Clogged Washer Drain In Battle Creek

Cleaning Your Clogged Washer Drain In Battle Creek, MI

When we service your clogged washer drain in Battle Creek, you will get the best of the best for you washer. Drain monkeys will Clean your washer pipe from the stand pipe where your discharge hose goes into. When they clean it from there the service technician will rod it with their Ridgid K-3800 machine that has 75 feet of cable inside the drum which is more than enough cable to reach any obstruction. Most washer drains will run approximately 15 feet to 50 feet where it will meet up with the sewer drain. As the service technician cleans the line he will stop & put the discharge hose back into the stand pipe to discharge water from the washer. They discharge the water with the cable in the drain to help clean the washer drain pipe free of any grease that may have built up over the years. Drain Monkeys will spin their cable while running the water to catch any lint that also has built up in the pipe. Once the service technician has made it to the end of the washer pipe then he will repeat the same process as he pulling the spinning cable out of the pipe. When the service technician is all done he will discharge the washer machine 3 time to make sure all the debris is out of the washer drain pipe. This will also make sure that your sewer is functioning correctly as well.

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some Washer machine will drain into a utility sink. If you have a set up like this then no worries Drain Monkeys can help with this set up as well. The service technician will start by taking apart the trap under the sink inspecting the trap & the waste out from directly under the utility sink. He will remove any clogs such as lint that has built up in the trap & in the waste out of the sink drain. The service technician will then rod the washer line with his plumbers snake from either where the drain goes into the wall or floor. When he cleans the line he will run it all the way to where your washer is tying into a discharge pump or main sewer, tank. Drain Monkeys only do thing the right way & taking the time to make sure your washer drain line is cleaned thoroughly so it will last for a very long time because we want our customers to very happy in Battle Creek.

Servicing washer machine drains that go into a floor drain, Drain Monkeys service technician will clean the your washer drain from the trap first removing any lint in the floor drain. After that is completed he will rod it from clean-out in the floor drain. It is not uncommon in older homes to have your washer draining into a floor drain. As they rod the the washer machine drain they will be discharging water the whole time while cleaning the line. this will help unclog the drain because when you get a back up in your washer drain it will get a heavy grease build-up of grease & lint. A lot of times the kitchen sink drain will tie into the floor drain before meeting up to the sewer pipe. This is why it very important to discharge the water out of the washer machine because it will wash away all the grease & lint as the service technician is running his drain snake.

Out of all the washer machine drains that we have unclogged we have found that the most common cause of a clogged washer machine drains in Battle Creek, MI is lint & grease. Most washer machine can’t filter out all the lint & some washer machines don’t have a lint trap down by the pump to filter out the lint causing your washer machine to discharge lint into your drain pipe. Grease will build up over time just from the natural oils you body deposits onto your clothing & grease from work clothing as well & over time the lint & grease will settle into the drain pipe until it clogs up.

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Common causes of a clogged washer machine drain in battle creek mi is lint, gease
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