Clogged Toilet In Grand Rapids

Do You Have A Clogged Toilet In Grand Rapids, MI?

If you have a clogged toilet in Grand Rapids then look no further, Drain Monkeys has the experience to fix your toilet because they have 23 years of drain cleaning experience cleaning out clogged toilets. Drain Monkeys also have been servicing all of the Grand rapids area since 1996. The owner of Drain Monkeys decided to start his company so he can offer affordable rates & the best of customer care & the highest quality of workmanship for your toilet. Drain Moneys takes great pride in the work that they provide for you to ensure a long lasting toilet. Our drain cleaning service is available 24/7 because we know that a toilet can clog up at any time day or night. Our rates are cheaper than most of our major competitors day or night & also the week ends.

When we clean out your clogged toilet the first thing we will do is suck out the water from the tank & the bowl. Sometime we can get out the clog from using out shop vac but we don’t stop there. We will use our drain snake auger and run it through the trap of the toilet. if we are not able to get the obstruction out of the trap we will pull then have to pull the toilet.

If we have to pull the toilet then all the water must be removed from the tank & the bowl which at this point it will have been done already as I said that is one of the first thing we do just in case we have to pull the toilet.

Once we have removed the toilet from the stool flange we will set the toilet onto a tarp to keep from starching the floor & the toilet. We will have to set the toilet on its side to gain access to the bottom of the stool. Once the toilet is set on its side we will auger the toilet from the bottom to try & force the obstruction back up through the trap to the top side of the bowl.

We will repeat this process a couple of times to ensure the clog is removed from the trap of the toilet. once we are confident that that we have cleared the clog we will also use our shop vac putting the hose into the bottom opening to make sure we didn’t leave anything behind.

After we have gone through the hole process of cleaning out the toilet we will reset the stool with a new wax ring. Anytime a toilet is pulled it is important to replace it with a new wax ring to ensure the commode gets a good seal so it wont leak.

We may have to also replace the stool bolts at the toilet flange as the old ones may not work properly as the threads can be bad because usually the stool bolts will need to be cut down so the beauty cap can fit into place. The beauty cap is what covers up the bolts so you don’t see the bolts at the base of the toilet.

After we have reset the toilet we will hook the water supply line back up & turn the water on. The service technician will inspect  the internal parts of your stool. It is very important that the fill valve & flush valve (flapper) is working properly.

If your water level is off even by inch this can have an affect on the performance of your toilet. All toilets now a days are water saver toilets which don’t take much water to push out the waste in your toilet. Our service technician will check the water level in your tank & make any adjustments necessary to the fill valve.

Your fill valve can go bad over time & shut off prematurely causing a horrible flush. If you have hard water the minerals in the water can stick to the moving parts on the fill valve causing it to not work properly. You can use a toilet cleaner chemical to help keep it clean by simply squirting the toilet cleaner onto the fill valve & this will help keep the build up off from the fill valve. 

Our service technician will also inspect your flush valve (flapper) as these can wear out over time. if you notice that your toilet randomly is running with out flushing it then it could be the fill valve is set to high for the water level. If the water level is set to high the water will start to drain down the overflow causing the toilet to keep running or randomly turning off & on.

The other cause of your toilet to randomly turn on is if your flapper is wore out as this will let water to seep into the bowl slowly making the fill valve turn on & off randomly. Having any of the issues can cause your toilet to clog up so it is important to stay on top of things so you toilet will work like its suppose to.

The most common causes of a clogged toilet is wet wipes, toys, Q-tips. If you are flushing wet wipes down the toilet it is not a good idea because not only can they clog up your toilet but they will also clog up your sewer pipe. Most wet wipes packages say that they are flush-able as they are good for my business they are not good for toilets or sewer pipes. Wet wipes don’t break up like toilet paper. Toilet paper is designed to break up into small pieces before it hits the sewer main & wet wipes will hold there form snagging up in the trap of your toilet or sewer main causing a clog. Q-tips will get caught up in the trap of your toilet or at the horn of the wax ring for the toilet causing the toilet to back up. It is just best to throw away wet wipes & Q-tips. Kids will be kids & some times they have to much fun like dropping their hot wheel cars in the toilet as these don’t go so well down the toilet. Toys like hot wheels will get stuck in the trap of the toilet causing the toilet to plug up.

If you need to call our drain cleaning service for your clogged toilet you can call us at (269) 366-8087 day or night

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