion, MI, he will start at a clean out in our basement or in your yard. Sometime it may be necessary to pull the toilet to gain access to the sewer pipe if their isn’t a […]

Drain Cleaning In Michigan

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Drain Cleaning In Michigan Our Drain Cleaning In Michigan Service Use our drain cleaning Michigan, service for home or business for any of your clogged drains such as a kitchen sink, sewer, bathtub, toilet, bathroom sink, floor drain, kitchen sink, utility sink, washer machine drain, pipes, PVC pipes, Cast iron pipes, Clay tile pipe, Plumbing, […]

Drain Cleaner

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Drain Cleaner Our Drain Cleaner Service For Clogged Drains If your looking for a drain cleaner service for your clogged drains then Drain Monkeys can handle the toughest clogged drains like your sewer, kitchen sink, toilet, bathtub, bathroom sink, washer machine drain, utility sink drain, storm drain. When you need a drain cleaning company of […]

Drain Snake

drain snake machine for cleaning clogged drains

Drain Snake Service Drain Snake Service For Your Clogged Drains Drain snake service in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Portage, Battle Creek, Vicksburg, Schoolcraft, Climax, Vicksburg, Otsego, Richland, Three Rivers, Scotts, Fulton, Bedford, Pennfield, Augusta, Galesburg, Marshall Athens, Union City, Burlington, Albion, Plainwell, Hasting, Delton, Lacey, Bellevue, Centreville, Michigan. Drain Monkeys has been unclogging drains since 1996. […]