Clogged Washer Drain In Kalamazoo

Cleaning Your Clogged Washer Drain In Kalamazoo, MI

When Drain Monkeys cleans your clogged washer drain in Kalamazoo you are sure to get the best service a drain cleaning company can offer in all of Kalamazoo, MI. Drain Monkeys has 23 years experience cleaning washer drains. They will start by rodding your washer line to the 4 inch pipe (sewer main) which is usually about 25 feet to 50 feet where it ties into the main drain. The machine they use in most cases will have 75 feet of cable. Most washer drains wont run any farther than 75 feet. There are stand pipes that you put your discharge hose into & this is where the line will be cleaned from they are usually cast iron, galvanized, PVC pipes with a trap attached at the bottom of the stand pipe. Our drain cleaning service will rod the washer drain to remove the lint build-up inside the pipe. Once the cable is done cleaning the lint out of the pipe Drain Monkeys will run the washer at least 3 time discharging the water to ensure that it is flowing good.    

If you have a sink for your washer to discharge the water into Drain Monkeys will clean the drain line just past the trap after they take it apart. Most washer drain lines will run any where from 5 feet to feet with this setup.      

If your washer drain is going to a floor drain then Drain Monkeys will rod clogged floor drain from the clean-out to the sewer pipe which will usually run 5 feet t0 40 feet. when running it into a floor drain usually the trap will collect lint because a cast iron trap will get a rusty (scale) build-up in it so that will need to be rooter-ed out as well.      

Drain Monkeys has the experience & the best of drain cleaning equipment to unclog your washer drain. If you looking for very cheap rates & a company that really cares about their customers & offer the best of services for your drain emergencies in Kalamazoo then call the pro’s (drain Monkeys) at (269) 366-8087

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Our 30 day guarantee on workmanship, some restrictions do apply ask for details
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if you have clogged washer drain in kalamazoo we use rubber glove shoe covers and masks to clean your washer drain
cllogged washer drain in kalamazoo mi