Drain Snake Service

Drain Snake Service For Your Clogged Drains

Drain snake service in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Portage, Battle Creek, Vicksburg, Schoolcraft, Climax, Centreville, Vicksburg, Otsego, Richland, Three Rivers, Scotts, Fulton, Bedford, Pennfield, Augusta, Galesburg, Marshall, Athens, Union City, Burlington, Albion, Plainwell, Hasting, Delton, Lacey, Bellevue, Michigan. Drain Monkeys has been unclogging drains since 1996. Great customer service & high quality workmanship to insure a very long lasting drain or drains. We are always available 24/7 to snake out your drains.

This Drain cleaning machine the Electric Eel RF does a great job of unclogging your sewer pipe, we can change the cutter blades up to a 4 inch cutter.

When drain Monkeys is done with your drain cleaning you will get a 30 day workmanship guarantee completed on work. Some limitations do apply to the guarantee.

Electric eel model RF auto feed that is capable of snaking your clogged drain up to 100 feet. The Electric Eel model RF can go farther than 100 feet with an extension cable.

This drain cleaning machine does a great job for snaking out your clogged sewer pipe, we can change the cutter blades up to a 4 inch cutter.

Drain Monkeys snakes all residential drains in your home at a very cheap rate & you will get as good or better drain service at a cheaper rate than most of our competitors.

Drain Snake Service in Grand Rapids, MI

Our drain snake service in Grand Rapids, MI is for all your backed up drains, If your drains are backed-up we can get your drains running like brand new again.

Drains that we can snake out are: sewer main, kitchen sink drain, bathroom sink drain, toilet, bathtub line, washer drain, utility sink drain line, floor drain, storm drain lines, roof-vent one story homes only.

The Ridgid k-3800 is a drain snake machine that we use on smaller clogged pipes up to 3 inch drain pipes.

If you live in Battle creek & are looking for a cheap rate to have your clogged drain snaked than look no farther than drain Monkeys.

Drain Monkeys will give you the same or if not better than there compositions service. We have 23 years experience for snaking clogged drains in Battle Creek.

Call for sewer & draining today don't wait until its to late because it will only coast you more money.

If you wait to long to have your clogged snaked out the you risk water damage to your home.

When your water softer regenerates in the middle of the night & your sewer main is clogged you will have a flood when you wake up in the morning.

It is always best to get your sewer snaked when you here gurgling or if something just don't seem rite.

If you want more information about Drain Monkeys please visit their home page.

drain snake machine for cleaning clogged drains

Electric Eel RF auto feed sewer snake machine.

drain snake machine ridgid k-3800 for cleaning smalller drains up to 2 inch drains

The Ridgid K-3800 snake machine for clogged drains up to 3 inches.

super-vee drain snake for small drains up to 2 ich pipe

The Ridgid Super Vee snake used for smaller drains up to 2 inches