Drain Cleaning For Restaurants In Kalamazoo

Drain Cleaning For Restaurants In Kalamazoo, MI

When we are drain cleaning for restaurants in Kalamazoo, Michigan we will always put your business as a top priority because we know that when your drains are clogged that they will need to be unclogged as soon as possible so you can keep your business running. Drain Monkeys will respond fast to your drain emergency. We clean clogged drains for you grease trap, urinals, toilets, cooler drains, steam table drain, floor drains, sewer, septic tank, pipes, plumbing, storm drains, pop machine drains, slop sinks, 3 compartment sink,  kitchen sink, prep sink, bar drains, trench drains, boiler drains. Drain Monkeys is a professional drain cleaning company that has been cleaning drains since 1996 in Kalamazoo. 

Drain Monkeys service rates to unclog your drains are some of the cheapest you will find rather its during the day or night & even the week end. Drain Monkeys time will not start until they walk through your door at your business. Don’t worry because there is no extra fee for just showing up at your door. We are an honest company with upfront pricing & no hidden fees guaranteed.

We are all about taking good care of our customers from the time we take your phone call & until the time our plumber leaves your business. We will always call when we are on our way to your business 7 if we are running behind we will always keep good communication with you & not leaving you out of the loop. We have high standards when it comes to customer care & drain cleaning because that is what we do, so you can rest easy & put our experience to work for you today.

When our plumber unclogs your clogged drains he will be very thorough when he is cleaning your drain or drains. The drain pipes that we clean the whole entire plumbing for that drain will be cleaned all the way to the end where it ties into the sewer main or if its the sewer pipe then the sewer drain will be cleaned all the way to the city main sewer in the middle of the street. If you are on a septic tank then your sewer pipe will be cleaned all the way to the septic tank.

When we service your clogged drain pipes we will only clean them the right way the first time to insure very long lasting drains. Drain Monkeys gives a 30 day guarantee on workmanship some exclusions do apply ask for details. 

Drain Monkeys uses some of the best Ridgid drain cleaning machines to service your clogged drains. Our machines are able to clean any of your drain pipes in your business. We can change the size of cutter blades on the end of our drain snake cables allowing us to clean your plumbing for your drain like new again.

We also have a hydro jet that goes up to 4,000 PSI which is great for your drain pipes that have a lot of grease build up. The hydro jet will incinerate the grease allowing you drain pipes to flow like new again.

Drain Monkeys also has maintenance programs for your drains. We can put in our monthly, quarterly & 6 month drain cleaning preventive maintenance program. You will find that our rates are very reasonable & cheaper than most of the competition. 

Advantages Of Using Drain Monkeys Drain Cleaning Services

  1. Cheap Rates.
  2. Fast Response.
  3. Upfront pricing.
  4. No hidden Fees.
  5. Great customer service.
  6. High quality Workmanship.
  7. We stand behind our work.
  8. 24/7 drain cleaning service.
  9. Uniformed service technicians.
  10. We will call when we are in route.
  11. Very thorough cleaning your drains.
  12. We will call if we a running behind schedule.
  13. 30 day guarantee on workmanship, ask for details.

Check out Drain Monkeys home page if you want to learn more about their drain cleaning services.

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