Clogged Toilet In Kalamazoo

Cleaning Your Clogged Toilet In Kalamazoo, MI

If you have a clogged toilet in Kalamazoo, MI our drain cleaning service can unclog your toilet at a very cheap rate. When we clean your toilet we will run our stool auger through the trap to dislodge the obstruction. If we can’t get it with the auger we will pull your toilet & auger from the bottom to try & push it back up through the front side of the stool. It may be necessary for us to have to use our shop vac as well if the auger doesn’t push it all the way through the trap of your toilet. Sometimes we have to take the toilet outside and place it on wooden blocks & fill it with water to check & see if the obstruction is removed all the way. After the clogged is removed we will reset the toilet stool with a new wax ring to ensure a good seal this is a must do procedure because we don’t want any leaks after resetting it. We may also replace the stool bolts if the old stool bolts are rusty & we have a hard time with the nuts re-threading on the bolts. Drain Monkeys will also inspect the parts on the inside of the tank like the fill valve that fills the tank with water to give you the flush need to push the waste through the trap. If the water level is off this can cause a clog as well. The water level must be set to the factory setting on your commode or it can fail. Over the years you can get a build up on the fill vale such as iron from hard water & calcium build up if this happens it can cause the valve to shut off prematurely causing a week flush that can result in a back up of the trap of the toilet.  Check out our affordable rates for our drain cleaning services. 

Drain Monkeys will clean off the build up & test to see if the valve will let the water fill the commode to the proper level. If this doesn’t work then the inter plumbing is shot on the fill valve. This would be a good idea to replace the water valve so you don’t have to worry about your toilet clogging up because of not enough water.  

Drain Monkeys will also inspect the flush valve (flapper) inside the tank of the toilet. If the flush valve is shutting to soon it wont allow enough water for a maximum flush causing low performance of a flush that could lead to a clog.

Common causes of a clogged toilet are foreign material such as female products like tampons, applicators, wet wipes. Female products can get lodged in the trap of the toilet causing a chain reaction to anything building up behind clogging up the toilet. Wet wipes can snag up on the trap because over time inside of the commode trap calcium can build up snagging wet wipes.  Even though it might sat flushable on the package it is never a good idea to flush these down the toilet as they do not break up like toilet paper. These products can also clog you sewer pipe & they are bad for your septic tank even if they their safe because of them being biodegradable.

Drain Monkeys is all about offering the best of service for their customers, they offer some of the cheapest rates you will find in a drain service company that has serviced clogged toilets since 1996. You can rest easy knowing they have several years of experience in servicing drains.

Drain Monkeys has cleaned hundreds of toilets in Kalamazoo through out their years of service & has seen just about every scenario when it comes to serving your backed up toilet.

Usually Drain Monkeys can service your stool within the hour keeping the cost affordable so it wont break the bank when you call drain monkeys 24/7  drain cleaning service.

If you are in the market to replace your toilet then Drain Monkeys recommends Mansfield toilets because we think there are better flushing than other brands, this is only our (opinion) if your looking to replace your old commode. All new toilets a federal regulated to be water savers to consume less water for each flush. You always want a stool that has the biggest opening for the trap to allow the solids to flow through very easy. 

Our Rates for drain cleaning your toilet in Kalamazoo, MI is $90.00 (flat rate) for the first hour of service 8 am – 4;30 pm. Parts are not included in the price for drain cleaning. $10.00 for wax-ring & stool bolts.

Drain Monkeys gives a 30 day guarantee on toilets some restrictions do apply. Such as foriegn material, offset joints, low spots in drain pipes, lines that run uphill, broken or damage drain pipes.

Drain Monkeys are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to service your clogged toilet in Kalamazoo, Michigan, call (269)366-8087

Check us out on YouTube for our latest drain cleaning videos & the latest updates on the precautions we are taking to help stop the spread of covid-19.

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