Drain Cleaning In Mendon

Drain Cleaning In Mendon, MI

If your looking for drain cleaning in Mendon then we can help you with your clogged drain today, Drain Monkeys are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to unclog your drains at affordable rates even in the evening hour & weekends. If your looking for a reliable drain cleaning company that takes great pride in their workmanship & has excellent customer service form the time they take your phone call & until the time the drain technician leaves your home then look no further than Drain Monkeys.

Drain Monkeys has been serving Mendon since 1996 for clogged drains like toilets, sewers, kitchen sinks, floor drains, grease traps, pop machine drains, bathtubs, shower drain pipes, garbage disposal drain lines, drinking fountain drains, water softeners, washer machine drains, storm drains, septic tanks, drain field drain pipes, dry well pipe, bathroom sinks, urinals, boiler drain lines, janitors closet drains, trench drains, main drains. Drain Monkeys unclogs all residential & commercial drains at affordable rates.

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When Drain Monkeys sends you a train technician to unclog your drain he will always clean the whole entire drain pipe not leaving any of it uncleaned unless you have a broken or damaged drain pipe. Our drain technicians take great pride in cleaning your drains, this is why they will not cut corners servicing your drains to insure long lasting drains.

Drain clean a clogged sewer main, Most of the sewer pipes that we have cleaned in Mendon will have a 110 foot run or less before tying into the city main out at the street. If your on a septic tank then your sewer pie will have a run of 50 feet or less before tying into your septic tank.

Out of all of the sewer pipes that we have cleaned in Mendon, MI the most common cause of a clogged sewer is roots. we have cleaned hundreds of sewer through out our years of drain cleaning & roots can cause major back ups into your home or business once they get into the sewer pipe from cracks that have devolved over the years.

when we are drain cleaning in mendon we have found that the common cause of a clogged sewer is roots

When we are drain cleaning your kitchen sink in Mendon we will clean the drain pipe all the way to your sewer main. The average run for a kitchen sink is 50 feet or less before it will tie into your sewer main. Some kitchen sink will share the same drain pipe for your floor drain & washer machi8ne drain. These three drain pipes will usually be 2 inch drain pipe, they will Y into one pipe & go out to the sewer main. If you are running water from the kitchen sink & it backs up at the floor drain then its safe to say the kitchen sink & floor drain share the same drain pipe before tying into your main drain. The same goes for your washer drain pipe. our drain technician will clean the drain pipes thoroughly to insure that your drains are all working properly.

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Drain cleaning a clogged toilet, our drain technicians will use a toilet auger to unclog your toilet. Sometime it may be necessary to pull the toilet after removing the water from the tank & bowl. The drain technician will do this if he is not able to remove the obstruction from the trap if your stool. Once he removes the toilet from the flange he will set your toilet on a tarp. The next step that he will do is use his drain snake auger from the bottom of the toilet to force the obstruction back up through the top of the stool. Sometime the bottom of a commode can be smaller than the opening at the top not allowing the clog to be pushed through the bottom of the toilet. Once the drain technician has removed the clog from the toilet he will reset your toilet with a new wax ring to insure a good seal at the flange & toilet so it doesn’t leak.

The technician will also inspect the fill-vale & flush valve to insure that they working properly for a maximum flush. Once he is done he will flush your toilet several time with toilet paper to make sure the obstruction is removed all the way.

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Drain Monkeys cleans all residential & commercial clogged drains in Mendon, we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Drain Monkeys gives a 30 day guarantee on their workmanship just ask for details today!

when we are drain cleaning in mendon we give a 30 day guarantee on workmanship ask for details

Call Drain Monkeys today to service your clogged drains pipes, we are here for you when you need us most. We have a drain technician on standby day & night. 24 hour drain cleaning in Mendon, Michigan. Call us today at (269) 3666-8087.

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