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If you have clogged drains in Kalamazoo, MI then Drain Monkeys is here to help you. Use our drain cleaning service for your clogged drains like toilets, bathroom sinks, sewer, bathtub, washer machine drain, pipes, plumbing, kitchen sink, floor drain, utility sink, septic tanks, storm drains. Drain Monkeys has serviced Kalamazoo, Michigan since 1996 for all your drain cleaning needs 24/7. Drain Monkeys is all about taking good care of their customers for all your drain care needs, when it comes to cleaning your drains Drain Monkeys takes great pride in giving the best of service to their customers & drains. We have many years experience servicing drains so if your looking for a drain cleaning company that offers affordable rates & stands behind their work then look no further & call Drain Monkeys today at (269) 366-8087. Drain Monkeys is here for you 24/7 to take care of your backed up drains because drain emergencies don’t wait.

Drain Monkeys also thaw out frozen pipes, pluming & drains in Kalamazoo, MI. When winter arrives & you don’t have your pipes, pluming winterized your risk having them freeze & clog up with ice. So it is a good idea to have them winterized before its to late. When your pluming freezes the ice that is clogged inside the pipe it will expand & possibly split the pipe causing major damage to your pipes, plumbing, drains. If your plumbing, pipes do freeze up we can use our hydro jet to unthaw your pipes & plumbing. Our jet will incinerate the ice clogging up the drain (plumbing) at 3,100 PSI it will do a good job thawing out the pipe removing the ice clogging up the pipe. The best way to winterize your pipes, plumbing is to make sure you put heat tape on t the pipe, plumbing, drains that are exposed to the extreme cold. It is always best that you wrap your drains (plumbing) pipes so it will hold the the heat inside the insulation keeping it warm so it wont freeze up. Remember it is possible if your pipe freezes up it could split your plumbing, drain or pipes. so it will cost less to winterize your pipe & plumbing then it will be to thaw out & repair your plumbing.   

Drain Cleaning a Clogged sewer in Kalamazoo, MI. All the drains in your home will most likely tie into the main drain (sewer) drains like kitchen sink, floor drain, washer machine drain, toilet, bathtub, roof-vent, bathroom sink, utility sink. All these drains will drain into the sewer pipe so if your sewer is clogged & your run your kitchen sink & it backs up through a floor drain or bathtub then that is a good sing your sewer is clogged but not always because some of the drain lines may share the same drain pipe before it ties into the plumbing of your sewer  main. When  Drain Monkeys cleans your sewer the will clean it all the way to the center of the street or to the septic tank which ever your pluming (sewer pipe) ties into. Most main drains (sewer pipe) will have a run of 60 feet to 90 feet tying in at the city sewer main in the middle of the street. If you are on a septic tank the the sewer pipe will run about 20 feet to feet before tying into the septic tank. 

Drain cleaning a clogged kitchen sink in Kalamazoo. MI. Drain Monkeys will clean your kitchen sink all the way to the sewer main or septic tank. Usually if the kitchen sink ties into a septic tank it is in older homes because back in the day they would grey water lines to a drain-field or dry well. The machine we use is the Ridgid K-3800 drain cleaning machine which as 75 feet of cable capable of reaching any clog in a kitchen sink drain. If you have a garbage disposal it is always a good idea to run a lot of water while running the disposal as this will help push out the mulched up food. When you are done running the garbage disposal you should always fill the sink with hot water & then pull the plug to drain out the water to wash out the left over food participial’s. The food will eventually break down into grease causing the kitchen sink to back up if you are overloading the garbage disposal.       

When we are drain cleaning your clogged bathtub in Kalamazoo, Michigan we will always make sure that we inspect your bathtub stopper & cross-T for hair & soap scum before running our drain snake through the overflow of the bathtub. When our service technician cleans your bathtub drain he will clean the pipe (plumbing) to the main drain (sewer) pipe. Usually, the distance to the sewer is 5 feet to 29 feet. When the drain snake is working inside the pipe cleaning the hair & grease the service technician will be running hot water to wash out the broken up grease. When he pulls out his drain snake he will pull out any hair that was inside your plumbing leaving your pipe very clean.       

If you have clogged drains in Kalamazoo like a toilet, Drain Monkeys can have you & running in no time. When your toilet is clogged it can be as simple as using a snake auger to remove the obstruction out from the trap of the commode. It can be necessary to pull the commode & snake from the bottom forcing the clog back up through the top of the toilet. When the obstruction (clog) is removed the toilet will be reset with a new wax ring. Sometimes its not just the toilet is can also be the sewer as well because the toilet sets om a stool flange witch is ties directly into the main drain (sewer pipe) so if this is the case then the sewer line will need to be rooter-ed out as well. 

Drain cleaning a clogged washer machine drain in Kalamazoo, Michigan. When drain Monkeys sends you a trained technician to service your your washer machine drain he will use his rooter machine that has 75 feet of drain cleaning cable which is more than enough drain snake cable to unclog your washer drain. When the drain technician is done cleaning the toilet he will also check your water level in the tank of the stool & the flapper to make sure that your toilet gets the maximum flush it was designed for.    

When we are servicing your clogged floor drain it will be cleaned from the trap to remove any scale, grease, lint. The service technician will also clean it from the clean out in the side of the floor drain. Usually, it will tie into the kitchen drain line then tying into the sewer pipe (main drain) or the floor drain will just run into the sewer pipe by itself. We have found that most floor drain plumbing will have a run of about 5 feet to 50 feet before it ties into the kitchen drain pipe or sewer.     

Cleaning a clogged septic tank, Drain Monkeys cleans septic tank drain pipes the going into the septic tank from your house & the drain pipe that goes over to your leach field (drain Field) & dry well. Theses drain pipes can get roots, grease & sludge that can clog up your plumbing. We can either use our hydro jet if there is just grease & sludge to clear the drain pie. If there is roots we will use our drain snake machine that can go over 100 feet. Usually most drain fields & dry wells will be less than 100 feet.

If you are in need of drain cleaning for your clogged drains in Kalamazoo, MI please call us at (269) 366-8087 we are avalible 24/7.    

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