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We’re open 24/7 because clogged drain emergencies don’t wait. Call us now.

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Do you have a slow running drain that you need cleaned?  Call for drain cleaning.

Rooter Out Drains In Kalamazoo

We Rooter Out Drains In Kalamazoo, MI

We rooter out drains in Kalamazoo, MI at affordable rates, Drain Monkeys can rooter out your drains like kitchen sinks, sewer, pop machine drains, grease trap drain, urinals, septic tanks, pipes, 3 compartment sinks, utility sinks, slop sinks, prep sinks, boiler drains, bathtub, washer machine drain, toilet, wall hung toilets, bathroom sink, floor drains, trench drains, drain field drains, leach field, garbage disposal drains. Drain monkeys has been servicing Kalamazoo, MI since 1996 so they have many years of experience when it comes to rooting out drain pipes. If you need emergency service please call (269) 366-8087 & we will dispatch an experienced rooter technician to service your drain. We are available 24/7 for all your drain care needs.

Drain Monkeys offers affordable rates 24/7 because we know drains can clog up at any time day or night & including the weekends. Drain Monkeys really cares about their customers because they want your experience a good one when dealing with Drain Monkeys form the time they take your phone call until the time the drain technician leaves your home.

Drain Monkeys wants to make it affordable for everyone to get your drain cleaned by a professional with many years experience since 1996. Drain Monkeys time doesn’t start until they knock on your door. No hidden fees & upfront pricing guaranteed.

Servicing Commercial & Residential Drains

We Rooter Out Residential Drains
rooter out drains in Kalamazoo mi for residentcial drains

We are on standby for your drain care needs 24/7 from sewers to kitchen sinks. We rooter out all clogged drains for residential drains.

We Rooter Out Commercial Drains
rooter out drains in Kalamazoo mi for commercial drains

We rooter out all commercial clogged drains. Call today for a service call & let the professionals rooter your clogged drains.

Televised Video Inspections
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Video inspection for your drain pipes, we can inspect drain pipes from 3 inches to 6 inches. 24/7 availability, call for pricing today.

Cabble Rodding
we rooter out drains in Kalamazoo with our ridgid k 750 sewer machine

Cable rodding for your clogged drains, we rooter drain pipes from 1/2 inch to 6 inch pipes. Cast iron, PVC, clay tile, orangeburg pipes.

Hydro Jet
Kalamazoo Drain Cleaning Rooter Out Drains In Kalamazoo 4 Rooter Out Drains In Kalamazoo

Hydro jetting for your clogged drain pipes & frozen drains. 4,000 PSI to blast scale, ice, grease, roots, sludge. Call for pricing today.

Our rooter technicians have many years experience servicing clogged drains pipes & Drain Monkeys uses some of the best rooter machines to clean your sewer & drain pipes. Drain Monkeys uses Ridgid & Electric Eel  machines capable of cleaning sewer & drain pipes up to 220 feet. They have different size machines designed to rooter out small drains to big drains starting at 1/2 inch up to 6 inch drain pipes. The rooter technician will also use different size cutter blades when cleaning sewer mains.

To learn more about Drain Monkeys services please visit their home page.