Drain Cleaning In Three Rivers

Drain Cleaning In Three Rivers, MI

 If you need drain cleaning In Three Rivers we unclog drains like a bathtub, kitchen sink, toilet, bathroom sink, sewer, pipes, plumbing, floor drain, washer machine drain, roof vent, septic tank, grease trap, slop sink, prep sink then we can help you today. Drain Monkeys has been servicing Three Rivers for drain cleaning, since 1996. We offer Affordable rates for drain cleaning & you will find that we a cheaper than most of our major competitors rates day or night. Drain Monkeys really care for their customers giving you the best customer service & the best of workmanship for your drain cleaning needs. Drain Monkeys wants you to have the best experience for their service from the time they take your phone call until the service technician leaves your home. Drain Monkeys prides themselves on the best of service for their customers day or night because they are their for you when you need them. Drain Monkeys will always clean your clogged drain or drains all the way to the tie in for each drain not leaving any of the drain or drains uncleaned to ensure a long lasting drain. The only way your drain pipe or pipes wont be cleaned all the way to the tie in at the sewer or city sewer, septic tank is if your plumbing is compromised.

Most of the drains in your home or business will tie into the sewer or septic tank. Usually your kitchen sink, floor drain, washer machine drain, bathtub, toilet, bathroom sink, grease trap, prep sink, hand washing station drain will tie into your sewer pipe. We can unclog all these drains to the tie in at the sewer pipe. 

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Servicing Commercial & Residential Drains In Three Rivers

Residential Drain Cleaning
hydro jet service in Kalamazoo of residential drains

We are on standby for your drain care needs 24/7 from sewers to kitchen sinks. We service all clogged drains for residential drains.

Commmercial Drain Cleaning
hydro jet service in Kalamazoo for commercial drains

We service all commercial clogged drains. Call today for a service call & let the professionals clean your clogged drain the right way.

Televised Video Inspections
TV camera video inspection for your sewer and drains

Video inspection for your drain pipes, we can inspect drain pipes from 3 inches to 6 inches. 24/7 availability, call for pricing today.

Cabble Rodding
Kalamazoo Drain Cleaning Drain Cleaning In Three Rivers 1 Drain Cleaning In Three Rivers

Cable rodding for your clogged drains, we service drain pipes from 1/2 inch to 6 inch pipes. Cast iron, PVC, clay tile, orangeburg pipes.

Hydro Jet
drain monkeys drain cleaning service offering hydro jet service

Hydro jetting for your clogged drain pipes & frozen drains. 4,000 PSI to blast scale, ice, grease, roots, sludge. Call for pricing today.

Sometimes your kitchen sink & floor drain can share the same drain pipe. If your kitchen sink is clogged & while you are running water & it backs up at the floor drain we will clean it from the kitchen sink first working our way to the floor drain, then we will clean it from the floor drain to the sewer tie in to unclog it.

It is possible that your washer & kitchen sink drain line can share the same pipe as well. If you are doing laundry & it clogs up making the water back up into your kitchen sink we will clean it from the kitchen sink to the washer machine drain & then from the washer drain to the main sewer line to unclog it.

Your sewer main (main drain) will tie into the middle of the street or it will tie into a septic tank. When Drain Monkeys cleans your clogged sewer pipe it will be cleaned to the septic tank or city sewer out to the middle of the street. Most sewer pipes will have a run of 115 feet or less, we know this because we have cleaned hundreds of sewer pipes in Three Rivers. Three Rivers   If your hooked up to a septic tank most runs for the sewer line at the tie in to the tank is about 50 feet or less.

Common cause of a clogged septic tank is not having your septic tank pumped on a routine basis, it should be pumped every 3-5 years depending on your family size. roots can also get into the inlet pipe coming from your home or business dumping into the septic tank. The roots will enter into the pipe through a crack or joint of the pipe until the roots get thick enough to cause a clog. Foreign material will also cause a clog something such as wet wipes don’t break up like toilet paper & they will snag up in the pipe blocking the waste & toilet paper to flow out into the septic tank causing it to clog up. 

drain cleaning in three rivers diagram of a clogged septic tank

Drain Monkeys uses some of the best drain cleaning machine out on the market. They use the Ridgid K-750 sewer machine to unclog sewer mains. For clogged kitchen sinks, washer machine drain, floor drains, roof vents, grease trap drains, all medium size drain pipes. they use the K-3800 that has 75 feet of drain snake cable. For cleaning smaller drains like clogged bathtubs, they will use the General wire Supper Vee to clean drain pipes that are 2 inches or smaller, it has 25 feet of drain snake cable.

Drain Monkeys takes pride in the work they do for you so it is important that we always clean the entire drain pipe to ensure a long lasting drain & a very happy customer.

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