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Kalamazoo drain cleaning, Drain Monkeys cleans backed up drains like a bathroom sink, toilet, floor drain, roof vent, sewer, kitchen sink, septic tank, washer machine drain, plumbing, storm drain, pipes, bathtub, utility sink in your home or business. The owner of Drain Monkeys has been servicing clogged drains in Kalamazoo, MI since 1996. Drain Monkeys is available 24/7  for all drain care emergencies. If you are looking for affordable rates & a drain service company that stands behind their work , high quality workmanship, awesome customer service, 30 day guarantee (ask for details) on workmanship, then you should call Drain Monkeys to clean your drains today. Put Drain Monkeys 23 years of experience to work for you today. Call us at (269) 366-8087

Drain cleaning a backed up bathtub Kalamazoo, MI. When our service technician cleans your bathtub he will pull at the stopper at the over flow in the bathtub or at the drain. Some bathtubs will have a stopper at the drain where the water drains at. Some bathtubs will have a the stopper that goes through the overflow about half way up the bathtub straight up from the drain. After the service technician pulls out the stopper he will clean any soap scum & hair that may be on the stopper causing it to drain slow.

When our drain technician cleans your bathtub drain pipe, he will rod it from the overflow cleaning out the trap & the drain pipe that usually will tie into the sewer drain pipe. Most bathtub drain line will have a run of 5 feet to 20 feet. Bathtub drain will have a relatively short run as the sewer pipe is so close to the bathtub drain pipe. As the drain pipe is being serviced the technician will be running a lot of hot water as this will help clean the pipe pout much better. As the water & the drain snake cable is spinning inside the plumbing (drain pipe) it will help wash out any grease, soap scum scale that has been loosened up inside the drain pipe from the drain cleaning machine cable. The drain tech. will use the General Super vee that has 25 feet of drain snake cable. This is usually more than enough because as stated earlier the bathtub drain has a short run of usually 20 feet or less.

The service technician will run a lot of water to check his work to ensure a good flowing drain that will last a very long time. Some times your bathtub can have a drum-trap & not a P-trap. P-trap are on newer or updated plumbing. If the bathtub has a drum trap we will need to get access to the trap. Most bathtubs will have an accesses panel to get to the plumbing usually in a closet. Once we have gained access to the P-trap we will have to take off the clean out cap on the very top of the drum-trap. Once the clean out cap is off we will clean the inlet of the drain pipe coming from the bathtub. We will clean it from the drum-trap going back to the bathtub & the same for the outlet pipe. We have to clean it from here because there are two pipes going into the drum trap, the outlet & the outlet. If we were to clean it from the overflow at the bathtub we risk getting out cable tangled up inside the drum trap. The drum-trap is about 3 inched round with the drain pipe from the bathtub drain in the bottom of the drum trap & on the other side of the drum trap is the outlet drain pipe.   

Common causes of a clogged bathtub is hair, soap scum, grease. Every day when you take a shower your body is shedding hair that will get into the drain pipe causing it to clog. When you take showers your body has natural oils that will eventual build-up inside the pipe & sticking to any hair inside the drain pipe for the bathtub eventually causing a clog. Also when you are using soap the soap will have a waxy residue it will leave in the drain sticking to grease & hair making everything stick & catching more hair & grease causing it to plug up.

Drain cleaning a backed up sewer in Kalamazoo, MI. When your sewer pipe backs up with sewage into your home or business it can cause a huge mess. This is way it is important to get your main drain (sewer pipe) cleaned as soon as you start to hear gurgling in your drains or you notice water that starts to back up through your floor drain. If you wait to long then you will probably have to pay more out of pocket because of the water damage a backed up sewer can cause. Sewage can back up through your floor drain in the middle of the night when your water softener regenerates & this will put out a lot of water causing sewage to be forced back up through floor drain or at the lowest point of any drain in your home for that matter. It can back up into a utility sink if you don’t have a floor drain as this would be the lowest point & least resistance for the sewage to back up into. It is always best to get it cleaned out as soon as possible when you hear or see any signs of a clog.

Most plumbing for your sewer pipe will have a clean out at the end of the pipe inside your home usually in a basement. Drain Monkeys will clean it from the clean out in the basement or the clean out in your yard id you have one. Out side clean outs are usually only found on updated plumbing such as PVC pipe. When we clean the sewer pipe it will be cleaned to your septic tank or to the middle of the street where it will tie into the city main sewer drain. Most sewer pipe that go into a septic tank will have a run of 20 feet to 50 feet & if your sewer pipe goes into the city main (sewer pipe) then you will usually have a run of 75 feet to 90 feet.

When we clean out your sewer pipe (main drain) we will use our Ridgid K-750 drain cleaning machine. We can change out different size cutter blades to clean the main sewer drain. Drain Monkeys will always clean the entire sewer pipe unless your sewer pipe is collapsed or broken. We have found roots to be a number one cause of a logged sewer drain in Kalamazoo, Michigan. All the years that we have cleaned sewers roots are at the top of the list for sewer clogs, unfortunately just cutting down the tree will not get rid of the roots as they already have a water source from your sewer pipe. The roots don’t need the tree to survive only water. If you want to get rid of them for ever you will need to not only cut the tree down but also have the roots dug up. After this is done the roots will be gone forever & you wont have to worry about your sewer backing up again because of roots.

When we service your sewer pipe & find roots the roots will usually grow back within 1-8 years unless you have the tree removed & the roots all dug up. When we clean your sewer drain pipe we will clean it thoroughly we will keep making passes back & forth until we don’t bring back any more roots. Our service technician will run a lot of water as he is cleaning the sewer as this will help clean the drain pipe that much better. The water will also push out any mulch up roots sitting in the bottom of the drain pipe. After the drain technician is all done cleaning your main drain he will run your washer machine to discharge a lot of water at once to check his work, we usually like to do it 3 times.

Kalamazoo drain cleaning, a backed up washer machine drain in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Drain Monkeys will send you a trained drain technician to clean your washer machine drain. When our drain technicians cleans the drain pipe for your washer he will always clean the entire pipe not leaving any of the plumbing (drain pipe) uncleaned. He will us a drain cleaning machine with 75 feet of drain snake cable that will reach any clog you may have inside the washer drain. Most washer machine drains will have a run of about 5 feet to 60 feet. When we clean washer machine drains in Kalamazoo, Michigan we have found that the most common things that clog a washer machine drain is lint, grease, scale. Sometimes your washer drain can share the same drain as your kitchen sink drain pipe. Its not uncommon to have grease that builds up in the line from the kitchen sink if the two are sharing the same drain pipe. Once the grease builds up in your plumbing then as the washer machine discharges the water on the spin cycle it will discharge lint as well because most lint trap that are built into the washer machine do don’t filter out all the lint. when the lint & grease stick together it will choke off the pipe causing it to clog. If you washer machine drain pipe doesn’t share the same line then it is usually just lint that will plug up the drain pipe. Usually the lint will snag on older pipes that made of cast-iron or galvanized. The older pipes will get rusty (scale) on the inside of your plumbing that catch the lint.  

Sometimes your washer machine may just drain directly into a dry well, leach field (drain field) because it is just grey water which wasn’t uncommon back in the day when things weren’t so complicated so to speak. This we find in older homes when they would dump only the sewer pipe fro the toilet into a septic tank. If your washer machine drain pipe is going to a dry well or drain field we may need access to it outside if the drain pipe runs over 75 feet. We will also usually find roots in the plumbing if its going to a dry well or leach field this is not uncommon to find roots as the pipe is usually very old to begin with. We will always to our best to get your washer drain to drain like new again.

Your washer drain can also share the same line that your floor drain pipe uses if your not already using the floor drain already for the washer drain. Some people will use the floor drain to drain there wash drain. If your wash is going into a utility sink or a stand pipe it is possible that the floor drain & washer drain is sharing the same drain. You you do laundry and when the washer machine discharges the water & it backs up at the floor drain the the two drain s share the same drain pipe. If this is the case the technician will clean it from the utility sink or stand pipe to the floor drain & then from the floor drain to the tie in at the sewer pipe.

Drain cleaning your backed up toilet at your home or office in Kalamazoo, MI When we send you a service technician he will start by using his drain snake auger & shop vac. The first thing that he will do is auger the toilet to pull out the obstruction usually in the trap of the toilet & then he will use his shop vac. to possibly suck out any thing else that might have been logged in the toilet. Sometimes this isn’t enough to clear the clog so he may have to pull the toilet from the stool flange. If this is the case he will suck the water of the the tank of the toilet as this will make it lighter to pull off the flange & make it easier to work on without any water in the toilet.

After the drain technician has pulled the stool he will lay the commode on the floor & use the drain snake auger at the bottom of the toilet. Some time the clog has to be forced back up through the same way it went down the toilet as the bottom opening can be a little smaller than the opening at the top of the toilet. When he is done he will use the shop vac. to ensure that the toilet is unclogged. The shop vac. will let him know if the obstruction is totally gone by the vacuum suction that will be created through the trap of the commode (toilet) so if it is creating a good strong suction then the clog is free & clear.

When the service technician is sure the stool is clear of any obstruction he will rest the stool (commode) with a new wax ring. Anytime a stool has been pulled it is a must to replace the wax ring to ensure that the toilet has a good seal so it doesn’t leak at the base of the stool. After the stool has been rest the service technician will check the working parts inside the tank of the toilet. Your toilet will have a flapper (flush valve) that lets the water into the bowl of the toilet to make it flush down into the the sewer pipe. He will inspect the flush valve to make sure it is sealing properly because if its not sealing properly it will make the fill valve turn on & off all through the day & night causing a high water bill & possibly poor flushes at times that could make it clog up with waste & toilet paper.

Our drain technician will also inspect your fill valve to make sure it is filling your tank to the toilet to the proper water level. If the water level is off even an inch it can cause a poor flush resulting a clog because the stool doesn’t have enough water to push out the solids & toilet paper. Newer toilets are water savers & when the water is off just in inch it will make a big difference on the performance of a flush. If there are any adjustments that need to be  made the technician will make the adjustments to the fill valve. The fill valve & sometime the flush valve (flapper) can get a build up on them from hard water cause them not to function properly. If this is the case they will be cleaned to make them work as they should.

Kalamazoo drain cleaning, you’re backed up floor drain in Kalamazoo, MI. Our service technician will clean your floor drain from the cleanout at the side of the floor drain he also will clean out the trap. The trap is a P-trap that will tie into the drainpipe at the cleanout. Usually the drain pipe for the floor drain will run to the sewer pipe & will have a run of 5 feet to 50 feet before tying into the main drain (sewer). The floor drain is really only meant for if you have a water main break in your house so the water will funnel to the floor drain & drain out. Some people do use it for a washer drain which is OK until it clogs up with lint from the washer machine. When we clean the floor drain it will be cleaned all the way to the tie in at your sewer main.

It is not uncommon that your kitchen sink ties into the floor drain so when we are cleaning it we will probably get a lot of grease out of the drain pipe for the floor drain. We will run a lot of water to help wash out the grease in the pipe as we are cleaning. If your floor drain doesn’t share the same pipe then usually it will be scale clogging it up. The service technician will use either the General Super Vee or the Ridgid K-3800 with 75 feet this will clean out any floor drain reaching any obstruction & clearing it free of any clog. 

The most common causes of a clogged floor drain is food, grease, lint & scale. As we mentioned before your kitchen sink can share the same drain pipe so when your using your garbage disposal it will deposit food that will eventually break down into grease that can cause your floor drain to plug up. If your washer & floor drain share the same drain then lint taht gets deposited into the drain fro the washer machine will snag up inside the pipe from the rust (scale) causing it to clog up eventually.  

Drain cleaning a backed up bathroom sink in Kalamazoo, MI. Bathroom sinks can have either a P-trap or a S-trap. P-traps will go through the wall & S-traps will go through the floor. We will clean the bathroom sink from at the wall or the floor which ever the drain pipe for the bathroom sink is facing. Most bathroom sink will drain directly into the sewer pipe. The bathroom sink drain pipe will have a run of 5 feet to 20 feet. We will always clean it o the tie in of the sewer unless the drain pipe is compromised not letting us get to the sewer pipe with our drain cleaning cable in our drain snake machine. The service tech. will also inspect the pop-up assembly (the stopper for the sink) if there is any build up of hair & grease it will be cleaned off. The tail piece of the drain will be cleaned as well as this will get a thick build up of hair & grease causing the drain pipe to drain slow if not clogging up the tail piece not allowing water to even make it to the trap of the bathroom sink.

Common causes of a clogged bathroom sink is hair, grease, toothpaste, shaving cream, makeup & lotions. All of these things will wash down the drain of the bathroom sink leaving a film of a waxy build up & as it breaks down it will turn into a thick black tar (grease) One the grease has built up into the bathroom sink drain pipe it will build up in layers until it plugs up the drain pipe. This will take several years usually & when it does once its clogged you wont be a to plunger it you will have to call Drain Monkeys to unclog it with the right equipment.

Drain cleaning a backed kitchen sink in Kalamazoo, MI. When we clean your kitchen sink drain line it will be cleaned to the septic tank or the the sewer pipe which ever it ties into. Drain monkeys has cleaned hundreds of kitchen sink drains & every one is different but in most cases we can get them all cleaned out usually within the first hour of drain cleaning. Most kitchen sinks will have a run of about 20 feet to 50 feet. If you have a garbage disposal you will probably have a lot more build up inside the pipe because of all the food that has been ground up & deposited  into the pipe. Sometimes the kitchen sink will share the same drain pipe as the floor drain & if your floor drains starts to back up after running water from the kitchen sink then you know that they are sharing the same drain pipe.

If your kitchen sink is baking up through the floor drain the we will clean it from the kitchen sink to the floor drain & from the clean out in the floor drain to the tie in at the sewer main. We will always run hot water while clean the drain pipe for the kitchen sink so the hot water will help dissolve the grease & wash it out to the sewer pipe where it will carry it to the septic tank or city sewer which ever you r are hooked up to.

Commons causes of a clogged kitchen sink drain pipe is grease, scale. If you have a incinerator hooked up to the kitchen sink this will put a heavy grease build-up of grease because the food that is being mulched up into very small partials of food it will stick to the walls of the drain pipe. If you don’t have an incinerator then just washing dishes & the small food partials that get washed down the drain pipe will break down & turn into grease from the bacteria doing its thing. Scale (rust) will build up in cast-iron & galvanized pipes that will catch anything that isn’t water causing a build up overtime making your drain clog up with grease & scale. The scale it very hard & we can get most of the scale out of the pipe. The only real way to get rid of scale is to update your plumbing to PVC pipe as this will never rust & is just all around better drain pipe.

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