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Do You Have A Clogged Bathtub In Grand Rapids, MI?

If you have a clogged bathtub in Grand Rapids then you have the perfect drain cleaning company to clean out your bathtub drain. Drain Monkeys have been cleaning backed up bathtubs for the past 23 years & has serviced Grand Rapids, Michigan for most of those years for clogged drains. Drain Monkeys is ready to serve you 24/7 because we know that drains like a bathtub can clog up at any time of the day or night.  Drain Monkeys wants you to a have a great experience from the time they take your phone call until the time the drain technician leaves your home. It is very important to drain Monkeys to give the best of customer service & the highest quality workmanship on your bathtub drain. Our service technician are highly trained with many years of experience cleaning clogged drains. You will find that Drain Monkeys rates for cleaning a bathtub is cheaper than most of their major competitors rates day or night including weekends.

The first thing that our drain technician will do is take out the stopper at the overflow if you have one. after removing this he will clean off the stopper removing any hair or soap scum. After the stopper has been cleaned he will also inspect the cross T in the drain removing any hair that has gotten wrapped around it.

The next step in cleaning the bathtub drain pipe is to use our General Super Vee drain snake machine. This machine has 25 feet of cable which is more than enough of drain cleaning cable to reach any clog in a bathtub drain pipe. Most bathtub drains will have a run of 20 feet or less before tying into a sewer pipe or roof vent.

Sometimes we will use our shop vac first to clean out the bathtub drain before using our drain snake machine as this will get toothpaste caps or razor guards that have fallen into the tub drain that doesn’t have a cross T in the drain. The cross T at the drain will help prevent things from falling down into the drain making it to the trap of the bathtub.

We will usually use the shop vac only if you don’t have the cross T in the drain. Some peoples tub drain don’t have a cross T usually because of a repair to the drain & they didn’t replace it with a new one or sometimes when people take out the cover to the drain the screw will break the cross T when they tray to take off the cover.

The technician will rod the drain for your bathtub from the overflow where he took out the stopper for the tub. In most cases this is a fairly quick process if you have a P-trap. The drain snake will go through the trap then once through the trap the cable will clean out the drain pipe to the sewer main clearing the clog which most of the time is hair.

Some bathtubs in older homes that have not had there plumbing updated can be a drum trap & if this is the case then will be a little more labor intense. The first thing we will do is clean it from the bathtub overflow to the drum trap.

After we have cleaned it to the drum trap we will have to gain access to it, usually there will be a trap door in a closet to gain access to the drum trap in back of the bathtub where the plumbing is for the tub.

After we have gained access to the drum trap we will take the clean out cap off the drum tap. The drum trap is 3 inches around & the inlet pipe coming from the bathtub will come in at the bottom of the drum trap. The outlet pipe will be on the opposite side of the drum trap & at the top of the drum trap. The outlet pipe will go over the the sewer pipe where the water will drain into. 

Once the inlet side (drain pipe) is cleaned will will clean the outlet pipe from the drum trap as this is the only way to clean it. We will use the General Super Vee on the outlet (drain pipe) cleaning it all the way to your main sewer pipe to remove any clog in the drain pipe.

After we have cleaned the inlet & the outlet pipes we will run a lot of hot water to check our work before putting the clean out cap back on to the drum trap.

The most common cause of a clogged bathtub is hair. Every time you take a shower or bath you loose hair as your body shed hair every day. Once the hair makes it down the drain it will entangle around the stopper, cross T & trap causing your bathtub to clog up.

There are some things you can do to help prevent hair getting down the tub drain & clogging it up. You can go to the local hardware store & buy a filter that you can put over the drain to collect the hair to help prevent clogs.

Drain Moneys is here 24/7 because we know that it is important to have a bathtub drain working before you go to bed or before you have to go to work so if your in need of our drain cleaning service in Grand Rapids then please call (269) 366-8087

To learn more about Drain Monkeys & their services for drains please visit their drain cleaning in Grand Rapids page.

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