Clogged Toilet In Battle Creek

Cleaning Your Clogged Toilet In Battle Creek, MI

If you have a  clogged toilet in Battle Creek Drain Monkeys Drain cleaning service will use there stool auger to unclog your toilet. They will auger from the top of the opening going into the trap of the toilet to dislodge the obstruction. It is also necessary to use a shop vac to suck out the obstruction that the auger couldn’t get. Sometime it may be necessary to pull the toilet from the stool flange & clean it from the bottom with the stool auger to push the obstruction back up through the top of the toilet. There can be a time where Drain Monkeys may have to take the toilet outside & put the stool on some blocks to raise the toilet up and fill it with water to check the flush because this prevents resetting the toilet several times. Once they have determined that the obstruction is out of the toilet then they will rest the stool back on the stool flange using a new wax ring to ensure a good seal at the toilet flange. After the stool is reset the toilet will get flushed multiple times with toilet paper to check their work.    

Drain Monkeys will also check the the water level in the tank of the stool to ensure you are getting the maximum flush out of your toilet. They will also inspect your flapper to ensure it is sealing properly and not leaking because that can cause a high water bill if your stool is constantly running with out you knowing about it.  

When Drain Monkeys is servicing your clogged toilet they will do a thorough job checking everything possible to ensure the performance of your stool is working the way it should be.

Drain Monkeys is all about you the (customer) & proving the best customer service care possible while also proving the best of service for your toilet. if your looking for a drain cleaning company that puts there customers first then look no further & call to have your stool serviced now.

The owner of Drain Monkeys has cleaned hundreds of toilets in Battle Creek through out his 23 years of service. You will find that drain Monkeys has very cheap rates for clearing obstruction from your stool.

Drain Monkeys is available 24/7 to unclog your toilet just call (269) 366-8087 They are here to help you when you need them.

You can also check out more information on Drain Monkeys home page for drain cleaning & locations.

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