Clogged Sewer In Portage

Cleaning Your Clogged Sewer In Portage, MI

When drain cleaning your clogged sewer in Portage Drain Monkeys will always clean your sewer pipe to the city of Portage sewer main. Sometimes it maybe wise to call the city to have them check their sewer pipe to see if the city is having an issue with there mainline before calling drain Monkeys. If  they tell you that its not their  problem then we can certainly service your sewer. Usually Drain Monkeys can unclog your sewer within an hour but every situation is different. Example if Your sewer pipe is heavily infested with roots it can take longer because we want to make sure we get all the roots out of your pipe. it could take several passes to get all the roots out of your sewer drain & it depends on how far out the root obstruction is. Drain Monkeys will have to clean the roots off the cutter that is attached to their plumbers snake until it comes back clean without any roots on it to ensure that your pipe is very clean. While they are servicing the clog we will run a lot of hot water to help clean the pipe when we are running our drain snake.    

When we unclog sewer drain pipes the most common causes of a backed up sewer pipe is usually because of roots, low spots where your drain line settles in the ground over the years causing bellies in the sewer drain which will hold grease that will collect toilet paper & solids until it eventually clogs. Drain Monkeys will use the plumbers snake that has 3/4 in cable with different size cutters to unclog the obstruction out of the pipe. Offset joints can also cause your sewer to back up in this case it is usually clay tile pipe it will become brittle over time & develop hairline cracks. Usually its 6 inch in diameter which is overkill for a residential drain but not uncommon many years ago. Drain Monkeys has serviced clay tile pipes since 1996 & has all the drain cleaning machines to get the job done like the Ridgid K-750 this works very well to unclog a sewer drain pipe.. 

If your sewer pipe runs to a septic tank Drain Monkeys will clean it all the way to the septic tank. Usually the septic tank will be 20 feet to 50 from the house. They will clear the obstruction in the sewer pipe causing the clog. Most sewer mains are 4 inches & either cast iron or PVC going into the tank. If your tank was full & you had it pumped the the clog was probably heavy sludge build up in the drain pipe. Drain monkeys can clean the sludge out of the pipe with there drain snake machine pushing the sludge back into the tank. They will run a lot of water to dilute the sludge down while their cable is spinning inside the main line. Heavy sludge can be thick as oatmeal an it just wont flow like water so it is important that they run lots of water to unclog the sewer drain pipe. Sometime roots will also clog the main line in the septic tank. We have seen where roots will hang down inside the septic tank just in front of the sewer pipe chocking it off causing it to backed up all the way into your house.    

Common causes of a septic tank back up. Sludge build up in the sewer main, Solids getting into the drain pipes going out the drain field or dry well, waiting to long to get your septic tank pumped, roots & the drain field or dry well has failed & not dispersing the grey water as it was intended to do.   

The health department recommends getting your septic tank pumped about every 3 years as this will help keep your septic system from clogging up. After your tank has been pumped you should wait about 6 months & start flushing rid-x down the toilet to help promote good bacteria to your septic system. You need to wait a few months after getting your tank pump so your tank can build up bacteria again. The bacteria is important because it will help eat the solids in the tank & the sewer pipe keeping the solids to a minimum. That is very good for your tank & sewer. When you use a antibacterial soap that is not good. The antibacterial soap will neutralize the bacteria so it is best to stay away from those types of soap if you are on a septic tank.      

Drain Monkeys is all about making sure their customers are taken care of when it comes to cleaning your sewer pipe in Portage, MI & with 24 years of servicing clogged sewers they know how to get the job done efficiently & professionally. 

Call Drain Monkeys to service your sewer pipe day or night they are ready to respond to your emergency now (269) 366-8087 don’t monkey around & let the pros do what they do best.

Call Drain Monkeys to service your sewer pipe day or night they are ready to respond to your emergency now (269) 366-8087 don’t monkey around & let the pros do what they do best.

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