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Do You Have A Clogged Kitchen Sink In Grand Rapids, MI?

If you use our drain cleaning service for your clogged kitchen sink in Grand Rapids, you will find that our rates will be cheaper than most of our major competitors day or night. The owner of Drain Monkeys have been servicing the Grand Rapids Area since 1996 & takes great pride in the work he provides for you. The most important thing to his company is customer care & high quality workmanship for the clogged drains that they clean for you.

When we clean clogged kitchen sinks we will always service the drain pipe all the way to the tie in at the sewer or floor drain. If your kitchen sink is tied into the floor drain then we will usually start at the kitchen sink. The first thing we will do is take apart the P-trap or S-trap under the sink. After removing the trap we will use our Ridgid K-3800 drain snake to clean the plumbing for your sink.

Most kitchen sink drain pipes will have a distance of 50 feet or less to the sewer pipe. Our drain snake has 75 feet of cable to reach any clogs in a kitchen sink drain pipe. Most kitchen sink plumbing is 1 1/2 to 2 inches which is perfect for our Ridgid K-3800 drain snake. If your kitchen sink ties into a 3 inch drain pipe which some do we will use our ridgid K-750 sewer machine after cleaning the 1 1/2 inch or 2 inch plumbing.

If your kitchen sink does use the same plumbing as your floor drain we will clean the drain pipe from under the sink to the floor drain & then from the floor drain to your sewer main (main Drain) in your home or business. If your kitchen sink backs up through the floor drain then it is safe to say they share the same drain line.

If you ask why don’t we just clean it from the floor drain when it backs up from your kitchen sink then the answer is then the job is only half done as this will leave only the drain line from the floor drain to the main sewer clean & the drain pipe for the kitchen sink coming over to the floor drain is not clean.

We like to be thorough when cleaning drains so it is important to us to clean the entire drain starting at the kitchen sink working our way to the floor drain. Not all kitchen sinks tie into a floor drain & if this is the case then we don’t have to worry about the floor drain at all.

If your kitchen sink doesn’t tie into a floor drain then we will simply clean it from the under the sink to the hook up where it ties into the plumbing at your sewer main.

The service technician will run plenty of hot water while cleaning the drain line after the clog is cleared as this will help clean the drain pipe washing away the grease & scale that has built up in your plumbing (drain pipe) over many years of washing dishes.

When we talk about grease build up in your plumbing we don’t actually mean that you are dumping grease down the drain however it is not good to dump grease down the drain. Usually when we talk about grease that has clogged your drain we are talking about food that that get washed down the drain by either a garbage disposal or just washing dishes & small particles of food that wash down the drain pipe.

Over many years of using the garbage disposal & small food particles washing down the drain pipe it will deposit inside the pipe & when the bacteria starts its process it will break it down turning it into grease & once this happens it will build up causing a clog in your kitchen sink.

Tip if you have a garbage disposal when you are using it make sure to always run plenty hot water & when you are done using the garbage disposal make sure to fill the sink with hot water & pull the plug to force the rushing water into the drain pipe to push out any left over food in your plumbing for the kitchen sink.

Don’t waste your time with a plunger call the pros Drain Monkeys drain cleaning service for your clogged kitchen sink, we are ready to respond 24/7 for your drain emergency.

The most common cause of a clogged kitchen sink is grease. If you have an older homer & you have never had your plumbing updated then your plumbing is probably going to be galvanized or cast-iron plumbing. These pipes will get a scale build up (rust) inside the drain pipe. When this happens the food will snag on the scale & turning into grease causing it to clog up. PVC plumbing will also get a build up of grease if your not careful. If you have PVC plumbing & there are bellies in the drain pipe or the drain pipe doesn’t have enough slope to it then it will eventually clog up with grease.

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