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Plainwell Drain Cleaning

Plainwell Drain Cleaning Service

Our Plainwell drain cleaning service cleans clogged drains like your, sewer, kitchen sink, bathtub, toilet, bathroom sink, washer machine, floor drain, utility sink, storm drain. We clean all residential drains. We clean sewer drains out to the city sewer in Plainwell. It is usually 100 feet or less & in most cases can be done within the first hour of drain cleaning. If you have a septic tank we will clean the sewer pipe to the septic tank. Usually most septic tanks are 15 feet to 40 feet from the house. We use the ridgid K-750 drain snake  machine for drain cleaning clogged sewer pipes. This machine will allow us to unclog sewer drains up to 100ft. We can add more cable if necessary.

You can set up a maintenance program after your sewer pipe is cleaned to have it cleaned ever year so you wont have to mess with another sewer back up because of roots.

Drain Monkeys has 23 years of experience cleaning clogged sewer drain pipes. We take great pride in doing a good job for our customers when we are serving your drains.

When you need a professional look no farther than drain monkeys is very knowledgeable in drain cleaning sewer drain pipes. Put there experience to work for you toady.

When we are drain cleaning a kitchen sink in Plainwell we will always clean it to the main sewer pipe to ensure that it will last a long tome because Drain Monkeys only services kitchen sinks the correct way.

The machine we use to handle drain cleaning clogged kitchen sink drains in plainwell is the ridgid k-3800 it will clean lines up to 3 inches.

This machine can go up to 75 feet if necessary because there are some clogged kitchen sink drains that do run that far.

I have personally cleaned hundreds of kitchen sinks & only a few times that I didn't have enough cable to make it to the sewer in Plainwell. I was using a 75 foot cable as well. I had to go to another access point to finish the job.

As you can see some times clogged kitchen sinks in Plainwell can run much farther than 75 feet. It is not common for a kitchen sink in Plainwell Michigan to run over 75 feet.

Most clogged kitchen sink drains in Plainwell will usually have about a 10 - 30 foot run before going into the sewer drain.

When Drain Monkeys cleans your clogged toilet they will first use their shop vac to try and dislodge the obstruction. Then after using the shop vac they will use their toilet auger to remove the clog. Some times it may be necessary to pull the stool if they can,t get the obstruction out. Drain Monkeys will auger the toilet from the top & the bottom of the commode to push the clog through one way or the other. The commode will be rest with a new wax ring & sometime new stool bolts as well.

Our services for Plainwell drain cleaning is one of the cheapest rates you will get for drain cleaning in Plainwell with 24 years of experience cleaning clogged drains.

Drain cleaning can get expensive but with Drain Monkeys drain cleaning service we want to make it affordable for our customers for your backed up drains. Drain Monkeys drain cleaning rates are cheaper than most of our major competitors.

You will still get great customer care & top notch drain cleaning service with 23 years of experience servicing drains.

For our drain cleaning Plainwell service call Drain Monkeys 24/7 for all your drain cleaning needs at a affordable rates even in the evenings & weekends . We are ready to respond to your drain cleaning emergency.

Call Drain Monkeys we are here for youday or Night (269) 366-8087

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You can count on Drain Monkeys for all your drain cleaning in Plainwell, Michigan.

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The ridgid K-750 drain snake for clogged sewer pipes.

drain snake kalamazoo ridgid 750-k machine for snaking out sewer pipes

Drain snake for clogged kitchen sink drains.

drain cleaning machine for cleaning kitchen sinks