Drain Cleaning Clogged Drains

Drain Cleaning Clogged Drains 24/7

Drain cleaning clogged drains in Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Portage, Allegan, Mattawan, Oshtamo, Delton, Richland, Plainwell, Galesburg, Vicksburg, Climax, Three Rivers, Schoolcraft, Centreville, Marcellus, Scotts, Fulton, Augusta, Bedford, Pennfield, Athens, Union City, Burlington, Homer, Albion, MI is what we do 24/7 at affordable rates. Drain Monkeys has many years of drain cleaning experience, started servicing drains in 1996 so you know that your clogged drain will be serviced the correct way.

Drain Monkeys is all about taking good care of their customer from start to finish, Drain Monkeys will always be in good communication with their customers so if they happen to be running behind schedule you will get a phone call so your not left hanging. Drain Monkeys will always do their very best to show up on time to your scheduled appointment. It is very important to us to show up on time because we know that your time is very important. Our #1 goal is a happy customer & a good flowing drain.

When Drain Monkeys services your drain they will always do it the right way because they don’t cut corners, Your drain pipe will be cleaned all the way not leaving any section your drain pipe uncleaned. Drain Monkeys takes great pride in their workmanship so your drains will last a very long time this is why they give a 30 day guarantee on workmanship (ask for details) so you can rest easier.

Drain Monkeys is ready to respond to your drain emergency so if you need immediate service call us at (269) 366-8087 & we will send you a highly qualified drain technician to service your clogged drain.

Drain Monkeys also can:

  • Locate & find drain pipes or sewer mains that are underground.
  • Clean pipes with high pressure water jet at 4,000 PSI.
  • Inspect sewer & drain pipes with a TV video Camera.

If you want to find out more about Drain Monkeys please visit their home page.

Servicing Commercial & Residential Drains

Residential Drains
drain cleaning clogged drains in residential homes

We are on standby for your drain care needs 24/7 from sewers to kitchen sinks. We service all clogged drains for residential drains.

Commercial Drains
Kalamazoo Drain Cleaning Drain Cleaning Clogged Drains 1 Drain Cleaning Clogged Drains

We service all commercial clogged drains. Call today for a service call & let the professionals clean your clogged drain the right way.

Televised Video Inspections
drain cleaning clogged drains and using a tv camera to inspect the drain pipe

Video inspection for your drain pipes, we can inspect drain pipes from 3 inches to 6 inches. 24/7 availability, call for pricing today.

Cabble Rodding Drains
drain cleaning clogged drains with a ridgid drain machine

Cable rodding for your clogged drains, we service drain pipes from 1/2 inch to 6 inch pipes. Cast iron, PVC, clay tile, orangeburg pipes.

Hydro Jet
drain cleaning clogged drains with a hydro jet

Hydro jetting for your clogged drain pipes & frozen drains. 4,000 PSI to blast scale, ice, grease, roots, sludge.

Locate & find Drain Pipes
Kalamazoo Drain Cleaning Drain Cleaning Clogged Drains 2 Drain Cleaning Clogged Drains

We can locate & find underground pipes like a sewer, storm drain, trench drains & more. Call us today for service.