Clogged Sewer In Kalamazoo

Drain Cleaning A Clogged Sewer In Kalamazoo, MI

When we are drain cleaning a clogged sewer in Kalamazoo, we will always clean out your backed up sewer to the city main in the middle of the street or septic tank to ensure that we unclog your sewer the right way not leaving any sewer pipe uncleaned. Drain Monkeys will clean your sewer from a clean-out on your plumbing usually in your basement to the center of the street. Usually, the sewer pipe will run about 50 feet to 90 feet before tying into the city sewer main, Drain monkeys will use their sewer machine to unclog your sewer pipe that carries 100 feet of cable & can add more cable if necessary if your sewer drain runs farther than 100 feet. Drain Monkeys will use their Ridgid K-750 sewer machine to unclog your sewer drain pipe. The drain Technician will change the sizes of the cutters at the end of the cable for maximum cleaning because they will start with a smaller cutter working their way up to the biggest cutter according to the size of the sewer pipe to ensure your mainline will last a very long time.

The most common cause of a clogged sewer is foreign material that get flushed down the toilet such as female products (tampons) after they are flushed through the toilet the foriegn material will snag up inside the sewer pipe especially if you have a cast iron pipe. Cast iron pipes will get a heavy build-up of scale over the years & when you flush thing thing down the toilet that are not intended to be put in the sewer they will snag on this heavy scale build-up. Female products will swell up and catch toilet paper & solids the flow down the sewer drain causing it clog up. Their are female products (tampons) that say you can flush them down the toilet but Drain Monkeys does not recommend doing this because of the headache it can cause. If your sewer line is going to a septic tank these are not good for your septic tank at all even if it says on the package that you can. They just don’t break down at all like toilet paper does. Female products such as tampons are not good on the pumps for the guys that have to pump your septic tank when it gets full & backs up into your sewer pipe.

Wet wipes are another common cause of a sewer clog, Some brands of wet wipes will say that you can flush these down the toilet & that their safe for your septic tank this is not true. Wet wipes don’t break up like toilet paper. If you have offset joints, bellies in your sewer pipe wet wipes will hang up on the joints causing a chin reaction when your solids & toilet water get jammed up behind it behind the wet wipes. The same goes for wet wipes if your sewer main ties into a septic tank there are not good for your septic tank as well even if the page says flushable wet wipes, Drain Monkeys does not recommend flushing wet wipes down the toilet!

Roots are another common cause of a backed up sewer they will enter the sewer pipe from hair line cracks & offset joints that have openings. The roots will enter into the pipe hanging down to the bottom of the sewer pipe snagging toilet paper, solids & foreign material. Roots can infest your sewer pipe really bad causing it to be backed up, I have personally cleaned a sewer in Kalamazoo where they were 6 feet long & about 2 inches thick & only coming in one spot that was a hair line crack in the pipe. Once the the roots are inside the sewer drain they will multiply over the years.

Common sewer pipes that Drain Monkeys has serviced in Kalamazoo is PVC, cast iron & clay tile.  Clay tile pipe can become brittle over the years & the joints can settle causing offset joint that will lead to a clog eventually. Usually clay tile sewer pipe is 6 inches in diameter & most people don’t even know they have it because it is usually clay tile pipe outside of the home & cast iron inside the home. You will find these types of sewer pipes (cast iron, clay tile) in most older homes that have not had there plumbing updated. PVC sewer pipes will usually only get roots that will grow into the joints when the joints are not glued properly. 

Drain Cleaning your clogged sewer pipe from the toilet flange in Kalamazoo, MI. Drain Monkeys will empty out the water from your toilet & pull it off from the stool flange. After they have pulled the toilet they will rod the sewer pipe in the floor from the flange. This method is more common on a house that doesn’t have a basement( slab house) They will use their Ridgid K-750 to unclog your sewer pipe going out to the road which in most case on a slab house the total feet on a sewer run to the middle of the street is about 80 feet. If we clean the sewer main to the street & the obstruction is not cleared we will call the city of Kalamazoo water & sewer department to have them check their main sewer in the street. If the city tells us it’s on them will pull our cable out of the main & reset the toilet. If the city tells us that the your sewer pipe is OK then we will rod the pipe out further or we may have to pull the cable back & rod the sewer pipe again until it starts to drain. Sometimes the main can get a thick sludge build-up & if this is the case then it can take several passes snaking the line with lots of water, to help unclog your sewer drain pipe until it starts to drain well.

After Drain Monkeys has unclogged your sewer free of sludge they will reset the toilet back onto the toilet flange. replacing your wax ring & stool bolts so your stool wont leak because after a sewer back up it is highly recommend & also if the stool had to be removed.

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