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Our Comstock drain cleaning service for your clogged drains like a toilet, kitchen sink, sewer, bathtub, bathroom sink, floor drain, washer machine drain, kitchen sink, utility sink, storm drains, standpipes. If your looking for cheap rates for a drain cleaning company that has serviced drains in Comstock, MI for the past 23 years then look no further because Drain Monkeys will provide you with great customer care & give the highest guilty workmanship on your drains. Call Drain Monkeys to have an expert drain technician to service your clogged drains today. Call us today at (269) 366-8087

Drain Monkeys specialize in residential drain care, Offering cheap rates nights & weekends for cleaning clogged drains in Comstock, MI.

If your looking for a quality drain cleaning company with years of experience cleaning drains & a company that stands behind there work then look no farther Drain Monkeys.

Drain Monkeys should be your go to drain service company for all your clogged drain care needs. We don’t cut corners cleaning drains because theirs only one way to clean drains & that’s the rite way the first.

We pride ourselves on having a very low call back rate that is why we don’t cut corners cleaning drains.

Drain Monkeys is taking all the necessary precautions to help stop the spread of covid-19.

You will get a 30 day guarantee on workmanship some limitations do apply. Only on completed work with no defects in the drain pipe.

Reasons you may not get a guarantee

Low spots in the drain pipe.

Broken drain lines.

Offset joints in the drain.

Foreign material clogging the drain.

Drain line running uphill.

Our Comstock drain cleaning service for your clogged kitchen. We can help you because the drain cleaning machine we use to rooter out a kitchen sink will go up to 75 feet. Which is plenty long enough to reach any clog for your sink drain. We will always clean it all the way to the plumbing of the sewer pipe.

Some kitchen sinks drains will have a long run but usually the average run for a kitchen sink is about 15 feet to 50 feet.

If you have a garbage disposal & you use it regularly you should always fill the sink halfway with hot water after using the disposal and let the water out.

When we are drain cleaning your sewer pipe in Comstock, MI. When we clean the main drain it will be cleaned all the way to the center of the street where it ties into the city sewer. Most of the time we will find roots in the sewer drain causing a clog, it may take more than one pass to get all the roots out of the pipe. We will always be very thorough when we clean any drains because we want your sewer to last a very long time.

Most common causes of a sewer back-up are grease, roots & offset joints in the sewage pipe. Offset joints are more common in clay tile pipes than in cast iron & PVC Plumbing.

When you use our Comstock drain cleaning service for your clogged bathtub, we will send you our trained technician to rooter out your tub he will use the Ridgid Super Vee machine to rooter out your bathtub drain, this machine will have 30 feet of cable which is more than enough to reach any clog in the pipe. Usually the tub will run about 5 feet to 20 feet where it will tie into the main drain. While the technician is cleaning the plumbing for your tub he will run water to wash out any grease that he has broken up inside the pipe. If their was a hair ball build up he will pull it out with the drain snake.

The most common causes of a bathtub clog are grease, hair & scale that have built up over the years. Some older drain pipes like cast iron & galvanized plumbing will start to get rusty as the years go by snagging hair, grease eventually causing the bathtub to back-up. It is always best to up date your plumbing to PVC when you can as this will help because PVC pipe will not rust. PVC can still get a build up of hair over time as grease settles in the pipe over the years.

Cleaning your clogged washer machine drain in Comstock we will rooter it from the floor drain, standpipe or from the plumbing past the P-trap or S-trap which ever your washer drain is tied into.Our drain technician will clean the pipe not leaving any of it uncleaned. The drain machine he will use to rooter out the drain will have 75 feet on it which is capable of unclogging any washer machine drain pipe.

The most common causes of a clogged washer drain is grease, lint build, bellies in your plumbing. Washer machines have traps built into them but they don't catch all the lint. When you wash your cloths & the washer spins out the water it will force out lint in the drain. After years of the lint building up you will start to see the water backing up at the standpipe, floor drain or utility sink.

If you want more information on Drain Monkeys drain cleaning service then check out their hone page.

If your in need of drain cleaning in Comstock, Michigan we are here you 24/7 & we offer some of the cheapest rates day or night.

comstock drain cleaning sewer line coming out of a house tying into the city sewer main

Clogged sewer exiting the house tying into the city sewer main

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Comstock, Michigan map

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Drain Cleaning machine for clogged kitchen sinks