Clogged Drains In Grand Rapids

Do You Have Clogged Drains In Grand Rapids, MI?

If you have clogged drains In Grand Rapids like a hand sink, toilet, prep sink, sewer, washer machine drain, grease trap, plumbing, bathtub, storm drain, bathroom sink, floor drain, roof-vent, frozen drain pipes, septic tanks then we can help you today .our drain cleaning service is here to help you 24/7 because we know that drains can clog up anytime of the day or night. Drain Monkeys have been cleaning drains in the Kent County area including Grand Rapids since 1996. If you are looking for a drain cleaning company that prides themselves on high quality workmanship & great customer care then you can count on Drain Monkeys for your drain care needs. Drain Monkeys offers cheap rates for their drain cleaning service day or night. Drain Monkeys service rates will be cheaper than most of their competitors day & night. Drain Monkeys will be upfront with their pricing & no hidden fees guaranteed.

When your drains clog up it can be a major headache & a big inconvenience so this is why Drain Monkeys is available 24/7 to service your drain emergency. Drain Monkeys uses some of the best drain cleaning equipment to service your drains. For cleaning your clogged sewer (main drain) they use the Ridgid K-750 drain cleaning machine. 

When Drain Monkeys cleans out your clogged sewer in Grand Rapids, MI they will always clean your sewer pipe to the street. Most sewer drains will have a run of 90 feet or less before tying into the city sewer pipe in the middle of the street. The only way it wont be cleaned all the way to the street is if your sewer pipe is broken or has offset joints. If you have offset joints in your sewer pipe

If you have offset joints then we may still get past the joints but only by using a smaller cutter blade to get past the offset joints. If your sewer main is broken we will still try our best to get it to drain but we will not be responsible for broken cables or cables that get stuck in your sewer pipe.

The most common causes of a clogged sewer pipe is roots, offset joints & bellies in the sewer pipe. We have cleaned sewer pipes for the last 23 years & most people don’t under stand that if have older plumbing such as clay tile pipes, cast iron, orangeburg pipe it may develop cracks in the pipe where roots will get into the sewer pipe causing it to clog up. If you are asking how the cracks develop  it is from the pipe starting to rot from the inside out. 

Clay tile sewer pipe will get brittle over many years of being in the ground & as the ground settles the pipe will settle with the ground causing offset joints this is true with clay tile pipe as well. When you get offset joints this will cause bellies in the sewer main that will hold water not allowing the water to completely drain out of the sewer pipe.

If you have orangeburg pipe this pipe is made of basically tar & tar paper as it has many layers of fibrous material. This type of pipe is not to common these days but we do run into it from time to time. After many years of this type of sewer pipe it will some times start to flatten out & get cracks as well causing roots & bellies inside your sewer main. It is highly recommend to get your plumbing up dated to PVC plumbing to get rid of any of these issues.

PVC plumbing can get bellies & roots in side the pipe if your plumber didn’t glue the joint good enough & put back fill under the sewer pipe properly. Roots will grow into a joint that wasn’t glued properly. Bellies can develop if their wasn’t adequate back fill under the plumbing or a poor slope to the drain pipe.

Drain cleaning your clogged bathtub in Grand Rapids, Michigan we will clean it to the sewer main. A bathtub drain pipe will have a run of 20 feet or less in most cases. Our technician will use the General Super Vee to clean out the bathtub drain pipe going over to where it will tie into your sewer pipe.

Our service technician will clean your tub drain from the overflow going through the trap of your bathtub removing hair, soap scum, grease. After going through the trap he will continue running hid drain snake cable all the way to your sewer pipe cleaning out any other hair, grease, soap scum inside the drain pipe.

Our service technician will also clean & inspect your stopper removing any hair & grease. Before putting your stopper back into the overflow he will also inspect the cross T in the drain cleaning that & removing any hair & soap scum.

If you have a drum trap & not a P-trap then it will more than likely need to be cleaned from the drum trap usually located behind a trap door in a closet. Drum traps are found in older plumbing such as cast-iron & galvanized plumbing.

There is an inlet pipe that goes into the trap coming from the bath tub & an outlet drain pipe on the opposite side of the trap that will drain into your sewer pipe. The drain technician will clean the outlet drain pipe & the outlet drain pipe to the sewer main.

The most common causes of a clogged bathtub is hair, grease & soap scum. When you take a shower or a bath you will shed off hair every day & the hair will wash down the drain of your bathtub getting stuck inside the trap or getting piles up inside the drain pipe. When you are using conditioners & body oils & body wash it will leave a waxy coating inside the pipe as the water drains through the pipe along with any natural oils that your body gives off & the oils from your body wash soap.

When these oils get washed down the drain it will cause a builds up of grease & soap scum & once the pipe is coated with these types of oils it will also cling to the hair caucusing your bathtub to clog up.

When we clean your clogged kitchen sink drain pipe in Grand Rapids, MI, we will use our Ridgid K-3800 drain cleaning machine to service the drain. Most kitchen sinks will run over to a sewer pipe & the distance from the kitchen sink drain pipe to the sewer is usually 50 feet or less. Our drain technician will always clean the entire drain pipe for your kitchen sink not leaving any of it uncleaned unless there is something wrong with the plumbing other than a clog.

When we clean the plumbing for your kitchen sink it will be cleaned just past the P-trap or S-trap whichever you have. The trap will be inspected & if there is any food or grease in it then we will clean it out. Some times when we clean a kitchen sink your floor drain may need to be cleaned as well because it is not uncommon that these two drain share the same plumbing & floor drains can get clogged as well from food & grease coming from the kitchen sink.

If your kitchen sink & floor drain share the same plumbing & the kitchen sink clogs up the floor drain then will usually start at the kitchen sink working our way over to your floor drain. Once we have clean the kitchen sink pipe to the floor drain we will clean the floor drain out from the trap of the floor drain & also from the clean out at the side of the drain going all the way to the sewer pipe.

The most common cause of a clogged kitchen sink drain pipe is grease & food. If you have a garbage disposal & you don’t run enough water while grinding up food then this will cause the food to deposit through the drain pipe. Over months & years of the food breaking down turning into grease from the bacteria inside the drain pipe it will cause your kitchen sink to clog up.  

Tip for people that have a garbage disposal make sure to always run plenty of hot water while grinding up the food. When you are done fill your kitchen sink with hot water & let the water out as this will help push out any left over food in the drain pipe for your kitchen sink. 

When our service technician cleans out your clogged toilet in Grand Rapids, MI he will use his stool auger to remove any obstruction from the trap of the stool. He will also suck the trap out with a shop vac to ensure the clog is removed. If he can’t the the obstruction out this way then he may have to pull your toilet.

If we have to remove the toilet from the stool flange then he will also remove the water out of the tank. The service technician will also lay down a tarp before removing your toilet to prevent scratching the floor or stool.

Once he  has removed the toilet from the flange he will set the commode on the tarp, setting the toilet on its side. Our drain technician will clean the toilet from the bottom opening of the stool using his drain snake auger this will push the clog back up through the top of the toilet as most opening are larger at the top of a stool allowing the obstruction to go through the trap much easier.

After the clog is removed from the trap of your commode he will set it back into place with a new wax ring. The new wax ring will ensure no leaks as this will seal the toilet to the flange.

When our drain technician cleans your clogged bathroom sink in Grand Rapids, he will start by removing the P-trap or S-trap under the sink. After removing the trap then he will take apart the pop up assembly. The pop up assembly will be inspected & cleaned free from any hair & grease.

When we service the drain for bathroom sink we will use our General Super Vee drain cleaning machine. This machine has 25 feet which is more than enough drain snake cable because a bathroom sink drain pipe will usually have a run of 15 feet or less.

When the service technician is snaking out your bathroom sink drain he will run water as he is cleaning if it is possible. This will help clean out the drain pipe as the running water will wash out the grease that has been broken up inside the pipe.

If he can’t run water while cleaning out your plumbing for the bathroom sink he may have to repeat the process a couple of times until it drains like new again. Some of the newer bathroom sink faucets wont allow us to hook up our hose to the faucet so we can run water as we are cleaning out the drain pipe.

After the technician is done cleaning the the drain pipe for our bathroom sink he will put everything back together & he will run plenty of hot water & he will check for any leaks before he leaves.

The most common cause of a clogged bathroom sink is hair, when you brush your teeth, wash your hands & shave it will leave a grease build up over time. After the grease has built up inside the pop-up assembly, trap & drain pipe the hair will stick to the grease building up over months & possibly years before it clogs up.

Cleaning your clogged washer machine drain in Grand Rapids, MI. When we clean the drain pipe for your washer machine we will use the Ridgid K-300 drain cleaning machine or the General Super Vee drain snake. depending on how far you washer drain runs. Washer machine drain pipes will usually run less than 50 feet to the tie in to your sewer drain.

When we clean the drain pipe out for your washer machine we will clean the entire drain, this drain pipe can also share the same plumbing as the floor drain does. Some washer machine drains will tie directly into a floor drain commonly found in older homes. Some washer drains can also run through the floor and the tie into the same drain pipe that the floor drain uses.

It is not uncommon that when your washer is on the spin cycle and it backs up through he floor drain causing the floor drain to clog up because of the lint that the washer has discharged into the drain pipe.

If your washer drain shares the same plumbing then we will clean it from the stand pipe or utility sink by the washer going over the floor drain & then from the clean out in the floor drain to the sewer pipe.

The most common cause of a clogged washer machine drain is lint. Your washer machine will discharge water into the drain pipe & when it does each time little by little it will deposit lint inside the your plumbing until it clogs up spewing water out of the stand pipe or backing up into your utility sink. 

Cleaning a clogged grease trap in Grand Rapids, MI. We will clean the inlet drain pipe & outlet drain pipe for your grease trap using our Ridgis K-3800 drain cleaning machine. This machine has 75 feet of cable. We will use this machine if you have a grease trap that is located near your wash sink & dishwasher inside your restaurant. This machine will clean the inlet drain pipe & the outlet drain pipe going over to the sewer pipe.

If you have a grease trap that is located outside with a big tank like a 1,200 gallon tank to a 1,500 gallon tank or bigger we will either use our Ridgid K-750 sewer machine or our hydro jet with 3,100 PSI for removing heavy grease build ups inside the drain pipes. Our service technician will clean the inlet pipe & the outlet pie from the out side tank going back into the building & going out to the sewer main.

Common causes of a clogged grease trap is waiting to long before getting the grease trap pumped out as this will allow the grease to back up into the drain pipe coming from the building & also the drain pipe going out to the sewer. If the grease backs up bad enough it can also clog up the the sewer pipe as well.

It is always best to have your grease trap pumped on a regular basis to help prevent any drains from clogging up. It is always a good idea to also have your drains put on a preventive maintenance to help keep the grease from building up inside the drain pipes so they wont clog up putting the business at a stand still.

If you have a clogged septic tank in Grand Rapids, MI our service technician will clean your sewer drain to the septic tank from a clean out or possibly pulling the toilet & cleaning your main drain to the septic tank from the toilet flange. Usually will will only pull a toilet if their is no clean out in your home or business.

Most septic tanks will be 50 feet or less from your house. When we clean out the sewer pipe from your house going over to the septic tank our drain technician will use the Ridgid K-750 drain cleaning machine. The technician can change the size of cutter blades to service your sewer drain pipe. some drain pipes can be 3 inch inside the home or business or 4 inch.

If your septic tank outlet pipe is clogged going over to the dry well or leach field (drain field) no worries because we can clean that drain pipe as well. Most dray wells or drain fields or 60 feet or less from your septic tank.

We may have to use our hydro jet or ridgid K-750 sewer machine to clean the drain pipe. Our hydro jet uses 3,100 PSI of water to clean out the drain line (out let pipe) going over to the drain field or dry well which ever you have.

The most common cause of a clogged septic tank is roots & full septic tanks. When roots intrude a drain pipe such as a sewer the roots will ball up inside the pipe stopping the sewage from your home or business going allowing it to drain into the septic tank.

Roots can also get into the outlet drain pipe causing the water to stop draining into the drain field or dry well. The roots can also enter into the tank through cracks in the cement choking off the drain pipes if the roots enter through the top of the tank & close enough to the drain pipe as well.

If you wait to long to get your septic tank pumped the solids can back up into your home & it can also back up into the outlet drain pipe causing it to clog up. The solids can even back up into the drain field or dry well cause major issues.

It is always best to get your tank pumped every 3 to 5 years depending on the size your septic tank & the size of your family. If you stay on top of good maintenance on your septic tank rather it is having the tank pumped on a routine basis or even having your drain pipes cleaned every few years this will help prevent any issues.

If you need drain cleaning in Grand Rapids for your clogged drains then call us today we are here for you 24/7.

If you have an immediate drain emergency call us at (269) 366-8087 & we will send you a highly trained technician today.

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