Battle Creek Drain Cleaning

Battle Creek Drain Cleaning Service

Our Battle Creek drain cleaning service is taking all the necessary precautions to help stop the spread of covid-19. It is mandatory for our drain technicians to wear gloves, face masks & shoe covers before entering your home or business. Technicians will always use hand sanitizer before entering your home or business & after leaving your home or bushiness. Our 24 hour drain service cleans clogged drains like a toilet, urinal, grease trap, cooler drains, garbage disposal, floor drain, steam table drain, janitors closet drain, pop machine drain, bar drains, restaurant drains, washer machine drain, bathtub, bathroom sink, clogged pipes, kitchen sink, septic tank, wall hung toilets, storm drains, utility sinks, slop sinks, for your home or business. Serving Battle Creek, MI for drain cleaning since 1996, Drain Monkeys cleans PVC, cast iron, copper, galvanized pipes at very affordable rates day or night for all of your drain care needs. Our drain service company takes great pride in their workmanship & giving the best customer care from the time they take your phone call until the plumber leaves your home. You can have confidants that your drains will be cleaned professionally as they have been unclogging drains since 1996. The owner started his drain cleaning career in Battle Creek, MI working for a small drain service company where he first started cleaning drains in 1996.

Drain Monkeys is all about cleaning drains & getting you results for your clogged drains. You will get high guilty workmanship on your drains. Drain Monkeys is also all about providing the best of customer care service for their customers or potential customers.

If you live in Battle Creek, MI then give us all call today at (269) 366-8087 & we will send you a highly trained drain technician to service your drains.

Drain Monkeys promises to always be upfront with their pricing & no hidden fees guaranteed their is no extra fee for just showing up at your door. We charge by the hour for drain cleaning & if we run over the first hour we will break it down to every 15 minutes after the first hour. Rate for our drain cleaning service in Battle Creek, MI is $170.00 so if we go past the first hour then for every 15 minutes it will be an additional $42.50 every 15 minutes. Our time does not start until we knock on your door.  

When cleaning your drains Drain Monkeys will be very thorough when unclogging your drain or drains. We only do thing one way & that’s the right way the first time. When we send you a plumber to clean out your clogged sewer he will clean it all the way to the middle of the street where it tie into the city sewer main. Most sewers in battle creek, MI will have a run of 100 feet or less. If you don’t have a clean out on your plumbing then it will need to be cleaned from the toilet flange after the plumber has pulled your toilet.

If you have a clogged sewer main going to a septic tank then your sewer pipe will be cleaned to you r septic tank. Most septic tanks will have a run of 60 feet or less from your clean-out on the end of 4 inch PVC or cast iron plumbing. If you don’t have a clean-out then it will have to be cleaned from your toilet flange.

Cleaning your smaller drain, All your smaller drains will tie into the sewer main in most cases. Our plumber will clean your smaller drains like a kitchen sink or toilet for instance all the way to the tie in at the sewer main so all the drain pipe or pipes will be all cleaned completely not leaving any of the plumbing uncleaned for the clogged drain you call us for.

We use Ridgid drain cleaning machines & in our opinion some of the best drain snake machine on the market to get the job done right & efficiently.

Check out Drain Monkeys home page to learn more about their drain cleaning services.

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