Clogged Drain

Drain Monkeys Drain Cleaning Service For your Clogged Drain

Drain Monkeys services your clogged drain in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Portage, Vicksburg, Plainwell, Union City, Put their trusted experience to work for you toady. The owner of Drain Monkeys Tom Coppock Has serviced Kalamazoo, Portage Battle Creek, Vicksburg, Plainwell & all of Southwest MI for the past 23 years of his dedicated service all the while providing the best of drain cleaning & customer care to the people of Southwest, Michigan. If your looking for the best of service for your drains then Drain Monkeys is your go to company for drain cleaning. They are available around the clock to unclog your drains & with some of the cheapest rates that you will find no matter what time it is. Call Drain Monkeys for all your drain care needs because they have you covered with upfront pricing & no hidden fees Guaranteed. (269) 366-8087

It is no fun when you go to use your bathroom & all of a sudden everything is clogged up. I have had so many customers that have asked what would cause everything to suddenly clog up?

When it comes to your drains backing up sometimes there is no warning at all, there are many factors when it comes to drains that all of a sudden plug up.

How drains work is if you can picture your fingers like your drains in your home & those being the small drains like your bathtub to the kitchen sink & the big drain is your arm which would be the sewer pipe. All the little drains tie into the big drain (sewer pipe) going out to the street.

All the drains in your house must also tie into a roof vent so it can suck air to drain properly. If you didn’t have a roof-vent for your drain pipes then this would cause an airlock causing the drains to gurgle.

When you hear gurgling from your drains then it is safe to assume that your roof-vent is clogged or the sewer pipe is partially clogged.

A Clogged Drain That Gurgles

The things that could cause a clogged drain like your roof-vent in Kalamazoo, MI is a beehive, scale, rodent & sediment. There is a cure for fixing your clogged roof-vent.

You can call Drain Monkeys to clean out your roof-vent. They will use a machine on top of the roof and rod the roof-vent with a cable machine to unclog whatever is causing the issue. Don’t worry your clogged drain is in good hands with Darin Monkeys.

The roof-vent is the start of all of your plumbing it starts at the roof and then becomes the sewer pipe where all the smaller drains tie into. The sewer pipe will run to a septic tank or to the city sewer main.

It is a good idea to put a mesh screen over the vent-pipe to prevent a clogged drain (roof-vent) the mesh screen should have wide holes because if the holes are too small it could restrict airflow.

A Clogged Drain Like A Toilet In Vicksburg, MI

The most common cause of a clogged toilet in Vicksburg

  • The fill-valve may need to be replaced
  • The flush lever may need to be replaced
  • The flush valve may need to be replaced
  • Possible obstruction in the trap of the toilet

Drain Monkeys are really good at unclogging a toilet it is sometimes necessary to have to pull the toilet if there is an obstruction in the trap of the toilet because it may need to be cleaned from the bottom of the toilet to remove the clog.

when the toilet is removed the wax ring must be replaced to ensure a good seal so the toilet won’t leak after the clog is removed. It is possible that the stool bolts may need to be replaced as well.

clogged drain in the trap of the toile

Clogged toilet




When You Have A Clogged Drain Like A Bathtub In Vicksburg, MI

If you have a clogged drain like a bathtub in Vicksburg try to plunge the drain while covering up the overflow on the bathtub. When you cover up the overflow with a wet rag it will not let air escape from the overflow making your plunger more effective.

Drain Monkeys is the one you can count on for getting your bathtub to get it to drain like new again. They have all the proper equipment to ensure your tube drains excellent.

Drain Monkeys will clean your bathtub to the main sewer pipe. Most of the bathtub drain will run approximately 5ft to 25ft.

The most common causes of a clogged bathtub drain:

  • Soap scum buildup
  • Hair buildup
  • Grease buildup
  • Scale
  • Shampoo caps
  • Paint chips
  • Toothpaste caps

It is recommended that you buy a cover for your bathtub drain if the cross T is missing from the drain to help prevent shampoo caps & toothpaste caps from falling down into the drain. This will only help your bathtub from backing up so if you do drop a cap it won’t fall into the drain causing it to clog.

Clogged Drain In Union City MI

I have personally cleaned many clogged drains in union city. There are a lot of historical homes in Union City that still have a clay tile pipe for a sewer pipe. The clay tile pipe will get brittle over the years developing cracks allowing roots to grow into the pipe. When you get a clogged drain like a sewer it can be a big deal.

When the sewer pipe is clogged and you can’t run any water because it just comes back up a floor drain or if you’re on a slab foundation it can come up the bathtub.

If you live in Kalamazoo and have clay tile pipe & never had an issue with a clogged up sewer you should think about getting it snaked out. If you wait until it backs up you probably regret waiting because of the mess it can cause not to mention it could cost more to get it cleaned now than when it wasn’t clogged up.

clogged drain area map locations in kalamazoo

Clogged Drain Like A Sewer In Union City

The Most Common causes of a sewer backup in Union City are:

  • Heavy Roots Impacted inside the sewer pipe
  • Offset Joints
  • Low spots in the sewer pipe
  • Foreign material

When I clean a clogged drain such as a sewer pipe I will clean it all the way to the street, most sewer pipes are about 100ft or less. If the sewer pipe is a six-inch pipe it may take several passes to get the roots out of the sewer main.

Cleaning the sewer pipe will require running a lot of water after the clog is opened up to make sure all the roots that fell off of the cutter are washed out of the sewer pipe & any grease that was broken up from the cutter blades. The running water will help clean the pipe while the cable and cutter are cleaning the sewer pipe.

I will give a 30-day guarantee on workmanship if the work is completed. Some reasons why it may not get finished is if your sewer pipe is broken or has bad joints that I can’t get past. There are some limitations to the guarantee such as low spots, offset joints, broken sewer lines, & foreign material. this will void any guarantee

The guarantee will also be determined at the time of service after the job has been completed In Union City MI.




Drain Cleaning A Clogged Floor Drain

A clogged floor drain will usually run to a sewer pipe with a total run of approximately 15ft to 50ft.

The cause of most floor drains to clog is:

  • Heavy scale in the trap
  • Heavy scale in the pipe going to the sewer pipe
  • lint
  • grease
  • sometimes roots

The floor drain can be cleaned in less than an hour if the run to the sewer pipe is less than 50ft & with light build-up.

When I am cleaning the floor drain plenty of water will be running to ensure a good thorough cleaning of your floor drain.

A clogged floor drain that needs cleaning

After the floor drain has been cleaned then I will test the floor drain by running even more water to test the water flow.

Cleaning A Clogged Drain Like A Bathroom Sink Can Be Messy.

There is nothing like a clogged drain like a bathroom sink because they can be messier than a sewer main.

The bathroom sink drain line will get a thick black grease buildup from things like toothpaste, soap scum, & shaving creme.

With the years of all these things going down the drain, it will eventually clog up & you will have to call to get the drain cleaned out. Though they can be messy to clean it can still be done within the hour.

Usually, the bathroom sink drain line will run to the vent or to the sewer main. The average distance for the drain line tie in is about 5ft to 15ft.

clogged drain of a sink in the bathroom

Usually, the bathroom sink drain line will run to the vent or to the sewer main. The average distance for the drain line tie in is about 5ft to 15ft.