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Our Drain Cleaner Service For Clogged Drains

If your looking for a drain cleaner service for your clogged drains then Drain Monkeys can handle the toughest clogged drains like your sewer, kitchen sink, toilet, bathtub, bathroom sink, washer machine drain, utility sink drain, storm drain.

When you need a drain cleaning company of Southwest, Michigan that is fully equipped to clean residential drains with the proper drain cleaning equipment & with 23 years of service clearing clogged drains free of obstructions then Drain Monkeys should be your first pick for service.

We have cleaned thousands of drains & our first priority is the customer from the time we take the phone call until the time we leave your home.

Drain Monkeys takes great pride in the service that they provide for you so you can count on a good through drain cleaning service that will be provided to you.

You will get a 30 day guarantee on workmanship upon completed work, there are some limitation to the guarantee such as foreign material, offset joints, broken drain pipes.

You can call Drain Monkeys for your clogged drain emergency day or night call for service now (269) 366-8087

All of our equipment that we use for servicing clogged drains is industrial grade equipment to ensure a perfect quality drain cleaning of your drain pipes.

We use the Ridgid K-750 drain machine for cleaning your sewer. It will clean out your roots if you get roots that grow into your sewer pipe. It will also clean scale and grease out pf your drain lines as well.

The ridgid K750 can clean over 100 feet if your sewer runs over 100 feet. We can change cutter blades for the best result of your sewer pipe.

You can have a piece of mind that your drain will be cleaned properly & efficiently with this machine because we don't monkey around when it comes to cleaning sewer lines.

When we are servicing your kitchen sink & washer we use the Ridgid K-3800 machine to get the drain cleaner than its ever been because it goes through clog's with ease. It makes drain cleaning easy for most clog's.

The Ridgid K-3800 cleans grease & lint build up out of your kitchen sink & washer drain very well. Most kitchen sinks & washer drains will only run about 20 feet to 50 feet.

We also put an offset at the end of the cable so it will clean the hole diameter of the pipe & not just leaving a little hole for the water to drain through.

The size of the cable & the offset on the end of the cable make this great for most drain lines that are 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches in diameter.

Servicing a bathtub we use the ridgid super vee which will have 25 feet of cable & a bathtub drain will run about 5 feet to 10 feet.

We also put an offset at the end of the cable so it will rooter the diameter of the pipe.

The super vee does a great job at cleaning out the hair & soap scum that builds up in the trap and the drain line of the bathtub.

We will always clean the drains to the tie in. all the smaller drain tie into the sewer main inside the house.

You can rest easier when Drain Monkeys drain cleaner service leaves your home knowing that your clogged drain or drains were cleaned professionally & will last for years to come.

To learn more about Drain Monkeys visit their home page.

Drain Monkeys also can locate sewer & drain pipes.

Drain Monkeys Drain Cleaning.

drain cleaner services with drain monkeys logo

The Ridgid K-750 for cleaning a sewer pipe.

drain cleaning machine k-750

The ridgid K-3800 darin machine we use on a kitchen sink & washer drain.

kitchen sink and washer drain machine ridgid k-3800

The Ridgid super vee for cleaning a bathtub drain.

servicing a clogged bathtub with the ridgid super vee machine