Sewer Inspections Kalamazoo

Sewer Inspections Kalamazoo, MI

Sewer Inspections Kalamazoo, If your looking to get your sewer main inspected then Drain Monkeys can help you out today. Drain Monkeys has over 26 years of experience inspecting sewer mains. If your looking to buy a house, Realtor, business we can help you out today. Also if you just need to know the condition of your sewer pipe in your existing home we can help you toady.

You never know when you may have an issue in your sewer pipe unless you get us out to inspect it. A lot of people will wait until its to late before they have a back up in their home or business. We will show you the condition of your pipe & explain in detail what issues you may find.

Our service Technicians will also give you vary detailed invoice on there findings.

Our technicians have found that the most common issues are offset joints, back pitches, roots, bellies and even sometimes a broken sewer main. Sometime we may even have to clean the sewer before we can see in the pipe because the scale, grease or both can obscure the view at times.

Our technicians can also locate the issue above ground with locating technology. The service tech. will locate it above ground and mark the section with flags or green spray paint on the ground.

You can see in the image below where the joint in the sewer pipe has shifted cause it to catch toilet paper & solids causing it to back-up. Our drain technicians can also find this spot above ground if you are going to have it dug up for repair.

Clogged sewers can be a big headache not only can they cause a lot of water damage but if you go away on vacation and your water softener regenerates you could come home to a basement full of water.

What a lot of people don’t know is that with having all water saver faucets, toilet & washers you just don’t have enough water-flow to flush out all the waste in your sewer pipe. This alone can cause a clog as there isn’t enough water to carry the waste out to the street.

Every situation is different but if you have offset joints or a back pitch in your pipe this is a good reason why your sewer clogged up. Our camera will show this and if this is the case then you can also bet its also because you just don’t have enough water running through the pipe to keep it clear.

The only thing that will fix this is either having us run do a sewer inspection and mark the bad spots with the locator on the camera so we can mark out the bad spots in your sewer so you can have a new pipe put in its place.

If you do have any of these issues we can show with the camera during the inspection how toilet paper will float around in the offset joints & back pitches in your sewer line. You will also see that just running a lot of water will help flush out the toilet paper being left behind.

This is where I was referring to everything is a water saver now a days and there’s just not enough water to push out the waste & toilet paper if you have these conditions in your sewer pipe that we find in our inspections with the camera.

The only thing you can do to fix it is by double flushing the toilet & doing extra laundry to keep the waste flushed out. After inspection our drain technician will give you great detail about what he found & what you may need to do.

sewer inspections kalamazoo service drain pipe with a joint that has shifted

We can send you still images to your phone with GPS address & time stamp. Videos we can send via email or SSD.

sewer inspections kalamazoo mi service to seethe condition of your sewer main

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