Clogged Kitchen Sink In Kalamazoo

Cleaning Your Clogged Kitchen Sink In Kalamazoo

Drain Cleaning of your clogged kitchen sink in Kalamazoo, MI. Most plumbing (drain pipes) for kitchen sinks will run about 20 feet to about 50 feet tying into your sewer pipe. The most common cause of a clog is grease that builds up over the years because little food deposits that get washed down the drain will turn into grease from bacteria doing its thing breaking the food down turning it into grease. Drain Monkeys has cleaned kitchen sink drains in Kalamazoo for the past 23 years & has seen sinks drain pipes that are so loaded with grease when cleaning the pipe it has taken several passe with the drain snake to get all the grease out of the pipe.    

Other causes that can cause a clog are heavy (scale) rust build up in cast iron or galvanized drain pipes. When you get a heavy scale build up it will catch all food & anything else you are pouring in the drain. When cleaning the scale out of the pipe it an be difficult getting past 90 degree elbows but we always manage to get past the elbow with our drain snakes. The elbows will swell shut with scale at times making it hard to get through the elbows.     

Drain Monkeys will clean your clogged kitchen sink in Kalamazoo, MI at an affordable rate because we care for our customers that is what drain monkeys is all about offering the best of customer care & the best drain cleaning service a company can offer.

Drain Monkeys has serviced Kalamazoo, Michigan since 1996 & they have vary satisfied customers in Kalamazoo, MI. When you need a drain service for your clogged kitchen sink call drain Monkeys because they will service your drain professionally making it last a very long time. They also give a 30 guarantee on workmanship some restrictions do apply.  

Call drain Monkeys for service toady at (269) 366-8087  Drain Monkeys is available 24/7  for your convenience.

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