Drain Cleaning A Clogged Sewer In Battle Creek

When We Are Drain Cleaning A Clogged Sewer In Battle Creek, MI

Drain cleaning a clogged sewer in Battle Creek, Michigan. The first thing when cleaning your sewer pipe is to check the city sewer to make sure there is not an obstruction in their line. You can call the wastewater & water division of Battle Creek, MI to have them check there main line. Once you have made the determination that you need your sewer main cleaned Drain Monkeys will service your clog in the sewer to the city main. Usually most sewer drains are approximately 100 feet or less to the city main. Drain Monkeys will clean your sewer main from a clean-out in the basement or from an outside clean-out using their drain cleaning machine the Ridgid K-750 or there Electric EEL-RF for servicing your clogged sewer drain. Sometimes it is necessary to clean the sewer from your toilet flange & in this case we will have to pull the toilet if there is no clean-out available.   

Cleaning your clogged sewer in Battle creek, MI. Most main drains (sewer pipe) will have a run of 75 feet to 100 feet before tying into the city main sewer pipe. Some sewer pipes drain into a septic tank. If this is the case it the the sewer pipe will run 20 feet to 50 feet dumping into your septic tank, this is based on an average that we have encountered over many years of cleaning sewer pipes. All your drains like your toilet, washer machine drain, kitchen sink, bathtub, bathroom sink, floor drain, roof-vent, utility sinks will all tie into the sewer drain. This is why you could get a sewage back up through your floor drain when you flush the toilet or for that matter any time you run water down a drain anywhere in your house. Everything flows to the main sewer going out to the city sewer at the center of the street. So when your sewer clogs up it will affect all your drains in your house. As soon as you start to here gurgling in your drains you should call our drain cleaning Battle Creek service before you have a major flood of sewage in your basement or in your bathtub. When you here the gurgling that means two thing that it could be your roof vent or your sewer is clogging up.   

If your roof vent is clogged it will make your drains drain very slow & when you run water down the drain it will start to suck the water out of a trap from a different drain as it is starving for air & it will pull the water out of a trap from another drain to get air. This is when you here the gurgling as it is pulling the water out of the trap.

If your are getting gurgling from a clogged sewer it is because the air in the pipe is pushing back into your drains as the sewer pipe fills with water. The air has no where to go as it is clogged say 50 feet outside in your yard. so the air in the pipe will be pushed back up into the toilet or floor drain in most cases. You will see the toilet get air bubbles and make a gurgling noise.

The most common cause of a sewer clog in Battle Creek, MI is roots, all the years of cleaning main lines roots are definable the #1 cause of a blockage. When we are cleaning the roots out of a sewer pipe we will use different size cutters & make several passes where the root intrusion is at to ensure a very long lasting sewer drain. We will run tons of hot water to help clean the sewer main as we are cleaning it, this will ensure a good proper drain cleaning that will last a very long time. Tampons & wet wipes are another common cause of a clogged sewer. The packages say they are flushable but in reality they are not as they will snag up inside the sewer pipe catching the toilet paper & waste causing a clog inside your main drain.  

When there is a clog because of grease in your sewer main we will use plenty of hot water while we are drain cleaning with our sewer machine to help wash & dissolve the grease out of the pipe. The hot water & the rooter rotation of our machines is the proper way to clean heavy grease out of your drain pipe.   

Cleaning heavy scale out of your sewer drain can take the longest because scale in the pipe is vary hard & making several passes & going through the pipe at a very slow rate while using plenty of water to flush out the scale buildup.    

Drain Monkeys gives you a 30 day guarantee on workmanship for your sewer pipe, some exclusions do apply such as foreign material, low spots, offset joint, lines that run uphill, bellies in the sewer main, broken pipes, broken fixtures.  

Drain Monkeys is all about providing the best service for your clogged sewer & providing the best customer care at affordable rates in Battle Creek, Michigan

We are available to take your call 24/7 for drain cleaning in Battle Creek, Michigan. if you need immediate service on your clogged sewer pipe, Please call (269) 366-8087. We are here when you need us most, don’t hesitate call now!

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drain cleaning a clogged sewer in Battle Creek we find a lot of sewer pipes that have roots in them
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