Clogged Sewer In Albion

Cleaning A Clogged Sewer In Albion

When our service technician cleans your clogged sewer in Albion, MI, he will start at a clean out in our basement or in your yard. Sometime it may be necessary to pull the toilet to gain access to the sewer pipe if their isn’t a clean out accessible. Wherever your main drain needs to be cleaned from it will be cleaned all the way to your septic tank or to the city sewer of Albion tie in at the middle of the street. Usually sewer mains from your house will have a run of 60 feet to 90 feet if your tying into the city main line. If your on a septic tank usually your tank will be 20 feet to 40 feet from the house so the sewer pipe that needs cleaning going out of the house from a clean out or from the toilet flange will have a run of 30 feet to 50 feet. 

If the drain technician needs to pull the toilet he will lay down a trap & set your toilet on the tarp after draining the water out of the tank & the bowl. The tarp will also help protect the floor from getting messy as well. We use the ridgid K-750 sewer machine to service the main drain. This is a good machine for rodding sewer pipes as it is aa self-contained unit to keep the mess to a minimum. Once the service technician has cleared the clog usually roots he will make a couple of passes through the drain pipe to ensure all the roots are gone. Drain Monkeys like to use a smaller cutter to start with & follow it up with a bigger cutter. When we start with a small cutter on the first pass it won’t grab a bunch of roots because if it did or we use our bigger cutter we rick the cable getting stuck in the sewer pipe due to a massive root ball winding uptight in the sewer main & getting stuck. It is much better to do it this way as we can avoid major issues.   

The drain technician will run lots of water from the kitchen sink & bathtub while he is cleaning your sewer drain because this will help clean the sewer much better. The water will wash out any loose roots & grease that has built up in the main drain over the years. When he is completely done cleaning the sewer pipe from the stool flange he will put on a new wax ring & stool bolts to ensure a good seal at the base of your commode. The toilet will get flushed several times as well so he can check his work while still running water from the kitchen sink & bathtub. 

If your sewer main needs to be cleaned from a clean out then usually the clean out will be in your basement or your yard. If our drain technician needs to clean it from their then it will be cleaned to the center of the street where it will dump into the city sewer main. The distance from the clean out to the center of the street is about 60 feet to 90 feet. When we clean clogged sewer pipes we will always make more than one pass through the main drain to make sure we remove all the roots & grease or even foreign material that may have gotten flushed down the toilet. When we are cleaning your sewer from the clean out the drain technician will start with his cutter & work up to a bigger cutter until all roots are removed from the pipe.   

If you a have a septic tank & the drain pipe is clogged we can clean it from the septic tank if the front end of the tank is open. We can clean it from the tank going back into the house & at times it is better as the sewer pipe is full of sewage. Once the clog is cleared then all the waste will rush back into the septic tank. If the technician has to clean the sewer pipe from the clean out in your basement then he will need to drain off the sewage in the pipe before he can start. After the sewage has drain off the he can clean the sewer pipe to the tank to remove the obstruction. Don’t worry the sewage will be drained into a shop vac. bucket that we carry on the vans. Tarps will also be laid down to protect the floor as well.

There is a possibility that the toilet will need to be pulled the clean the sewer pipe if the main drain is really full of sewage. Sometimes it is just faster to pull your toilet to clear the clog. The service technician will let you know because it can take a long time to drain down the sewage out of the sewer pipe so cost wise it could be cheaper by pulling your commode to get the job done.

Drain Monkeys has some of the cheapest rates for cleaning clogged sewer in Albion, MI day or night. We will always try to beat our major competitors rates.

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