Drain Cleaning Service Near Me

Looking For A Drain Cleaning Service Near Me?

If you are looking for a drain cleaning service near me for all your clogged drains such as a slop sink, kitchen sink, sewer, grease trap, bathroom sink, prep sink, bathtub, septic tank, floor drain, storm drain, washer machine drain, utility sink, sewer. We have been servicing drains for the residents that live in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Portage, Battle Creek, Vicksburg, Schoolcraft, Plainwell, Climax, Athens, Burlington, Union City, Albion, Kalamazoo County, Calhoun county, Kent county, Michigan, then you should call Drain Monkeys for your go to drain service company for your backed up drains. Fast & friendly service with very cheap rates for all your sewer & drain cleaning needs.. Drain Monkeys is available 24/7 to respond to your drain emergencies.

Drain Monkey services all residential clogged drains day or night, with 23 years of servicing backed up drains.

The two things highest on our list is customer care & quality drain cleaning, we take great pride in our work that we provide for you because our reputation means everything to us.

We offer some of the cheapest rates for drain cleaning in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Portage, Vicksburg, Schoolcraft, Plainwell, Delton, Richland, Otsego, Scotts, Fulton, Athens, Union City, Burlington, Coldwater, Albion, Kent county, Kalamazoo County, Calhoun County, Branch County, MI.

You will find that we have some of the cheapest rates out there compared to our major competitors.

Clogged drains that we service are toilets, sewer pipe, kitchen sinks, bathtub, bathroom sink, floor drains, utility sink drain, washer drains, storm drains, plumbing & pipes.

Drain Monkeys carry the best drain cleaning machine for servicing your clogged up drains.

When servicing your sewer pipe we use the ridgid K-750 sewer machine for plugged up main drain (sewer pipes).

We will always clean your sewer pipe to the city main or septic tank to ensure a long lasting sewer pipe.

The drain cleaning machine we use is the Ridgid K-3800 for cleaning your plugged up kitchen sink, floor drain, roof-vent, washer machine, utility sink, some storm drains.

When we are servicing your clogged drains it will be cleaned to the roof-vent or to the sewer main this will ensure a long last drain for years to come. Usually most of your smaller drains will tie into the sewer main & sometimes your bathroom sink will tie directly into your roof vent.

It is not uncommon for your kitchen sink & Floor drain to share the same drain pipe before the drain line ties into the sewer main.Sometimes the washer drain can also share the same plumbing (drain pipe) as your kitchen sink & floor drain. Drain Monkeys will always be sure to clean the entire drain pipe so it will last for a very long time.

Drain monkeys don't cut corners when it comes to servicing clogged drains so you will have a piece of mind that your drain will last a very long time.

We will use the general super vee for servicing your plugged up bathtub, washer machine drain, bathroom sink. the super vee has 25 feet of cable which will get us to the main sewer or roof-vent.

When it comes servicing small clogged drains Drain Monkeys will always give you the best service to ensure your drains last a long time.

Call for our drain cleaning service today because waiting until your drain clogs up completely can cost you more money.

If you wait to long you risk getting water damage from a drain overflowing while you are a sleep when the water softener regenerates.

You should always take care of your slow drain before its to late because sometimes it can even take longer to clean the drain & more expensive because you waited to long to make the call to have your drain worked on.

If you want more information about Drain Monkeys & their drain cleaning services please visit their home page.

drain cleaning service near me in kalamazoo, battle creek, portage, climax, vicksburg michigan,
drain cleaning machine k-750

The Ridgid K-750 for sewer pipes.

Servicing Your clogged kitchen Sink with the ridgid k-3800

The Ridgid K-3800 we use for average size drains.

Servicing Small clogged Drains with the super vee

The ridigid super vee for small drains.