Clogged Drains In Battle Creek

Clogged Drains In Battle Creek, MI

If you have clogged drains in Battle Creek, MI like a kitchen sink, sewer, toilet, shower, bathtub, pipes, washer machine drain, floor drain, bathroom sink, floor drain, septic tank, storm drain, plumbing, utility sink we can help you. We are a drain cleaning company that has serviced many drains in Battle Creek since 1996. Drain Monkeys offers their customers cheap rates to unclog your drains & 30-day workmanship just ask for details.  Drain Monkeys will provide you with great customer care & high-quality drain care for your clogged drains. When you use our drain cleaning Battle Creek service you will get a seasoned professional with 23 years of experience cleaning drains in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Servicing a clogged kitchen sink in Battle Creek. If you have a kitchen sink that just wont drain we have one of the best drain snake machines to get the jog done. Our Ridgid K-3800 machine has 75 feet of drain snake cable to unclog any obstruction in your drain pipe like roots, grease, scale, hair & lint. When we clean out the kitchen sink drain we will run it all the way to the tie in at the sewer main (main drain) to ensure a very long lasting drain.

servicing your clogged bathtub drain pipe in Battle Creek, MI. Our service technician will clean the tub drain to the roof vent or sewer tie in using the General Super Vee drain snake. The Super Vee has 25 feet of cable which is more than enough for any bathtub. It will clean out the hair, soap scum, scale & grease out of the drain pipe. Usually the bathtub plumbing (drain pipe) will run less than 20 feet. Our technician will run plenty of water while cleaning the drain line & to check his work.

Cleaning a clogged main drain (sewer pipe) in Battle Creek, MI with our Ridgid K-750 sewer machine. When we clean your sewer that is clogged will run the drain snake cable all the way to the street or septic tank depending on what it ties into. If it tie into the street a sewer pipe will usually run 100 feet or less if it dumps into a septic tank it is usually 50 feet or less. Most reasons why a sewer will back up sewage into your home or business is because of roots. When roots get into your sewer main it will enter through the plumbing (sewer pipe) usually cast-iron, PVC, clay tile. The roots will make their way through the plumbing (pipes) where there might be a crack it only takes a hair line crack for them to enter the sewer main. They can also enter through bad joints that have separated or at joints that weren’t glued good on PVC plumbing (drain pipe) all roots need is a water source not even the tree if you cut it down it wont get rid of the roots. You will have to get the roots dug to get rid of them permanently. Our drain snake machine will get cut out all the roots out of your sewer pipe, grease, scale & sludge. Whe we are done cleaning your clogged sewer pipe it will drain like new again unless you have a broken sewer pipe, offset joints & sometimes bellies in the drain pipe. joints. 

Servicing your clogged washer machine drain in battle Creek, Michigan. When we clean the drain for your washer machine either from the stand-pipe, floor drain or just past the p-trap, S-trap it will be cleaned to the main drain (sewer pipe) because we don’t like leaving any of the pipe uncleaned. The most common things we find while we are unclogging the washer drain is lint, grease, scale. Our drain cleaning machine will grab the lint & wrap itself around the cable so when the cable is pulled out of the drain pipe we can clean off the cable full of lint. 

Servicing your clogged floor drain in Battle Creek Michigan, when your floor drain is being cleaned this too will be cleaned all the way to the tie in at the sewer or tank which ever it ties into. The service technician will use the Ridgid K-3800 or the General Super Vee. Sometime the floor drain will only have a run of about 5 feet to 50 feet. The floor drain can tie into the kitchen sink or washer machine drain pipe before tying into the sewer drain. 

Cleaning a clogged bathroom sink drain pipe in Battle Creek, MI. Our service technician will use the General Super Vee that has 25 feet of drain cable more than enough to unclog any bathroom sink drain. The bathroom sink drain pipe will usually tie into a roof vent pipe but they can also tie into the sewer drain. The most common things that clog a bathroom sink is hair, grease, soap scum. When we clean the bathroom sink drain we will run water to test our work & it will wash out any grease that was broken up inside the pipe.

Servicing a clogged toilet in Battle creek, Michigan. When our service drain technician cleans your toilet he will use a stool auger that will unclog the trap of your toilet pulling the obstruction out of the trap of your toilet with the hook on the end of the toilet auger. It may be necessary to pull the commode & clean it from the bottom forcing the obstruction back through the top to unclog it. After the clog is cleared the technician will reset the toilet with a new wax ring. After he is don & the toilet is clear of any obstruction he will inspect the internal parts to make sure they working properly to get a maximum flush out of your toilet.

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