Clogged Bathtub In Battle Creek

Our Service For Your Clogged Bathtub In Battle Creek MI

Cleaning your clogged bathtub in Battle Creek, Drain Monkeys will start by pulling out the stopper at the overflow tube & inspecting the stopper to make sure it is working properly. They will also clean any hair and soap scum that has built up on it. After inspecting the stopper Drain Monkeys will take off the cover to the drain to expose the cross T at the drain & clean it free of hair if there is any at all. When those are free & clear of any obstruction then they will use their Ridgid Super Vee to snake the tub drain. The bathtub drain pipe will run about 8 feet to 30 feet tying into the sewer pipe or roof vent. Drain Monkeys will rod the bathtub drain line from the overflow tube, this will be a straight shot into the  P-trap of the tub. It is much easier going through the overflow as opposed to going through the bathtub drain. When we go through the drain the drain snake cable will hit the T at the drain & overflow tube causing it to came back up the overflow tube.

When drain Monkeys go through the overflow to clear the clog they will run a lot of hot water while the us their drain snake because it spins the cable really fast and the running hot water will wash the grease, soap scum out of the bathtub drain line. The cable of the plumbers snake will grab any hair in the drain pipe wrapping around the cable so we can pull all the hair out of the drain that was clogging up the bathtub. After Drain Monkeys has cleaned the tub drain all the way to the tie in at the sewer main or roof vent they will bring the drain snake back out of the overflow. We will put the overflow back together & put the cover back on the bathtub drain then it will be time for the test. When testing the tub we will fill the bathtub up halfway & pull the stopper to ensure a good flow in bathtub drain.

Sometime we run into bathtubs with drum traps if this is the case then we will have to clean this differently. We will have to gain access to the drum trap to the tub which is usually in a closet behind the tub drain. The drum trap clean out cap will need to come off before we can clean the drain. After we remove the clean out cap from the trap we will use our shop vac. to suck out the water, grease, soap scum & hair that has clogged up the trap. after unclogging the tarp there will still be obstructions in the drain pipes for the bathtub. So it will need to be cleaned as well. The drum tap has an inlet at the bottom of the trap coming from the bathtub we will rod the inlet pipe going back to the tub drain & we will remove any obstructions that are in the pipe with the drain snake cable. After cleaning the inlet then Drain Monkeys will rod the outlet in the trap. The outlet is at the top of the trap & this drain line will run approximately 5 feet to 30 feet tying into the sewer drain. We will use the General Super Vee to remove any clog that may be obstructing that drain. 

Sometimes in a basement we have seen where a shower/tub drain is set directly over a floor drain in the basement this is not common practice for shower/tub drains.  

When we are unclogging bathutbs in Battle Creek, MI we find that the most common causes of a clogged bathtub is hair, grease, scale in cast iron pipes, galvanized plumbing, Hair will get washed down the bathtub drain a catch on the cross Tee & the stopper that you use to plug up the tub to take a bath. Hair will also catch in drum traps because these are either made of lead if its a real old home or cast iron pipe. The scale will catch the hair causing the tub drain to back up. P-traps that are made of cast iron or galvanized will also catch hair. Grease will build up in the drain catching on scale. The grease will come from the natural oils & dirt that come off your body that is washed down the bathtub drain. Soap scum will build up in the tub drain & the stopper of the bathtub. Scale (rust from the pipe) will catch anything going through the drain that isn’t just water. Scale is basically the drain line rooting on the inside of the pipe. 

Drain Monkeys offer very cheap rates to our Battle Creek area location, it will be hard to find a drain cleaning company that provides excellent customer service & high quality workmanship servicing clogged drains at the low rate we charge. Upfront pricing & no hidden fees guaranteed!

Call Drain Monkeys if you in need of our drain cleaning service for your clogged bathtub because we are here for you around the clock. (269) 366-8087

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